Analysis of the Significance of Sympathy and Bravery for a Person in a Supervisory Role: Essay Example, 1069 words GradesFixer

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Analysis of the Significance of Sympathy and Bravery for a Person in a Supervisory Role

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It doesn’t matter which organization you work for, employees in different work situations may experience dislike behavior of their boss. The supervisor maintains effective working professional relationships with all employees and staff, along with maintaining a productive working environment for the staff. I think any supervisor who wants to achieve the goals of his or her organization should have courage and compassion. These two particular characteristics have a big influence on each individual. With support and encouragement from their bosses, employees seem to do better job. As McConnell states, “more than any other personal characteristics, these two, and especially the balance between them, can determine success in managing the activities of the other people” (2011, pg. 16-17).

The supervisor’s job is more than just an evaluation and observation of the employees’ work. Supervisors have many responsibilities and these vary within any given situation on a daily basis. Every day and every situation brings about a set of different issues and needs within the work environment. Employees need to feel that the supervisor is there to help and guide them to become better at what they do. They are more likely to do better when they know that their boss is there to help when needed. Supervisors need to have a good relationship with their employees in order to achieve the goals within the organization where they worked. Employees want a boss who cares about them as people, not just as workers. Everyone should be respected and treated fairly. Employees want to know that they can trust their supervisor and it is important to have that trust.

Not only will a good supervisor have good relationships with his or her employees, but will need to have courage and compassion as well. To have courage is to be able to tell someone when they are doing wrong. By all mean, let them know what they can do next to avoid the same mistake. Employees like when their boss tells them what the issue is along with a solution to the issue for next time rather than being blame for the problem. Things work better if the supervisor and the employee get together and come up with a way to handle the issue differently. It is very important how the supervisor approach the employees with an issue that happened. I think that all supervisors should approach their employees by asking them what they think they could have done better on that issue. In my view and considering where I worked at, the supervisor doesn’t know how to approach their employees on an issue. Rather than asking them what they could have done better to avoid the problem, they push the blame on the employee and making them feel bad about the situation.

I personally like the boss who cares enough to take the time to sit down and go over the issue that occur and come up with a solution together for it. When doing so, it is better to do it one on one rather than in front of others because that shows that the supervisor respects you and wants to keep things confidential between you two. Like I mentioned early, trust is important in a relationship. Knowing that you can go to your boss when needed because you trust your boss makes your commitment stronger. But some bosses just don’t have the courage to tell their employees what they are doing is wrong or to do something because they are afraid that they might hate them afterward. This would create more problems because if the boss don’t let them know what they’re doing wrong than they will just keep doing things the same way and will take longer to resolve it.

Often times, supervisors make the mistakes of not putting any efforts into what their employees are doing as well as keeping someone because they feel sorry for the person. Letting someone keep their job because you feel sorry for them will hurt the company or organization in the long run. In a working environment, you don’t need to be friends with everyone. Like at my sister’s job, one of her coworker’s spelling was bad and after three months she still doesn’t know how to document patients symptoms. She constantly asking her coworker to spell words while customers is in front of her. This is giving the organization a bad image. Yet her boss still kept her because she is nice and was referred by a nurse practitioner. This can actually hurt the organization later because the nurse can easily make a mistake because of what is it being interpreted in the computer. I think if after three months and she still doesn’t know how to word or spell the patient’s symptoms than it’s reasonable to replace her. Some patient will have concern about this issue because the front is the first impression of the organization and if they feel that whom they met was not professional, what would they think about the nurses and doctors?

Also, not having the gust to tell someone the truth about taking him or her off his or her position is breaking the trust between you and that person. They feel that they can never trust you again and will try to avoid any type of contact with you as their boss. Supervisor sometime think that if they don’t tell them the truth than they feel like no one’s feeling is being hurt but it can be worst because they could get the information from others in the office.

The most important thing is that everyone has a job to do. In order to get the job done right and still maintain a good relationship between both, the supervisor have to know when is necessary to require courage and compassion to get things done. As McConnell states, “whether practicing management at the work place or attempting to further develop their supervisory skills, effective supervisors are those who exhibit the courage necessary to do what must be done and the compassion to get it done with every human consideration” (2011, pg. 19). Meaning that in order to function effectively in a management role, the supervisor is require to perform compassion in identifying and treating each employees as an individual and at the same time performing courage to keep employees’ efforts towards fulfilling the organization goals.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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