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20 Best Bass Fishing Lakes in America

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Fish and wildlife services in the United States estimate that the number of fishers is approximately 33 million, with the exception of small and adult fishers and other licensed fishers. If the crowd is ranked 16th and lower, the estimates of the USFWS approximate 45 million.

It is estimated that this is a great variety. Funfishing is one of the few activists that covers all social, economic, age, sex and race characteristics. It does not matter what you look like or how much money you have.

Although they may be passionate about the sport of pilots, they rarely think that this is the best place to fish.

Black bass, mostly large and small, the most popular fish in America: a goal of more than 11 million hunters is to spend “176 million days” per year to capture the bass. This is evidenced by the investigation of federal agencies on fish and wildlife. They spend billions of dollars on it.

Where are the best dressing sites? The usual wisdom about fishing tells you that the best place to fish is the one you can easily reach. Although this recommendation is true, some points are more productive than others.

The twentieth river of San Juan

The tides, known for their large base, the Jones River, show their true colors in the spring. When the great disfigurement of Florida reaches the cattle to the shallow waters, the fishermen have an excellent opportunity to enjoy the beautiful fishing in the country. The rules seem to meet in very small and relatively predictable areas, so you can expect to have more of them anywhere you pick them. If you are not an Admiral hunting herb, do not worry: you can also target many scaffolds in this fishing and anticipate constant movements.

Lake Havasu

Many fishermen believe that Lake Havasu is Arizona’s main fishing area. Considered one of the freshest and cleanest lakes in America, this lake has exceptionally clean water, providing excellent opportunities to fish with a summer display and crab. Now the level of the lake is low, so the fish are compressed and fall easily. Despite respect for fishermen, fishermen can find ways to trap and surround surface waters. Elite Series Pro. Do not forget that Aaron Martins recently won a jump in the lake and now has a heavy cover with the famous “Black Bird” style.

The fish is of a quality of 4-5 pounds, it is not easy to reach a huge bass, but there are no traps of 2 to 3 pounds, so enjoy. In addition, many professional fishermen see Lake Havasu as the most beautiful lake they hunt.

Mississippi River Basin 8

With a lot of current and continuous currents and flimsy coastal plants, the Mississippi River basin is a fisherman’s dream. Fully 2 to 4 lire-filled frogs and frogs frogs hold 100 bass per day possible. What do you want more? It’s like a small farm, but better.

Chikamauga Lake

Chickamauga quickly makes a name for a good reason. In addition to spring restrictions of 40 lira in the spring, this lake produced 15 pounds last year. What was once considered a one-dimensional lake is the ability to create large limits and potential catches. The combination of grass and Florida bus has made one of the best processes in this PET TVA circuit.


Although Kastjak and Kazitas know the story in which they make a giant voice, Berriesa is probably the best bass fishing in the state right now. To win the tournaments, it usually takes the 30 lire, and even if you start with double numbers, they are not surprising. It has many high beaches, deep waters, coverage and good visibility to attract the elderly.

Sokol Lake

Lake Sokol is a famous bass fish that has experienced a “recession” in recent years. Although it belongs 10 years ago, it regularly produces high quality fish, so we can not keep it on the list. In addition to the deep plants, the trees and the flooded streets, you will find a tree that contains a lot of water and a brush with a brush. See this pond to scale our menus again in the coming years.

Lake Ufoula

Another lake, which has gone through difficult times lately, quickly returns to the ancient Lake Eufaula. Numerous flat and hard deck facilities, fishermen can estimate the amount of height of the amount, and in many baits and presentations. Misguided fraud, is also responsible for most players in Eufaula and is a great championship victory. Regardless of your fishing style, you will discover that fish hunting is easy and easy to use.

Lake Thophopaliga

“For Tohu”, as it is known to most fishermen, Tohopekalig Lake Kissimmee and Lake Series, even during the hot summer months it produces a large weight in the 8 horns range regularly. Lock systems connect four levels, and Toho and Kissimmee are the largest and most popular among bass fishermen. Like the Okeechobee, the plants, shallow water, shells and fillings of other habitats appear to be sexual. If you like your face and frog with heavy equipment, you should visit Toho. The only problem is knowing where to start, because everything looks good.

Lake Guntersville

The structure of the lake is known by Buick and probably unlike many points of the sea Ganthersvill Lake or Kentucky Lake, but has proved its ability to produce 15 kilos of beef – not much fishing. You will find a lot of people, from 2 to 4 pounds, with a great random race in prizes. Usually, £ 20 to win local and regional tournaments throughout the year, Pickwick gets a real guide on the sequential performance of the guitar.

Santee Cooper Lakes

For some reason, these lakes tend to fly under the radar of most hunters, but do not be fooled: Santa Cooper is very common at 5-7 pounds per pound. It is famous for its beautiful cypresses and flat boulders, but it reduces its offers to convince the last clean water resources. In addition to a few frames of capture of stars, worms and worms, Floating Bar has many important limitations in the development of tactics such as gluing and have gained 8 pounds.

Lake Champlain

Champlain is best known for its shallow sea bass fishing and is a conscious animal. At the southern end of the reservoir, different species of aquatic plants are loaded, ideal for infiltration and sedimentation. There is a large amount of livestock between 3 and 5 kilos that is captured in Champlain and the best activities will take place in the famous area of Ticonderoga.

Seminole Lake

Lake Seminole not only offers privacy and beautiful scenes from the vendors, but also has the best marsh in the country at the same time. The manufacturers of whom you are looking for long-term cleaning vessels, can not destroy the sticky cranberry from the destruction of rich crops, or regardless of whether deep bends the foot stopped the forest spots, your next catch has great potential for Capture all the time. Regardless of your favorite catch, you’ll have fun catching 3 to 5 pounds of Lira.

Crossing the lake

With a great introduction, Lake Furco may be the most famous lake in Texas. The quantity and quality are guaranteed by the intensive lake management program. This is a regular producer of the exchange program of Lunker, and according to the reports of the local fishermen, there are no signs of deceleration in this rock.

Lake Okeechobee

In short, there is no place like the world in the world. Lake Okeechobee is a large-scale, large-scale fishing area, full of aquatic plants and large bushes. These cattle premiums, along with the high protein strains found throughout the lake, have no food. This is one of the most famous places for the mud drilling of grass and is undoubtedly a “creative lake” that all modest bass fish imagine to fish.

Lake Kentucky

With one of the largest buses in the country, Kentucky Lake is probably the most famous passage in America. The introduction of the Delta Delta Peak on top of the great weight of the Lake Tennessee championship in recent years, where it took a new dimension instead of the famous fishing spot. Despite the strong pressure of the fish, huge masses still emerge.

California Delta

Delta is California, which is one of the most unique types of fishing buses in the country, a labyrinth of lakes and interconnected channels that Cuba and Bar are known to carry. The best place to fish frogs is in any state of California, and we are even attracted to the markets of America Frog Capital. Ten pounds are very common, and the elite series Pro Justin Lucas started a 13 pound bass with English some years ago. If you want water yourself, Delta is the place for you: hunting championships, you can see all day without another boat.

Remove the lake

Due to its name, many fishermen doubt that it is a fish trade, but due to the high birth rate, there is an interesting green color. The lake has cleared a place known for fishing in the water, as you can imagine, it requires a lot of fishing. Regardless of the mass, we still need big weights to win all the year round fishing championships. In the sea you can pick up mountains, meadows and a jetty, there are no limits to this lake. This is one of those special lakes that have a real chance of creating a “unique” bass.

3rd tank Toledo

Suffered Toledo Bend, another beautiful lake in the state of Texas, the full blow due to the pressure of fishing, but there is a good reason for that – the land of these giants. A unique combination of grass and marine structure constantly produces large quantities, and those that weigh 10 pounds are in fact common throughout the year. In the spring you will see the young “drummer” drumming in the shallows. These factors make Texas one of the most popular fishing areas in Texas and Louisiana.

Second reserve of Sam Rayburn

Many professional fishermen believe that the United States will be the best sea next year. Both quantity and quality are produced for fishermen in the hot summer months. It takes a lot of weight to win the championships on land and is captured by an incredible 10-pound system. Sam Rayburn offers opportunities for fishing in small, deep buses and is filled with delicious Florentine dishes.

It’s a very famous capture, but it came out a few years ago. In recent years, however, it has become a world famous fishing, which is worthy of praise.

1st Lake Guntersville

The annual number of “Big G” fish launches is almost incomprehensible, but after a lot of pressure it continues to cause a big impact. So in 2015, we were looking for Lake Guntersville, the best lake in America in bigmouth. If you are fishing from a boat or a boat, this lake should be at the top of the list this year. Take a few days, contact patients to work, it does not matter. Make sure you go to Lake Guntersville.

It does not matter what the season is. If the tournament fisherman has not put a final weight of 25 kg on the scale, it will be difficult for them to compete in the lake. While many crafts throughout the country enjoy an excellent reputation in certain seasons, Guntersville produces 12 months a year.

In fishing in shallow water and deep water, there are more bridges than excellent fishing and more than anywhere else in the country. These bridges form many places of repression or areas of high concentration that have become one of the most productive fishing areas of the lake. The Randy Howell Classic Classic 2014 Bass of the Elite Pro Series won with this model.

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