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Advancement and Equity for Women in The Business World by Donna Evans: a Study on The Lack of Women in Business

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In “Room at the Top: Advancement and Equity for Women in the Business World” by Donna Evans, the idea that there are not enough women in the business world is analyzed through the use of statistics and specific examples of businesses. In addition to the analysis, a solution is proposed along with an outline of steps to follow to create equal opportunities for women in the workplace. A nonprofit organization, Catalyst, produced a study with the intention of revealing the lack of women in high status positions. “Statistics released by Catalyst in 2011 show that women account for 46.7 percent of the U.S. labor force and that half, or 51.5 percent, of these working women hold management, professional, and related occupations” (Evans 62). Although this shows that women represent half of the work force, there is a serious lack of women who hold corporate positions, “15.4 percent of corporate office positions, 14.8 percent of board seats, and 2.4 percent (or twelve total) of chief executive titles in Fortune 500 companies” (Evans 62). This is appallingly low considering that this amounts to only 6.7 percent of female representation in Fortune 500 companies (Evans 62). Furthermore, it is stated the presence of a greater representation of women in companies has increased “corporate financial results” (Evans 62). If this is the case, why is there still a great lack of women in higher positions of power within corporations?

Whether intentional or subconscious, there is a great deal of gender stereotyping against women in the workplace. Women face more challenges and seem to be constantly under scrutiny in order to prove themselves as competent leaders. The few women who hold positions of power are either seen as pushovers or too aggressive. Additionally, women who are less aggressive are better liked; however, women who lead in an aggressive manner tend to be less liked (Evans 62). These problems that professional women face are part of the reason that there are few women in powerful positions. It is a system that sets women up to fail and discourages them from advancing within a company. “Additional barriers to women’s success include the lack of workplace flexibility, exclusion from informal networks, lack of role models and mentors, and business’ lack of strategy for developing women leaders” (Evans 62). This leads to wondering if it is is harder for women to advance because they cannot find a mentor or build work relationships because of the “boys only club” that is subconsciously formed?

The solution presented by Evans to create a more equal business world for women is an entire shift in the environment. To begin with companies could give women the tools and resources needed to hone their skills, assess and change the work environment to lessen bias, establish training to educate managers on ways they can implement less bias, and analyze evaluations and promotions for any gender bias. Incentive to redirect companies down this path is an increase in a more fruitful company because women create a different environment in which they utilize their best employees regardless of gender.

This article relates back to our Business Communications class in regards to the “Sexism, Feminism, and the destruction of gender roles” topic that was posted in Padlet. Additionally, it is the topic that my project group has chosen to create a presentation on.

Communication Method

In this situation, the communication method I would choose to incorporate would be a negative message for all employees to follow the necessary procedures in creating a bias free work environment. Some people may take the topic of sexism as a personal attack regarding any past actions, which is why I believe sending an indirect message may be the best means of communication. In addition to the news possibly being taken in personal offense, others may respond in a hostile manner due to conflicting opinions (Guffey 180). To begin the letter, some type of buffer would need to be implemented. In this case, I would choose to use good news paired with a compliment to my team. Following the buffer, I would lay out the reasons behind my choice, which are that an increase of gender equality throughout the company will benefit our success. After giving my reasons, I would present the “bad news” in a way that does not place blame on anyone and by outlining the plan presented in the article I am using. In closing, I will provide information regarding the statistics about other companies’ successes after implementing a gender equality policy (Guffey 181). It is through this process that I hope to clearly define the problem, solution, and expectations.


Hello Team,

To begin, I would like to thank everyone for all of your hard work in leading us out of the most profitable year to date. This could not have been reached without each of your unique talents and I hope that you are all as proud of yourselves as I am to be working with such a dynamic team. Such dynamism has given me the inspiration and faith that our team will also shine in the coming changes as the new year will be beginning soon. It is my goal to bring our company into a new, forward thinking era.

It has come to my attention that a number of our competitors are seeking a variety of different people when looking to fill vacancies or in creating new jobs as technology and social structures are advancing. For one company, their new programs have created a larger target market, which increased their profits. It is with the knowledge of these benefits that I would like to implement a gender diversity initiative in our company. It is my concern that if we do not begin to encourage our female staff, we will fall behind and become an out of date company.

Steps outlined in the article, “Room at the Top: Advancement and Equity For Women In The Business World,” is going to be our starting point:

  • Providing women leaders and other employees with tools and resources to increase awareness of women leaders’ skills and of the effects of stereotypic perceptions.
  • Assessing the work environment to identify in what ways women are at risk of stereotypic bias.
  • Creating and implementing innovative work practices that target stereotypic bias.

These practices can be particularly effective when they address specific areas of risk, such as in an organization’s performance management procedures. Managerial training and diversity education–educating managers and employees to the origin and consequences of bias, inconsistencies between values and actual behavior, and causes and effects of gender inequality in the workplace. Performance and evaluation management–employing objective and unambiguous evaluation criteria.

In keeping these points in mind, I believe we can take this company to the next level. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and open-mindedness. This is something we all need to come together to accomplish as a team.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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