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9 Ways to Improve Ux and Build a Perfect Ecommerce Website that Converts

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An increasing number of people is getting used to the idea of shopping online. As a result,consumers are tending to make more informed purchase decisions, partially thanks tohaving more experience in using ecommerce websites. This means that having quality UXdesign is one of the top priorities for ecommerce outfits. If your ecommerce storefrontdoesn’t provide a satisfactory shopping experience, you stand to lose as much as 69. 89%of your potential customers due to abandoned shopping carts. The key to a quality UX isoptimizing your website in the right ways. Such optimizations will also afford you betterSEO, lower customer acquisition costs, increased sales, and a better word of mouth onlineabout your brand. To learn more about how to make your website UX-friendly, take a lookat our comprehensive guide on the topic in the rest of this post.

1. Attractive Product Photos

A problem that is unique to ecommerce stores is the fact that they offer customers nomeans for trying out products before committing to a purchase. To surmount this issue,ecommerce websites have to provide customers with some other way of acquiring theinformation they need, and one of them would be to display product images. So if yourecommerce shop sells physical items, make sure to provide quality photos of yourproducts in addition to the product description. These photos should ideally showcase theitem from multiple angles, to give customers a sense of scale. Be sure to also provide aphoto or two the product as it is being used, to give some illustration of what the customerscan expect.

2. Quality Product Descriptions

The primary means by which your customers will decide on what to purchase from your e-store, is by reading the product descriptions. And the better your descriptions are written,the better experience your customers will have while browsing your shop. Differentproducts merit different kinds of descriptions, so it is difficult to be specific about whatworks. Nevertheless, there are a number of general guidelines you can follow to ensurethat your descriptions will be a worthwhile read. Don’t just copy-paste manufacturerdescriptions, because they are not written with customers in mind. Use Z-patterns and F-patterns when structuring your descriptions, to ensure you are taking advantage of howour eyes process visual information while reading. Also try to be concise, informative, andunambiguous in your descriptions.

3. A Dedicated Promo Section

A discount on a product or services is one of the most powerful incentives for pushingpeople to buy your products and services. The notion that you will obtain an item want ata lower price is frequently enough to drive anyone to click the buy button. Some statisticseven suggest that consumers are more likely to buy discounted products, than those thatshare the same price, albeit without a discount. To utilize this behavioral tendency, youshould design your website to have a prominently featured discounts and sales section. This will make it easier for your customers to find the discounted products, andconsequently increase the odds of them performing a purchase. Another way to haveconsumer psychology work in your favor is to inflate the base price of an item you areselling, and then have it offered at a permanent discount.

4. Optimization For Mobile

There are more people doing online shopping from mobile devices than there are desktopusers doing the same. This means that your website should be mobile friendly in order toprovide an adequate UX for all customers. At the very least, your ecommerce websiteshould be designed according to principles of responsive design, which simply specify thatyour site should render equally well on screens of various sizes. In addition to this, youshould make sure that your site has a user interface that is equally functional when usedfrom mobile, and from desktop. Mobile-friendly interface adaptations can include providingclick-to-call and click-to-scroll buttons, having permanent navigation headers, andremoving of pop-ups.

5. Enticing CTAs

CTA design is one the most important factors for creating a highly-converting ecommercewebsite. If your site visitors have issues with adding items to the shopping cart, registeringa user account, subscribing to a newsletter, or finalizing their purchase, they will take theirbusiness elsewhere. Conversely, if you have functional, enticing CTAs, your customers willhave a seamless shopping experience, and will therefore be more likely to visit your storein the future. There are several tricks to making a perfect CTA. One is making sure thatyour button stands out against the rest of the web page, which means you should besurrounding it with enough negative space. Another would be to reduce input lag by havingwell-written code in the background. Finally, when choosing a color and a typeface, besure they are consistent with the rest of your site design.

6. Progress Indicators

The process of placing down an order through an ecommerce storefront always takes acertain minimum number of steps. The actual number varies from store to store, whichmeans that your customers are probably not sure what to expect. The only problem is, aconfused customer is one that is not particularly willing to part with their hard-earnedmoney. Fortunately, these kinds of problems can be solved by adding a progress indicatorto your ordering page(s). By doing this, you will give your customers a way tounambiguously determine where they are in the shopping process. A progress indicatorcan also inform them about which steps they will have to make before their order isfinalized, thus keeping them in the know at all times.

7. Customer Service Chatbots

One of the major downsides of doing all your shopping online is the fact that you don’thave a sales rep to help you around the store. Or at least, this was the situation untilcustomer service chatbots became a reality. Digital storefronts can use these automatedconversation systems to provide additional support to customer services personnel. Achatbot is simply a program that can mimic a human in conversation. Chatbots can beembedded directly in your website, or they can be hosted on messaging platforms such asFacebook Messenger. The best ecommerce web development agencies can help you setup a chatbot to answer common product-related questions, give live support to customersacross the globe, and even act as virtual shopping assistants by providing productsuggestions and placing orders in the customer’s stead.

8. WordPress Plugins

If your ecommerce website is powered by WordPress, there are a number of plugins whichyou can use to further fine-tune your UX. These plugins can give your storefront additionalfunctionality, enhance existing features, or make it more comfortable to use. Some of themost commonly used ones are:WordPress Call To ActionWordPress Call To Action is such a plugin that makes the process of adding CTA buttonsto your storefront a breeze. It enables you to customize the content, size, color, and pagelocation of your CTA. You can create a whole button from scratch, or you can use one ofthe many available templates. WordPress Landing PagesThe WordPress Landing Pages enables you to create custom landing pages in order toprovide a more personalized UX. No coding skills are required to use this plugin, whichmakes it ideal for less tech-savvy webmasters. The plugin also comes with A/B testingfeatures, so you can easily determine which landing page design is the most likely toproduce conversions. MailChimp List Subscribe FormIf you are using MailChimp for running email marketing campaigns, you can add the freeMailChimp plugin to your ecommerce website to better integrate the two. The pluginenables you to create custom sign-up forms for your newsletter, and it can be placedanywhere on the page. *For more WordPress plugin recommendations, check out this handy list.

9. WordPress Themes

Another benefit of using WordPress as your CMS is that you don’t have to waste timecreating a design from scratch. Instead, you can simply apply a pre-made theme, andenjoy the benefits of having an eye-catching website for a fraction of the effort. Some ofour favorites include:Solopreneur Solopreneur is a theme with a clean, minimal design. It comes with custom logos andicons, and is built to be mobile-friendly as well. Under the hood, it is lightweight, ensuring aminimal impact on your website’s resources. Solopreneur also comes with two custom-built landing page templates. LuxeLuxe is a theme focused on evoking a sense of luxury and grace, while also utilizing thepower of minimalism through its ample use of whitespace. Luxe places little additional loadto your website, and it comes with an optimized form field, so you can start convertingvisitors straight away.

The Essence

What sets the Essence apart from other themes is the fact that it provides multiple bloglayouts and column-sidebar combinations, making customization a breeze. The Essencealso features integrated social sharing icons and promo boxes for building enticing CTAs. *You can also find more inspirational themes here. ConclusionUX-based ecommerce is not a new idea, but it is one that is still being implemented onlysporadically. As more companies start to enter the ecommerce arena, the importance ofproviding a quality UX is only set to increase. If you follow the guidelines which we haveset out in this article, you will be well prepared for the coming UX revolution in ecommerce.

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