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A Report on Computer Related Crimes

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There are a several definitions for hackers. By asking these type of question from the phalanx also you need to get a new answer every time because most of the people are willing to have more talks and this is the reason behind that could make different definition of the hackers that in my opinion are needed to be justified for everyone has the right to be thinking in a different ways. It can be described the great programmer or someone who was able to build complex logics. They might have a negative type also the media started referring to the hacker as someone who discover new ways of hacking into the system, or they need the computer system or the programmable logic controller. Someone who is more capable of hacking into a bank, stealing credit card other information such as personal details. Threats and defence mechanisms discuss, Trojans, Viruses also Worms, Sniffers, Phishing, social engineering threats, denial of service threats, and vulnerabilities associated with buffer overflows as well as countermeasures tools.

What is the fear of crime?

This suggests that fear is an infrequent emotion in response to crime, and there is, unsurprisingly, an enormous complexity and diversity of human emotion in general and about crime in particular. Is not theft still theft whether perpetrate with the break also enters tools or with the computer terminal. I need to define and describe the topic of Computer Crime. The computer did not create a new crime anymore, which you need for development of the automobile create a new form of larceny. It can be caused as a criminal obtaining these could be illegal crimes in that the computer is the immediate “subject ” or “victim” of a crime. Computer enabled crime, and computer dependent crime It is an offences that could only commit using the computer, computer networks or other forms by the information communication technology. In these acts I need to be included the spread of viruses or other malware, hacking also distributed denial of service attacks. The malware, which is a general label for the malicious software which spreads between the computers also interferes with the computer operation. By having malware it is deleting files and causing the system “crashing” but might also be used to steal personal data.

There is a number of forms of the malware such as viruses, worms, trojans, and spyware.

Viruses: It is a self replicating of a program which produces its own code by attaching copies of itself to other executable codes It need to be operated without there certain knowledge. By having a computer virus is contagious and could infect other files, however, viruses could infect outside machines only with the assistance of computer users. The way it protects the viruses is by not entering by antivirus software protects your device from the viruses which could destroy your data, but it can slow down also crash the whole computer systems which can lead to losing all the data.

Worms: It is the malicious program which could infect both local also remote machines. The worms spread automatically infecting by the system in the network, also even spreading further to other networks. They only way to protect from having a firewall system which anyone could not access to the system band will block external access to network services. It can slow down the system which will cause several problems for the company.

Trojans: It is the program used as the concealment devices. They might or may not be attached to viruses or worms. Rootkits modify the computer operating system to conceal malicious programs while they run on the host computer.

Computer Crimes Advantage and Disadvantages

  • It can be helped automate variety of tasks which cannot be done manually.
  • It can be helping organise the data and information in a better way also it has many, many computer also calculate power than the human.
  • It might be the storage of important data and the files
  • It might damage your studies also social life
  • The way it could be distracts could deviate our thoughts also activities headed for unproductive activity
  • It could causing a violation of the privacy.

The computer crime which is the criminal activities which are needed to be committed by the internet that could be included plotting the viruses, hacking someone else computer also stealing certain data such as bank details or other information. The computer crime targets computer devices or the computer network directly also targets independent the computer devices or computer networks. There is a type of cyber crimes are identity theft, scams, stalking, fraud also hacking.

Traditional crime

There are many traditional crimes happen in the world which most the people feel unsafe to put most the jewellery, other things at home. There are many traditional crimes happen all over the world. They are hacking happen certain spam call at your house phone number when people do not realize who is calling, then start to begin to give more details about the personal details which they say I give promotion for this thing then suddenly people give more detail such as bank details other things in general. Most the fraud email come asking you sign up that will give you free phone something else but most of the people do not realize that fake website they start give their detail on the website and the hacker could see the account details or any conference details that they approach on the details hacker they system or bank details that called computer crime. They are many place where computer crime in the world happening, but you need awareness which website you need to truths.

Computer Related Crime

The computer could be used in three different ways of assisting the crime. It could be used as a tool which the criminal use for performing certain crime. It could be certain target which the criminal could be managed for the attack in order to penetrate. It could be benefits for storage area which allows to criminal can be ordered to save certain information related to the crimes. Computer related crime is not as straight forward define computer by computer crime, it can be computer mediated activities that are either could illegal or considered illicit by certain parties that could be conducted through global of the electronic network. The crime which is directly targeted the computer or computer system such as hacking into a server also defacing the web page. By misusing the internet such as internet gambling or watch pornography. It involves the retrieval of the digital data of the evidential value such as fraud data storage or the payment records. Impacts of the computer related crimes The information age that can be used on the computers or information system has been applied nearly everywhere in our modern society.

<>It includes critical infrastructures such as power supply system, public transportation, communication networks.

  • Computer crime: it needs to define as the activities which target data also or low level of the data operation by using the computer as the means to conduct those activities.
  • Cyber crime: it is defined as the activities which target information also has certain knowledge or the need to have a high level data operation which allows managing certain information also knowledge by the legal bodies, including software programs by using the computer as the meaning for conduct those activities.
  • E-Crime: It is an economic crime that can be defined as those computer crime or cyber crime activities where the main purpose of a criminal is financial gaining.

Computer Criminal Activities

  1. Cyber Terrorism: The uses of internet based are used for terrorist activities, include acts of deliberate for the large-scale disruption of the computer networks, especially with the personal computers attach to the internet, of tools such as computer viruses. It is more dangerous than hactivism politically motivating hacking operations intend to cause grave harm such as loss of life or the severe economic damage. By looking at the computer crime, it is better to have certain protection that terrorism could not access to the system by putting the viruses on the system.
  2. Computer viruses: It is a large class of malicious code which can be spread among the computer system also perform detrimental operations. The methods of the computer viruses aims to be understood they way that the computer viruses could able to spread by the internet and thereby work out certain effectively that policies of defending against them.
  3. Identity theft: The a new class of a crime that can be called has identity theft, occurs when one person takes on the identify of another person, perhaps by creating a massive debt or even perpetrate crime in the victim `s identify.

There are three types of hacker which being broken down:

White hat hacker: It is the kind of hacker that can be referred to have the security professional or the security. It is the computer security specialist who could be broken into by protecting the system and networks to test assesses their security. “White hat hackers use their skills to improve security by exposing vulnerabilities before malicious hackers could detect also exploit them. The organisation could hire these consultants to do tests also implements best practices which makes them less vulnerable to be malicious hacking to be attempted for the future”.

Black hat hacker: It is can be known as cracked, this kind of hacker that could be referred to as the bad guy who uses his or her knowledge that could have negative purposes. ” The black hat hacker could impose damages on both individual computer users also large organisation by stealing personal financial information, compromising by security of major systems. Making the system to shut down or altering the function of the websites also networks”. Techopedia. com.

Gray hat hacker: It is the hacker intermediate between the white hat also the black hat hacker. The gray hat hacker would work as the security professional for an organisation also responsibilities disclose everything to them, however, he or she might leave a backdoor to access it later also might sell the confidential information Hacking: It is the hacker is the programmer who enjoys and the challenge of breaking into another computer system if the security level is very low or none in place. Most of the big company has a high security firewall that makes it tough for the hacker to get access. Trojan horses have been designed to allow for the hacker remote access to the target computer system. Once you have installed on the target computer system, it is possible for the hacker to access it remotely also performing various operations, that could only be done by an inside guy. When the hacker gets access to company data, when the hacker could be using it for a much different purpose that affects by the company badly.

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