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A Detailed Guide On Making Atole

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How to make Atole

It was a cold day during winter break, and I was trying to catch up on my favourite show Pretty Little Liars. I was sitting in the living room and then a hot milky scent wafting from the kitchen hit me. I remember thinking that there was nothing better than a hot drink for this cold weather. I was very excited and headed straight for the kitchen. Hands holding on the edge of the doorway, peeping my head into the room, I saw my host mother making a hot beverage, and she offered me some. At first, I only tried a little bit, but then I had another sip, another one, and another one, until everything was gone. At that moment, I realized how much I liked the drink and that I would definitely need it to survive the upcoming winter days. I later found out that it was a Mexican drink called Atole. Since I was only able to enjoy the drink if someone made it for me, I decided to learn how to make it myself, which turned out to be relatively easy. There are two main stages to make this drink; they are buying the ingredients and then combining them to make the beverage.

Before going into the instructions, it might beneficial to learn some background information about Atole. Atole is a traditional Mexican drink originating from pre-Columbian time and usually served at Dias de los muertos celebrations, which is translated as “Day of the Dead”. In Mexico, the hot thickened drink is typically made with cornmeal, water, raw sugar cane, cinnamon, and vanilla. It can also be served for breakfast on regular days or as a drink in the afternoon and late evening in place of tea, hot chocolate or coffee. With different brands, there is a wide variety of Atole flavors to choose from such as walnut, coconut, strawberry, guava, and chocolate. The only brand I had was Klass, but then I like the drink so much that I tried all their flavors and found out that walnut Atole is my favourite, which I would highly recommend to anyone.

To make Klass Atole, I have to buy a package of Atole powder. Klass Atole can be found easily in grocery stores in South Texas or Northern Mexico; however, since I do not live there anymore, I have to order them online and sometimes they do not even have walnut flavor. Other than the package, the main materials needed for the process are sugar, milk, a medium-size saucepan or stockpot, a ladle, a glass or a mug, a table spoon, and measuring cups.

After gathering all the materials and ingredients, all I had to do was to follow the recipe and the drink would be ready in less than half an hour. First, I put five cups of milk into a saucepan or a stockpot. After, I put the saucepan of milk on the stove on medium-high heat until the milk started to boil, which often took ten minutes. Third, while waiting for the milk to boil, I put one cup of milk into a glass or a mug and poured the entire Atole package into the container and stirred the mixture. Next, when the milk started to boil, I turned down the fire to low heat, poured the mixture into the saucepan and stirred it for one minute. Soon, I stirred about five to eight table spoons of sugar into the drink. Finally, I turned off the stove and poured out the drink into a mug and it was ready to serve. I suggest enjoying the drink with a spoon to make it easier to drink when it is still hot and delicious.

As an international student who has traveled and tried new things in different parts of the United States, I have come to love Atole. I have not mastered and tried new things with Atole yet, but I am hoping to get better and better at it. It will always be a pleasure for me to introduce this appetizing drink to people all around the world.

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