A Study on the Beliefs of Homeless Veterans on Employability in the United States: [Essay Example], 418 words GradesFixer

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A Study on the Beliefs of Homeless Veterans on Employability in the United States

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The journal has strayed from tradition and discussed the beliefs that homeless veterans harbor regarding their employability. This has been contrary to what researchers have in the past been interested in when it came to homeless veterans since much has been written on their substance abuse and crime. The journal presents an analysis of the career beliefs of homeless veterans by comparing and contrasting them with the beliefs of two other groups, the employed in the population and the unemployed in the population. The study, using the CBI scale, determined that the beliefs of the three groups were similar on the factors of the fact that all three groups were interested in improving their socio-economic standing, had relatively equal average intelligence quotient and that all three group sought advancement in their positions rather than being stuck in the same position (Hedva, Gary, & Howell, 1997). Other similarities were that they all yearned to acquire new skills and that they believed that one can overcome challenges. The differences were mainly in the level of education and psychological well-being where homeless. Therefore the study concludes that since the similarities are more, it can be asserted that the career beliefs of the homeless veterans do not hinder them from improving their socio-economic standing or employability.

I believe that the journal presents a positive step in trying to mitigate the issue of growing homeless veterans’ rates. This is because in order to solve the quagmire, a multi-faceted approach is crucial so as to gain a broad perspective of the problem at hand. The journal gives people a chance to reexamine the problem of increasing homeless veterans in American cities by looking at the issue of whether the problem could be stemming from self-defeating career choices. The journal has also helped to debunk the common adages that homeless people do not think enough to enable them to acquire gainful employment. They are thereby not intellectually handicapped, but are lacking in adequate education. It can thereby be asserted that being disenfranchised is as a result of socio-economic inequality in the country. However, the over-reliance on a singular test can make us doubt the correctness and validity of the results and discussion of the journal. Moreover, since the study that the journal presents in the first ever approach at looking at the homeless veterans’ quagmire, the validity of its claimed should be questioned. Therefore, I would posit that further research into the career choices of the veterans should be conducted so as to support the journal

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