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10 Things You Can Learn From Relationship

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Some time ago I told you about love and friendship on Valentine’s Day and how to maintain them.Today, I would like to offer you information, tips, features that are found in a good relationship. If you want to love the Other the better and for as long as possible, be attentive and apply these relevant, common sense and easy elements.

1. The basis of a good relationship is to apply the 3Rs rule. As I explain in detail in my book: The dico for healthy relationships (I invite you to read it!) The rule of 3 R consists of: Self respect, Respect for the other, Responsibility. If in your daily actions you have in mind this rule, you will avoid many conflicts, inappropriate and / or selfish attitudes while taking care of yourself! It’s fundamental!

2. There is no good relationship without mutual trust. If you do not develop reciprocal trust (based on the 3R rule), you will never know a good and healthy relationship. There will be doubt, jealousy, rancor, suspicion, etc … and you will miss something rich, full, reciprocal, fulfilling. Pity …

3. A good relationship requires letting go. You have your personality, the Other has his. You have your past, the Other too. You have your culture, the Other too. So accept once and for all that the Other is different and let go!

4. The Other is a human being with his strengths and limits (Acceptance)Human beings are perfectly imperfect beings …If you wish to perpetuate a good relationship, you must accept the Other with its flaws, its limits, its attitudes (just like yours …) that make him / her a unique being! And NEVER try to change it!

5. A good relationship is synonymous with mutual support. It is possible that at one time or another of our life, we have desires for change, fulfillment, experimentation. We only have one life, it would be a shame to miss out on experiences that attract us, enrich us, make us evolve. In these times, the two key elements of a good relationship are support and mutual encouragement. It is important. And everyone will benefit!

6. Stop luring yourself! The other is not in your head. Too often I hear these phrases: “he / she should have …”, “I would have appreciated that …” without saying anything, asking, expressing! The needs of every human being are specific and yours are not his! So make a habit of making clear requests, expressing your opinion or thoughts, asking questions! Although this does not necessarily imply an answer that suits you!

7. Maintain your relationship regularly A relationship is like a fire in a fireplace. If you do not maintain it regularly, it will go out. Be attentive to the Other, express your love, your gratitude, your feelings regularly. It should be a habit that is part of your daily life.

8. Remember to give him some fertilizer! Even a healthy plant needs regular fertilizer. A relationship too! Think about: to surprise the Other, to please him just like that without reason, to try to make him happy.

9. Everyone needs time and space to him / her. The best relationships are those where everyone respects the secret garden of the other, his need for time, space, to have activities to him / her …It is rare to be around 24 hours, together, does not bring difficulties in a relationship. While being “nourished” individually by having specific activities enriches exchanges!

10. Misunderstandings and misunderstandings are part of a good relationship. I do not know any relations, even the healthiest, where there are no “misunderstandings”, “dis-agreements”. Take the time to talk about it to clarify the situation, having in mind that you are co-author! So having in mind to build rather than depreciate, criticize, belittle, insult … And do not wait! You will come out winner! With that, I wish you good and good relations.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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