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Analysis of the Streamlining of Society Using Technology Based on the Idea of Marshall Mcluhan

  • Category: Culture
  • Topic: 21St Century
  • Pages: 5
  • Words: 2168
  • Published: 03 January 2019
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Technology has become an adamant tool of ensuring that the current world is viewed as a global village. Marshall McLuhan is credited as the first person who popularized the concept of a global village but, he may not have fully understood the impact that it would have in the 21st century. However, at the same time, there are different global issues that have emerged throughout the years(Chen, Boase, & Wellman, 2012). Therefore, this research will analyze a female global villager from the rural areas in Kenya, a developing country who is about 46years. Essentially, this project will firstly, examine the concept of global village, the emerging global issues in the society, and lastly, illustrate how the gains have changed the global village.

Living in the global village

Firstly, the notion of the global village focuses on the world as a single community linked by technology. Notably, as a global village, a person has a more extensive perceptive about their outlook of life and not only, focus on the particular community but also, the worldview. Through the internet, a person in Kenya can efficiently communicate with another one in the USA and therefore, improving the connection between those two people(Chen, Boase, & Wellman, 2012). Consequently, my personal world view is founded on the fact that I have garnered vast knowledge on the different aspects of social, political, and economic issues of the society. The fact that I have internet access has been a stepping stone towards advancing my knowledge. However, the same is not the case for a woman in rural Kenya, in that, since she has limited internet access, she has limited global knowledge and instead only focuses on the happenings in her community. Inarguably, in most rural areas in developing countries, the people are poor and therefore, have limited education opportunities as compared to those in both the urban areas and developed countries. Hence, since they are not accorded equal opportunities as those in developing countries, and therefore, this causes the difference between my outlook and that of a rural woman.

Currently, in the 21st century, the internet use has adamantly increased as the internet users diversify across the globe as they adapt to the changing environment. However, the society of an individual plays a huge role in influencing whether a person can be viewed as a global villager. Due to the concept of the digital divide, there has been unequal access of internet in the world firmly based on geographic location, age, gender, education, and ethnicity. Subsequently, the inequality in internet access has affected efficiently the access of information of the specified individual(Chen, Boase, & Wellman, 2012). Therefore, according to this research, it will analyze a global villager from France who is 19 years old and one woman from Alabama who is 59 years and compare with a global villager from rural Kenya. Firstly, the 19year old in Paris is very different from a 46-year-old in rural, Kenya as they are in their prime teenagerhood age and use social media regularly and through the social media, they can garner sufficient information. On the other hand, the 59-year-old in Alabama may be conversant with information from different media as they rarely use social media as a source of information. However, they still have the upper hand as compared to a woman living in rural areas especially in developing country. Hence, there are no substantial similarities between the different global villagers depicted in this research due to the digital divide.

Analyzing global issues

One of the common global problems that have arisen in the current society is the interrelation between water, food, and energy. The nexus of these three essential resources to humanity cannot be underestimated. According to the Organizational for Economic Co-operationand development, it illustrates that it takes water to produce food especially within irrigation schemes across the globe and ultimately, improve the food supply for the population. On the other hand, various energy sources have been employed in powering water, especially for agricultural and domestic use. Equally, water is fundamental in the extraction of fuel and also, is used to run power plants that enable the energy plants to produce oil, gas, and coal. Primarily, the historical context of this global issue is the reduction in food and water supply that facilitated a different approach to be used in ensuring that sustainability is achieved(OrganizationforEconomicCooperationandDevelopment, 2014).

Notably, the global society is focused on ensuring that the energy sources used to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide that consequently, leads to the depletion of the ozone layer. Therefore, through the application of the nexus of water, food, and water, it is easy to find an alternative energy source that is achieved through finding alternatives energy sources example the use of conola and molasses from sugarcane as an alternative source of energy. For instance, in South Asian countries, there has been the adamant increase in the demand for food,and this has consequently, led to most of the governments subsidizing the energy sources through providing free water to the people(Rasul, 2016).

As for the global villager stated in this research, the nexus between the resources is quite fundamental as it helps in improving sustainability. In Alabama and Paris, the governments have adoptedefficiently this strategy as they gear towards their vision of 2030 and equally, increase food supply in the country to cater for its citizens(OrganizationforEconomicCooperationandDevelopment, 2014). However, that is not the case for the rural Kenyan global villager who may find it quite difficult to access clean water for consumption on a daily basis. According to a study undertaken by the United Nations Habitat, only about 61% of the sub-Saharan Africa has clean water for consumption. Similarly, since there is a limited supply of water in rural areas, it equally, depicts that such areas have no electricity and besides, in rural Kenya, firewood is the primary source of energy. Therefore, it is evident that the global villager as presented in this research fails to enjoy the advantageous aspects of applying the nexus in the society(Kitio, 2013).

The threat of terrorism and immigration policies are currently among the crucial global issues that have the ultimate effect of impacting humanity by the year 2030. Firstly, terrorism can be defined as the unlawful use of intimidation and violence against civilian with the causing harm and death. There has been an increase in the terrorist attacks across the globe with innocent civilians being radicalized on a daily basis. For example, the Manchester attack in 2017 was as a result of the failure to ensure that conclusive measures are put in place to reduce radicalization of the youths into the militia groups. Currently, the increase in terrorist attacks has had a personal impact on me as it increases fear and anxiety especially when in public places. Consequently, if the trend continues, it will still have the same effect in 2030(Waxman , 2011).

On the other hand, countries such as the USA have placed stringent measures to limit the number of immigrants into the country. According to President Donald Trump, he has seen it worthwhile to ban immigrants from 7 Islamic nations. The primary impact of this strategy to me is that due to the discriminatory nature of the law, it will increase chances of deportation and separation of families. Similarly, in 2030, with the same laws in place, there is a likely probability of depletion of the notion of globalization, and it would have the impact of affecting my interaction with people from other countries(Alvarez, 2017).

According to studies undertaken by the United Nations, it illustrated that there is no evidence that immigration has increased terror attacks. However, with the stringent measures put in place to deny refugees their fundamental right to find safety has the impact of affecting the security of the country. Inarguably, the steps taken by the Western countries to have restrictive measures to limit the entry of refugees into their country has fundamentally been the foundation of extremist groups depicting the Western countries as evil and oppressive. Therefore, this is an illustration that the restrictive migration policies are the foundation of the propaganda used by terrorist groups to justify the attacks and also, radicalize the youths into the militia groups(Dearden, 2016).

Exploring global citizenship

Taking actions initiative

Global citizenshipcan be defined as the rightness and duties of an individual as a citizen of a particular nation. Certain important factors are essential in ensuring that one is a good global citizen. Notably, the main aim of the analysis is to provide a global citizen not only advocates for a better society but also, takes up measures to ensure that they can find solutions to those issues.Understanding the Goal 8 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal are essential in ensuring that the youths become active global citizens(Wibby, 2016).

Essentially, in this research will explore my role as a global citizen and the impact I may have had in solving the emerging issues.Throughout the course, we were taught the emerging issues in the society, and others required quick solution. Therefore, I undertook the initiative of gathering knowledge especially on the issue of terrorism and immigration and the impact that it has had on humanity. One of the essential characteristics of a global citizen is that they are outraged by any social injustice and is eager to ensure that all human beings are treated with dignity. Therefore, as a student, I have Enlighted my classmates on the various initiatives that could lessen the profiling of a particular community or religion. This has become a global crisis that has ultimately, increased islamophobia. Hence, this research helps in creating a preferred future in the society where there is mutual understanding. The primary goal of the course is to ensure that students are accustomed to the global issues and also, enable students critically examine the complex issues and the problems affecting the society from a global outlook. Besides, to be globally competitive a good global citizen should equally be competent that would create an avenue for young people to invent their desired future(Fleet & Winthrop, 2010).

Globally competent citizenship

Adaptability and confidence are important aspects while studying the course on global issues in the society. Acquiring these characters helped me achieve the primary objective of the course which was not only to learn about the overall global society but also, motivated me toassist in finding solutions to the challenges. Therefore, the first objective is to enlighten the society and also, ensure that the society is just in its undertakings which is one of the vital qualities of a global citizen.

Equally, the objectives that were weak included; solving the global problems as it is entirely difficult to find a conclusive solution. This objective is weak as from a class setup most students are generally interested in the theoretical aspect rather than the practical aspect of being a global citizen. Secondly, the course was deemed to ensure that the students were able to change their opinion on certain issues such as Islamophobia. However, this was a weak objective as not all students are willing to change their views on a particular topic.

The three most important things learnt in this course about specific global issues includes; climatic change, immigration and availability of basic need such as food and water. As for climatic change the course has highlighted the importance of different countries across the globe enforcing strategic measures to ensure that the 2030 G8 goals on sustainable development are achieved. Also, throughout the course, we have been able to understand that certain human actions that increase carbon emission leads to the depletion of the ozone layer. Hence, the need to ensure that measures are put in place to reduce carbon emission. On the other hand, as for the issue of immigration, this course focused on the aspects of refugee rights and how the restrictive immigration policies have been fundamental in increasing the terrorist attacks. Lastly, through understanding the interrelation between water, food, and energy, it has been effective in increasing the food supply in specified countries and providing adequate water.

The two main skills learnt in this course are; resilience and critical thinking skills that are important as I try to understand the different global issues affecting the society. Consequently, due to the vast knowledge acquired from learning about the different global issues, it has positively changed my attitude towards the acquiring knowledge. Notably, due to undertaking the course, I have been able to effectively listen to the views of other people on controversial issues before dismissing them. Also, my attitude has changed as I have become more confident in fighting for social injustice in the society.

Lastly, to ensure positive impact on international relations, I would discourage people from profiling others religion and culture but rather, punish the perpetrator of the crime as an individual. Secondly, I would encourage the government to implement reasonable immigration policies and strike a balance between enforcing the rights of the immigrants including refugees and protecting the sovereignty of the state.

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