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Areas Which Causes Sexual Performance Anxiety

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Sex is created by God to be carried out naturally by humans, particularly married couple, but do you ask yourself why is it that many married male are not be able to satisfy their wife or wives as the case may be? I put it to you that majority be us are suffering from sexual performance anxiety and most the time we find it difficult to even disclosed to people what we are passing through. Here’s how to overcome this silly nuisance.

Just as fear of public speaking can cause people to be nervous, sexual anxiety can be seen or simply put as thoughts and feelings that deprived one from authentically engaging in the act of sex. It can cause nervousness and second-guessing. For as many of you reading this articles of sexual anxiety can, over time, be reduce and later eradicated. This is actually true if you train yourself to be free from anxiety as a whole in your life. Depression is also one of the factor that give birth to anxiety, increased in sexual intimacy is a very real possibility for most couples who are desired to stir up their sexual life .Please note, if you only experience performance anxiety in the bedroom, then the solutions listed below will most likely work for you to some extent. Because sexual performance anxiety is likely caused by some feeling of inadequacy, or being doubtful about “measuring up” i always advise couple to have intimacy beyond bedroom, be each other best friend and also help each other to make the bedroom worth staying together .( in some few cases, there may be physical, neurological, or hormonal contributors to sexual performance anxiety. If that’s your challenge , then things become a bit more complicated. You may not just have sexual anxiety, but a few other things, too…such as old age or menopause.

However, this piece will just concentrate on the straight-forward causes of sexual anxiety.) Below, are some of the potential causes for sexual performance anxiety. It’s likely that you’ll recognize at least one of these causes as being a contributor to your own sexual performance anxiety. Then, we’ll provide number of key solutions for overcoming performance anxiety.

Lets consider this 3 Areas which Causes Sexual Performance Anxiety:

  • fear;
  • self esteem;
  • self image.

Let’s discuss this three factors listed above briefly: Firstly, fear is caused by problem surrounding one, unpleasant emotion which can also affect one mentally, meaning for you to outright this you don’t have to be fearful secondly, self esteem is another major issue that one need to work on, you need this self confidence to be able to overcome performance anxiety, and thirdly, self- image, once you condemned your self in the place of sex ,my dear just be ready to score yourself zero if at all you will last for 1min. We’ll look at some self-image examples below. Lack of sexual experience, not knowing what your partner enjoys, or not feeling that you’re as experienced as your partner is, are reasons why you may have sexual performance anxiety.

If you feel that you don’t experience, or you don’t know what your partner likes most , then that can lead to fear or worry, because of course, you don’t want to disappoint your partner in the other room. lolzzIt’s not only lack of experience that may result to sexual anxiety: having had bad experiences in the past can make you fear sex, especially if you had some ugly experiences, this includes both our female sex. Rape is an example. Some publisher or writer virtually ignore (or are unaware of) how rape can affect your future sexual encounters, but I’ll tell you: based on how it affected you (for instance causing you to have flashbacks), it can prevent you from fully expressing yourself toward a better sex life.Note that the big difference between rape and consent is exactly that: consent. In anything you do in life, don’t let what you can’t or couldn’t control affect what you can control now. You and your partner deserve better sex life.

Another fear-based contributor to sexual anxiety are deep-rooted assumptions of what proper sex is. Religious institutions, popular media, and society in general may have imposed some erroneous beliefs about sex that may not fully serve you right you to eradicate fear .These can be feelings of guilt or anything else that inhibits your full expression of yourself in the bedroom. Self-Image challenge That Causes Sexual Performance Anxiety “My dick’s small/My breasts are small.” “My arms are flabby.” “A am fat” These examples of self-talk or imagination all have to do with one’s body, or a body part. You may think that your weight and body composition, or your breast size, or potential body odor, or any other physical features make you less than ideal.

How Self-Esteem can have a Negative Impact in the Bedroom

Basically, your self-esteem is a measurement of how you view yourself, and how good you feel about yourself. Though some people use how others view them as a measure of their own self-esteem, that’s not the best way to go about it. (After all, it’s self-esteem, not other-esteem.)Anyway, maybe you’re worried about what others will think of you (if they don’t approve of the person you’re with).Maybe you’re having relationship issues that are manifesting themselves in the bedroom.

Other Possible Causes of Sexual Anxiety

Can outside stress be creeping into your bedroom? By “outside stress,” I mean stress that’s work-related, family-related, event-related, or otherwise originates outside the bedroom. Speaking about outside influences, if you generally suffer from depression or anxiety (that is, outside the bedroom), then you may be bringing that depression into the bedroom, too. Can it be that you’re fatigued? Maybe you’re chronically fatigued, and the thought of sex causes you to feel anxious (because you’re tired and don’t “feel like it”). Can it be that you’re not using protection, and that can be causing nervousness? Though these are outside the scope of this post, I’ll mention them anyway: erectile dysfunction, female sexual disorder, and hormonal issues may prevent one from wanting to perform well in the sack.

How to Overcome Sexual Anxiety

The first step to overcoming most problems is to just see them for what they are, and face them. Accept them, and if you can change them, then work toward that. As for fear-based causes of sexual anxiety, you have to know what those fears are, and address them, head on. If something bad happened in your past, you need to see it for what it was, and ask yourself if it’s reasonable that it prevent you from performing today. For example, just because you trip and fall doesn’t mean that you won’t try running anymore. Same for sex. Had a bad experience? Okay. Learn from it and move on. As for self-image-based causes of anxiety, if there’s an aspect of your body that you can change, then do so. Keep in mind that a partner who truly loves you will love you for who you are. (But…that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t better some aspect of yourself. If you are unhealthily overweight, then it’s to your benefit to change that.)Addressing self-esteem-based causes of anxiety is fairly simple: If this is a person you like, forget what others will think. I know it’s easier said than done, but just let your guilt and inhibitions go. You don’t always have to have mind-blowing sex! Too many couples think of the best sex that they’ve had so far, and try to exceed that. If they don’t exceed that, then it’s somehow been a failure, and they’re anxious next time. You don’t always have to compare each and every session. Just enjoy it for what it is.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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