A Discussion On The Validity Of Having Namibian President Images Printed On The Namibian Bank Notes: [Essay Example], 788 words GradesFixer

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A Discussion On The Validity Of Having Namibian President Images Printed On The Namibian Bank Notes

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Nations all over the world have different and unique portraits on their banknotes. Each banknote conveys a message about the country in which it is used. Namibia has various images on its banknotes that reflect its diverse nature and honoring the nations great heroes. It is a long, slow and very difficult process to choose which image is appropriate and accepted by the nation. The decisions are made by the cabinet and it is followed through by the acts put in place.

This essay will discuss the reason why Namibian president images should or should not be printed on the Namibian bank notes. President’s image should be printed The reasons behind the images of distinguished citizens on nations paper currency is to honor them (Ruddock, Whitaker, & Collins, 2015). This reflects on their achievements in the past and continuing to recognize outstanding presidents for their contributions to society (Sasman ,2012) shows how grateful the nation is to the presidents work over the period he or she has been in power. Apart from this it will be historical evidence as well as helpful sources of information for the future generation to know the past presidents, which might be helpful for instance in future history exam question papers.

Financial reasons It is a form of security if the currency keeps changing after every four years in case there are those who fake bank notes. It will be difficult to keep up with the change. It is also for security reasons that images of people are on most nations currency (including Namibia). Firstly, non-human symbols are likely to lead to controversies and it would be better that the national currency bore an image that would be well-respected by the nation as a whole (Srivastava ,2017). Currency with inanimate objects could be easily forfeit, unlike the ones with human images. President’s images should not be printed

To begin with Namibian presidents have been honored in numerous ways. They have stadiums named after them, streets and they have their images on certain public areas, such as the statue of Dr Sam Nujoma at the Heroes Acre. It will only be fair to give other heroes and heroines the opportunity for their image to be printed on bank notes (Olusoga and Erichsen ,2010). Many schools and universities in Namibia have been and still are lecturing students so much about presidents. As a matter of fact, there are so many books, journal articles and newspaper articles written about them that in general there is no need to print their image on the bank notes.

Financial reasons Secondly, it is going to cost so much money to print new bank notes with a new president’s image every four years a new president gets elected, which will lead to economic down fall despite knowing that Namibia is currently in an economic deficit. Apart from this, it is going to cause the country to borrow more money to be able to get the new bank notes printed leading the country to even more and deeper in debt. If the bank notes images are being changed every four years, the Namibian currency might lose its value, become worthless and it will not be able to buy any goodsservices. The different countries Namibia trade with might not be willing to continue trading because of the constant change in currency thus Namibia will lose a lot of money which was supposed to be earn from the imports and exports. Foreign will also not be willing to come visit Namibia because of the constant currency change and the country will not make any money knowing that foreign currency contributes around 20% to Namibia’s earnings.


In conclusion the portraits of presidents printed on the currencies or not has to do with Namibian people as a nation accepting this changes. Namibia has different cultures, religions, famous fighters and it would be difficult to satisfy each and every one by having these people’s images on the bank notes. Namibian people should have pride in their country’s currency and show the beauty that lies in it. Changing currencies every four years with a new president’s image will be confusing and adjusting will be difficult but to keep Namibian people united it is only appropriate to have the image of the president on the Namibian bank notes.


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