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Arguments Proving The Existence of God

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Whenever we see a thing, our mind immediately thinks of its creator. If we see a house, we think of an architect, if we see a clock/watch, we think of a horologist, because a house cannot be made up on its own without an architect or a watch without a horologist. This is because we cannot even imagine the existence of a thing without its maker or a creator. Most of the things in this world that were created are called ‘inventions’. Whenever we hear the word invention, the next thing we think about is the inventor because the word invention is primarily based on an inventor.

Similarly when we focus on the world around us, the whole universe, the thought of its creator has to come to mind. The thought of the creator of the universe is of the prime importance that a world as magnificent as this cannot be created on its own, there must be someone beyond us all that watches over his creation, watches over the perfection he made this world into.

  1. Creator of the universe: There is no doubt that Allah (SWT) is the creator of this universe. A world that is as uniform, as magnificent as this one, must have a creator that is as magnificent as his creation. We simply cannot state the fact that something like this can be created on its own without a creator.It is stated in the Quran, in Surah Ibrahim which means, Can there be question about Allah, Creator of the sky and the earth?
  2. Discipline: When we deeply focus on the world around us, we find uniformity in the system of the universe. Everything is performing its tasks in harmony with each other without any interruption in one another’s path. For example, every day, the sun rises from the east and sets in the west, similarly the moon always rises during the night time, its can never switch places with the sun nor the sun with the moon. It has been said by Allah, in Surah Mulk, which means,”And who made seven sky in layers. You don’t find in the production of the Most Merciful any irregularity. So return your vision to the sky, do you see any breaks?”
  3. Solar System: If we focus on the world around us, we find beauty in the uniformity of the system of the universe. When we think about the creativity of the creator, the thought that comes to mind is that the creator of such a complex, yet full of curiosity world can only be created by a single creator. This implies that there can only be one God. If there were more than one God, then each of those Gods would try to put their marks in the creation of this universe, and each God would have a separate unique idea of his own which he would want to implement. For Example, if one God wants the sun to rise from the west and the other God wants it to rise form the East, then there will be a fight for dominance, and since they’re both powerful, such fights for dominance have chaotic results, even in this world. So the question of having more than one God is impossible. Otherwise the world could never be as uniform and as perfect in its glory. It has been stated in the Quran, in Surah Yaseen:40 which means,”It isn’t for the sun to surpass the moon, nor doth the night overwhelm the day. They drift each in a circle.”
  4. Contemplation on the System of the Universe: The signs of the existence of God are present in everything in this universe, this is because everything in this universe is created by him and a creation of any sort reflects the qualities of its creator. Everything present in this universe, from the stars in our galaxy to the solar system to the oceans in our earth, is perfect in its creation. We know that everything in the galaxy is moving with a purpose, following its path and never crossing the path of another. In these things that’s show the signs of perfection, we can find the signs of God. Allah invites the humans to contemplate on the system of this universe. Allah is giving them the whole universe as a proof of His existence.

He has said in the Quran, in Surah Al-Imran :190, which means,”Indeed, in the production of the sky and the earth and the rotation of the night and the day are signs for those of comprehension.”

  1. Handiwork of God: The things in this universe are perfected to the point of excellence. We say that nothing can be perfect, but we forget to look around us and contemplate on the flawless system of the universe. It is created with the magnificence that only someone like God can do. This is the greatest proof of the existence of God. Such perfection cannot be created by itself. As Muslims, our belief in God means belief in Allah. But Allah‘s hidayah are not only for the Muslims but also for Non-believers. He invites them to focus on their surroundings, and all of their questions will be answered.It is has been said in the Quran, in Surah Al-Naml: 88, which means, “And, you see the mountains, supposing them inflexible, while they will go as the death of mists. It is crafted by Allah, who consummated all things. For sure, He is Acquainted with that which you do.”
  2. Birth of Man: Every man in this world was not just born but was born with a purpose. That purpose was given to him by his creator. No being in this world can be born on its own, every life is given by God himself and if he wills, he can take it away too. Every human is born into this world with the sole purpose of worshipping his creator like the angels in heaven. Even when we talk about the anatomy of man, we see perfection. Every bone fits with the other like jigsaw puzzles, every muscle is perfectly intact, the complexity of eyes and the importance of the brain, how our whole body depends upon all of its organs out of which some can be replaced while some we can’t live without. Such perfection cannot be created on its own. It has to have a creator, a God. So how can we deny his existence? According to Quran, in Surah Al-Imran: 06, which means,”It is He who forms you in the wombs anyway He wills. There is no god aside from Him, the Exalted in Might, the Wise.”
  3. Nature of Man: Man was born and was given a free will. Unlike angels who worship Allah at every cost, Man was given a mind of his own so he could determine the right and the wrong path. He was given the sense so he could search for his creator, so he could love and worship his creator. Even in ancient times when there was not much science or any sort of logic but ignorance, people still believed in God. They knew that such a magnificent world cannot be created on its own, rather it must have a creator. Non-believers think that the life they are living right now will be the only life they will live. All the deeds they do will only be counted while they are alive as they do not believe in the concept of afterlife. But with Man committing all those deeds that are considered bad, and the other committing all those deeds that are considered good, be put on the same scale? How can there be not any justice for the people who suffered and punishment for the people who made others suffer? Kind of beliefs strengthen the existence of God.

Quran says, in Surah Adh-Dhariyat: 20,21, which means, “And what’s more, on the earth are signs for the specific [in faith] And in yourselves. At that point will you not see?” In another surah it has been stated,”So set thy reason (O Muhammad) for religion as a man essentially upright – the nature (confined) of Allah, in which He hath made man. There is no changing (the laws of) Allah’s creation. That is the correct religion, yet most men know not.”

Strongest Argument: The strongest argument in my opinion is that God exists in reality as well as our understanding. God exists in reality because there are signs of his existence in every single one of His creations. The complexity and the uniformity of his creation expel all other doubts. They make it very clear to us that there is a greater power beyond us that has created us all. As far as our understanding is concerned, we understand the existence of God with the miracles in our lives that we encounter more than once in our lives or we can say, frequently. God loves his creation immensely. We understand his existence whenever he blesses us, or whenever we’re in a time of need, he is there, watching over us, always ready to help us, always ready to give a sign. All that we need to do is ask him.

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