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10 Tips for Strong and Healthy Physical Easy to Do

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Strong physical does not mean you have to be able to lift a barbell that weighs kilos, can run for hours, or swim the fastest. But, physically strong is a healthy body and can support daily activities well. Many people who crave physically are strong, but are confused about where to start. Some people think that gymis enough. There are also those who think that eating healthy food is enough. But, all of that isn’t right. Here are tips for physical strength and health from Bacaterus:

10 Tips for Strong and Healthy Physical

  1. Enough sleep
  2. The first step in tips for physically strong is to get enough sleep. In this digital era, it feels like 12 o’clock at night is still too dawn to sleep.Then, in the end many people suffer from insomnia and fatigue. Adequate sleep is the beginning of all your activities.With enough sleep, your body becomes fresher and ready to be invited to move.And, if you want physically strong and healthy, you must get enough sleep according to your age.

  3. Eating 4 Healthy 5 Perfect
  4. After getting enough sleep, you also have to get enough nutrition. You can get nutrition from food and drinks that you consume.We have been taught since kindergarten to eat perfect 4 healthy foods, and that is not something that is only a memory of childhood, but must be practiced in everyday life.

    4 Healthy foods 5 perfect include: calories, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, proteins, and milk. In addition to eating and drinking healthy, you also have to pay attention when taking them. Because, it’s useless if you eat and drink healthy but only occasionally. You must regularly consume it.At a minimum, paste one of the healthy foods on your daily dining menu, such as tucking carrot shavings into an omelet.

  5. Make Fruits Snack
  6. Sometimes we are lazy to eat fruits.Therefore, you must be smart in being creative, making fruits more interesting to eat. For example, you can makefruit posicleslike the picture above. Or, once in a while you can makebanana splityourself at home. Now there are many, how come, recipe forfruit snacks. Besides being tasty and healthy, snacks from fruit are certainly safe for those who are on a diet.

  7. Avoid smoking and alcohol
  8. Tips for being physically strong The next is to avoid smoking and alcohol. It’s hard indeed, especially if you are acigarandalcohol addict.But, after all, cigarettes and alcohol are objects that are very dangerous for the body. Cigarettes and alcohol are the forerunners of many types of diseases.And, not only minor ailments such as cough and stomach ache, but can be cancer, liver, heart and complications. Eating alcohol, especially at bedtime, is a very bad habit.Smoking can also make blood pressure rise and insomnia.As we have seen, if enough sleep is one of the tips for physical strength.

  9. Coffee consumption to taste
  10. Sufficient consumption of coffee is one of the tips for physical strength. So, in addition to avoiding alcohol, caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea should also pay attention to the amount of consumption. Indeed, it will be difficult, especially if you need coffee and tea to work more focused. It’s okay, how come, you consume coffee and tea, as long as it’s a reasonable amount. Side effects of consuming excessive coffee are disturbances in sleep, headaches, and mood swing. So, the utterance to limit coffee is not only a command without meaning, yes, but it really has benefits for the body.

  11. Sugar Is Not an Energy Enhancer
  12. t has become common knowledge in Indonesia, if the body is weak, just drink sweet tea.Or, when you are hiking,don’t forget to bring brown sugar as an energy enhancer. Indeed, this understanding is not something wrong. But, the assumption that sugar is an energy-enhancing food is not the right one. When the sugar level in your body goes down again, your body will get tired faster. So, what you have to take care of is the sugar level in your body. Try not to experience a sudden drop or increase in sugar levels. If you want to remain stable energy, eat whole grains, not sugar.

  13. Sports
  14. You must have imagined, if you want a strong physique, it is definitely the answer. Exercise is very beneficial for the body.Not only to maintain fitness, exercise is also good for increasing the body’s resistance to not easily get sick. If you exercise regularly, the body’s metabolic abilities are also getting better. Then, the sweat that comes out when you exercise is a process of getting rid of toxins from the body too!In addition, the excess exercise is, blood circulation becomes smoother, the brain gets enough oxygen supply, and can increase female hormones so that menstruation is smooth and pregnant quickly. So, sports is one of the good habits, especially if done regularly every day. Sports do not need to be complicated, if you are only able tojog, skipping,or ride a bicycle around the complex it’s fine, as long as it’s routine, yes.

  15. Increase Protein
  16. If you are forming your body, or the cool language isbody building,you are definitely encouraged to eat foods that contain lots of protein. Because, indeed protein is one of the important substances to form the body.If protein is deficient, the body will become susceptible to disease and tend to be unstable. Diseases that can occur if you lack protein are: digestive disorders to liver disorders, dehydration, and decreased immune system. Protein also has a big effect on physical beauty. If you lack protein intake, your hair can fall out, heal old wounds, dull skin color.You can get protein from eggs, chicken breast, almonds, yogurt, milk, wheat, fish, and beef.

  17. Drinking Water
  18. Water is the key to tips for physical strength. Many people underestimate water. You can pay attention when you’re eating at a place to eat, the average person chooses flavored drinks rather than white water, right? Like cappuccino, frappe, latte, milk shakes, syrup, and so on. It is also often heard the reason people don’t drink water is because white water has no taste, so it is not attractive and unpleasant. In fact, water is very important for humans. You might have heard that 70% of the human body is water? If the water content in the body is less than 70%, then the person will be susceptible to disease. Increasing consumption of water can keep the body from dehydration, stress, headaches, migraines, and fatigue.Water is also good for hair and skin beauty. So, still lazy to drink water?

  19. Physical activity
  20. The last is to do physical activity. Then, what’s the difference with sports? Physical activity refers to movements that require muscle contraction.And this, without you knowing it, can shape your physical strength.Physical activity includes daily activities such as gardening, cleaning the house, and going up and down stairs. Meanwhile, if exercising is a form of planned and deliberate physical activity with the aim of making the body healthier. Examples of sports are swimming,jogging,gymnastics, yoga, cycling, to gym. Well, here are ten tips to be physically strong and healthy from Bacaterus. How, the steps above are easy to do, right? There is even something that can be done at home. Get used to eating with a regular pattern and balanced nutrition, then exercise regularly, then a strong and healthy body will be yours. Do you have other tips besides the 10 tips above?

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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