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An Examination of the Learning Styles Quiz

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This learning styles quiz was actually fun to take. Ive had to take some before in a college and careers class and a leadership class. Those quizzes or tests were pages upon pages of questions which just became irritating to answer. This quiz was short, concise, and to the point. My top 2 styles were interpersonal (69%) and intrapersonal (69%) with visual spatial (67%) close behind. Every other style was either 50% or below.

I read up what interpersonal means and here is a personally worded definition. Interpersonal are usually extrovert and gain energy by being around others. People often ask interpersonal people for advice because they tend to put themselves in the others shoes and want to understand and help. When I read this It was like reading my life. I am an extreme extrovert almost everyone I know has told me that. I most definitely gain my energy by going out and being with people. I can get 10x the amount of work done if I’m doing it with someone else rather than alone. About the asking for advice, even brand new people I have just met prefer to ask me questions or for advice over their own friends because they know I am going to take my time and really feel what they are talking about. I will genuinely care about them. The website said this, “Careers that require insight and the ability to read what someone else is thinking or feeling — such as teaching, psychology, or sales — would be a great match for those with interpersonal intelligence.” When I read over that it most definitely matched up with my life. Through friends and family I have convinced at least over a dozen times for people to buy a product or invest into something; I have never had anyone come back unhappy. As well as this summer I ran my own business and I made a fair amount of money off it mainly because of my advertising. So far this is a great matchup, let’s see what else is in store.

Intrapersonal had the same score for me as interpersonal. The website says, “You are connected to who you are and how you feel, and you know your own limits and abilities. You often set goals for yourself, self-manage, and reflect on results.” Only to a certain extent is this true for me. For one I am most definitely an over thinker. I am constantly thinking through every aspect of my life, small or big. Then I take that aspect and I look over every angle and option possible with it. This can be a huge strength in life but taken too far it can be such a weakness as well. When it said, “you are very connected to who you are and how you feel..” I don’t think that belongs in my category at all. I mean maybe I am wrong. For me though I am constantly searching and never fully being able to understand myself or what I truly want in life. Though I most definitely know my limits and abilities, thats for sure. I also set goals for myself and then tend to look back and either congratulate myself for being successful or give myself consequences for failing.

Visual-Spatial was only a couple percentages behind these first two, so lets see how accurate they are. Wow, Visual spatial is most definitely the way I learn things in academics. In my mind I put images with words or pictures with sentences so that I can visualize what is happening. In fact they aren’t just picture perfect images, usually they tend to be an art project that I build or create myself depending on what I am learning. I visualize with spastic colors as well, like when I visualize the brain I think towards neon colors rather than the actual color of the brain. This process doesn’t help with tests or memorization, but it helps with visualizing and learning the material. I am extremely artistic. In high school I was always in at least one art class and many times even two. Ive won several photography and art awards for projects and pieces I’ve done.

I think this website was extremely accurate for me. They pretty much had be spot on. I love how I could learn more about each style as well. In their explanations they weren’t using big words, but words that would help a student be able to understand themselves even more. I also loved that they told me several tips for learning better with that style. Thank you for having us take that quiz! I don’t feel so weird anymore, because there is an actual style for the way I am!

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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