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Analysis of Grayson A. Bodenheimer’s Writing on Sociology

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The article on sociology is written by Grayson A. Bodenheimer to focus on the illnesses that are not considered to be serious in the contemporary society. Failure to recognize such illnesses has led to the formation of social movements that provide support to the groups of people who are suffering from such diseases. The article describes what people perceive social movements to be and their effects to the disenfranchised groups. For instance, the article gives an example of the mental health movement in America, a movement that has made progress in the last 50 years. However, it is noted that the movement for mental illness has been receiving minimal support as it strive to support those who are diagnosed with mental sickness (Bodenheimer).

The article notes that modern mental health movements concentrate on a wide range of mental diseases, disorders, and afflictions in the United States and in Europe. The goals of the mental health movements is also stated to be changing the public perception on mental health, bringing to an end the imprisonment of mentally ill people in hospitals and other facilities instead of carrying out rehabilitation programs to the groups of people.

The mental health movements in America have been vocal in ensuring that the state improves legislation that would benefit those who are suffering from the forgotten disease. The article generally focuses on the birth and history of mental health movement in America, its current ideologies and strategies that it has put in place to ensure a better future for the mentally ill people in America. An approximation of those suffering from mental illness is also noted in the article to be 18.5% adult Americans (Bodenheimer).

The article is of importance to the entire world and not just the United States of America because it creates awareness on mental illness and the required measures that states ought to carry out to improve the lives of those who are suffering. For instance, the article notes the need to improve legislation in America; hence, giving the significance of improved legislation for the mentally ill people.

Moreover, the article gives insight on the need to treat mentally ill people equally without fear since such people can always be rehabilitated to adjust to the modern society. It is encouraged in the article that people need to avoid making perceptions that tend to make the lives of mentally ill people difficult. It is clearly noted that such illnesses come in a number of ways and that the illnesses are part of the normal health care problems that deserve equal attention and measures to control (Bodenheimer).

Various themes and issues surrounding mental illness in America are highlighted and explained in the article, citing examples of scenarios in modern America. For instance, the theme of institutionalization of mental health in history is brought out as he article describes the emergence of mental hygiene movement to have evolved into mental health movement in America. The movement has since been institutionalized to fight for the rights of the mentally ill. Creating awareness on the same, the movement is held responsible for the operations of the government and other agencies that are still struggling with mental sickness in the modern world. In the process of institutionalizing the mental health movement, advocates for mental illness made a discovery that the institutionalization of the issue was pushing the mentally sick on the periphery of the society (Bodenheimer).

Movies have been used to give examples of ways in which the mentally ill can be treated to be better members of the society. However, movies often include labels of the mentally sick in ways that suggest they cannot fit into society. Community health centers have been created to provide psychiatric assistance, consultation, and prevention; and the centers were a major accomplishments of the movement in the 20th century.

The theme of beliefs, goals, and proponents of the mental health movement is also since clear he mental health movement believes that those who are suffering from mental illness are individuals who deserve to be treated equally in all situations. The movement advocates for societal changes that largely depend on the political structure. Psychiatric patients and the rare individuals in America are often perceived to be a burden to the society, a perception that the mental health movement do not support. In the fight for equality in the society, the goal of the mental health movement has been set to be combating involuntary commitment of individuals to mental asylums (Bodenheimer).

The potential paths of the mental health movement turn out to be another theme in the articles. Having gone through a lot of procedures of institutionalization, the mental health movement has had great success in working with the governments, showing potential paths for the movement. For instance, the British government has shown its support for the movement by promising to minimize the number of people suffering from the illness. The American government has also proposed a solution to help those who are already suffering with their recovery process. The government is also striving to assist in eradicating stigma on the illness that has been ignored for a very long time in history (Bodenheimer).

An article written about the uncertainty that President Trump supporters have, analyzes whether the supporters are embarrassed to declare their support for the President or not. The article is written by Ariel Edwards-Levy and Grace Sparks in a popular newspaper; The Huffington Post. Just a few months after the election in America, a new study tries the differences between online and phone surveys- and finds little evidence of an effect. With the first 100 days in office, President Trump’s support is still being debated on various platforms based on the behavior of his supporters across the country. Public opinion rated President Trump to be having the lowest approval ratings of any president elect in the modern history of America during his first 100 days in office (Edwards Levy and Sparks).

The newspaper article quotes that it is reasonable to find out if public opinion polls are understating the support that President Trump receives. It is reasonable to ask the same because the election polling in 2016 was also characterized by criticism that revolved around President Trump. Various theories have been postulated by survey watchers on why the polls could be understating Donald Trump as the president of America. It comes out that some people may be reluctant to declare their support for President Trump because he has remained a polarizing figure in America. Even those who are impressed by the president’s performance in office and his policies are suspected to be embarrassed of uttering their support for the president in public polls (Edwards Levy and Sparks).

While survey watchers have put blame on failure of some Trump supporters to declare their support for the president in public, online and phone surveys also indicate the same results. Asking the same questions on online platforms and on phones gives room for privacy but the results have been equivalent to those of public polls. The article states that the outcome of the survey watchers was that; there were no significant differences in overall opinion about President Trump (Edwards Levy and Sparks).

The article is important in bringing clear information on the popularity of President Trump, during his first one hundred days in office. The article has concentrated on two surveys that show no much difference in the perceived support for the president of America just a few days after being elected. The article has focused on policy treatment of the undocumented immigrants as one of the reasons why the results of the two surveys were almost equivalent.

While no given study is definitive, the results of the polls, as listed in the article, suggest that live interviewer telephone polls obtain results that are substantively equivalent to those interviews on the support of President Trump that are administered on online platforms. The article is useful as it gives diagrams to illustrate the approval of the president based on his job performance, overall personality, and his trustworthiness.

The article also leaves readers in suspense of the parties of those who were interviewed in the polls. It is almost true that the Democrats would give very different answers to those of the Republicans. However, the results of the study may vary due to the nature of questions asked during the survey. The article, therefore, plays no role in concluding or identifying one particular political party to have played a role in the public and mobile polls.

In the themes of the article, there is political disparity whereby he article leaves suspense on the political alienation of those who participated in the polls that were carried out to find the approval of President Trump. It is not clear whether they were Democrats of Republicans. Again, the article highlights the criticism of the election polls, which involved Donald Trump. During the election period, Donald Trump did not come first in the polls, perhaps because of his personality or policies.

The article is characterized by ratings which vary based on the political values that have been stated. For instance, there is a variation in the belief in immigrants as a burden to the country and the stand of people on homosexuality. Different ratings are also given on whether the government is almost wasteful and inefficient and the engagement of the military in bringing peace in the country. The political values indicated in graphs give evidence for the existing political disparity in the country; hence, the different ratings and approvals indicated (Edwards Levy and Sparks).

The theme of legislation comes out when it is highlighted that President Trump signed a bill that is almost hated by everyone in the country. Signing a bill is an implication of a change in legislation in the country. The bill repeals rules that would have a ban on telecom and cable companies in sharing personal history without their approval. Even the Trump supporters thought the legislation was not appropriate as they think it is not appropriate for internet providers to share personal information without their consent. The legislation has left a heated debate across borders as to the need to protect browsing history and other personal information (Edwards Levy and Sparks).

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