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A Discussion on Immigration in The United States: The Example of Enrique's Journey

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Immigration: Yay or Nay?

Immigration is a topic that is discussed in the United States and there are people who are for it and against it. This topic is discussed in the news, during presidential debates, as well as in books like Enrique’s Journey. Enrique’s Journey is a book about a guy name Enrique and his journey to reunite with his mother Lourdes. Lourdes struggled to support her one son and daughter, Enrique and Belky. She knew that they would only be able to go to school for a short time and that she did not want them to grow up how she had to, which was in extreme poverty. She had to make an extreme decision here to leave her children and try to make it to the United States in hopes of getting a job to be able to send money back to her children so they would be able to live a better life then she has had in the past. She decided to take the chance and go to the United States to try and be able to care for her children. It’s hard to decide if this is a good or bad thing to do because it seems like a good act but can end up as a terrible decision. You try to do well but then what happens to the children that you leave behind without knowing what the fate of your children would be. You also have to think about what happens if you fail to get what you had hoped for and then you’re pretty much helpless. I’m not sure what I would do in this situation and would have to evaluate all the risks to see if the action I would take would be really worth it and if losing your family to try and help them would be a good action to take.

So Lourdes’s decisions had some repercussions that effected Enrique more than anyone in my opinion. First of all this left Enrique clueless on why his mother left and any information that he would try to get from his family didn’t help because he did not receive a straight answer. Belky got to attend a good school and was well taken care of by their aunt. Enrique on the other hand didn’t get so lucky, Enrique gets shuffled from home to home and is forced to sell spices and food while he was still a child in order to help pay for family expenses. He lived with his grandmother for most of his childhood but when he starts to rebel he is kicked out. His mother leaving him started abandonment issues within Enrique and the death of his uncle made it worse. To comfort himself in these situations he turned to drugs, his family and girlfriend tried to intervene and help him out but that didn’t make much progress. He eventually ended up wanting to go to the United States to search for his mother. He leaves Honduras with little money, one change of clothes and his mother’s phone number. He ends up having to attempt entry into the United States eight times before he makes a successful attempt. Each of the first seven attempts is accompanied by being beat up, robbed, deported and humiliated, Even with these circumstances he never gives up and continues to try.

I feel that if Enrique still had his father and mother to live with him that his life would still be rough but it would have not been as rough as it was in this current situation. I feel that he wouldn’t have developed his abandonment issues. He also wouldn’t have to rebel and rely on drugs to comfort himself. His life maybe would still be rough in the end but, there are different ways that life can be rough to you and you would want the one that is least painful and that includes your parents and family. With your family it is a lot easier to get through the rough times then it is when you are by yourself and have no one to really rely on.

There are also the opposite opinion about these situations. Some people would say that, yes leaving your children is fine if you’re trying to get them a better life then you had because what you experienced was horrible. To counter that people can say that when you leave you aren’t going to have a smooth experience and for Lourdes this was the case. When she makes it to the United States, she realizes that life in the United States is more difficult than she expected. She has to work in a series of low-paying jobs, and also becomes pregnant. When she gives birth to her daughter Diana, she loses her factory job and then becomes a prostitute for a while. But, eventually she finds steady work again, and is able to send money, clothing, and toys to Enrique and Belky. The children appreciate the gifts, but that isn’t enough to replace the physical presence of their mother.

Immigration will always have two sides to it and each side will always argue why it is better or worse to have immigration in the United States. People who are pro would use the story of Enrique’s Journey to justify illegal immigration by saying people are just trying to find a better life then they what had when they left their home. While the other side would say that all illegal immigrants that come here are going to commit crimes and that they should all be deported. In the United States there are over 11 million unauthorized immigrants. That is a lot of people coming to the United States for all kinds of reasons and those reasons could have good intentions or they can come to the United States and commit crimes. Out of the 11 million people that are here as unauthorized immigrants there are 60% of them that belong to six states alone. I feel that this is like this because they have heard good things about these areas and try to start their life in these states. I feel that the argument that these unauthorized immigrants take jobs that people living in the United States could be doing is kind of flimsy. First you have the jobs that they do, these jobs are jobs that most regular people would not want to do. I once saw this documentary on what these immigrants do for work and one of the jobs was picking oranges. The job took a lot of work and labor that most regular people would not want to do in the first place. Also the pay for this job wasn’t that great and they were paid by how many tubs of oranges they could fill in a day. These immigrants were also here on a visa and this is the work that they could find. Considering this what do you think the people who are unauthorized would have to do to get money and how much less would they be paid to do so because they don’t get paid a lot to do these hard working jobs that no one else wants to do in the first place. This leads to the argument that only about 5% of the whole United States work force is made up of unauthorized immigrants. But if you think about it, how much of the 5% are jobs that people want to do or jobs that people wouldn’t want in the first place. I think that if this was really a problem that if legal people wanted these jobs that they would get it, and that if no one else even wanted the job that it would be fine to just leave it how it is.

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