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Background of Tohoda Autonomous Cars Company

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Tohoda Autonomous Cars Company was founded in 2010 by Mr. Jay Hoi Kah Hao in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are one of the world’s largest cars companies and has been registered in Malaysia and United States. We employs approximately 180, 0000 workers and manufactures cars in 66 facilities in 30 countries around the world. Mr. Jay have two technology companies which employs senior scientific and technical personnel from China and the United States to serve companies. Our company are developing autonomous technology for manufacturing autonomous cars. We also won the ‘Most Promising Technology of the Year’ award for every year.


To make Tohoda Eco-Strike autonomous Cars as the choice to drive safely and reach to make zero environmental impacts in Malaysia


Our mission is to maintain the road safety and increase year profits by creating the eco-safe autonomous cars which is called Tohoda Eco-Strike Autonomous Cars. We believe autonomous cars can increase the safety consciousness of the drivers. Tohoda Eco-Strike will be install with most advanced systems and engines. Thus, we believe Tohoda Eco-Strike will increase year profits as it is a new autonomous car which will attract consumers to purchase it.

Short and Long-term objectives of Tohoda Autonomous Cars Company

Short-term objectives

a) Access domestic and foreign market

Our company will access domestic and foreign market within four months by selling autonomous cars. We will develop new market opportunities to enter local and foreign markets by holding an autonomous cars’ exhibition in domestic and foreign countries to share information about autonomous cars for consumers from attracting them to purchase products with us. This will help our company to compete with competitors to avoid our autonomous cars will be replace by competitors’ similar products in the markets.

Long-term objectives

a) Increase profits

Our company long-term objective is to increase profits. Thus, we will decide to export our autonomous cars to foreign markets due to exporting can helps to largely increase company profits. This is because foreign marketers or buyers will make larger orders than the domestic buyers. The unique of Tohoda Eco-Strike may lead to attract foreign buyers often order Tohoda Eco-Strike from us and rapidly increase our profits.

b) Brand Recognition

Consumers would like to make a purchase by spending their money somewhere they are familiar. Thus, we will plan to share information about Tohoda Eco-Strike on social media by advertising, for example Facebook, Instagram, and build a logo for Tohoda Eco-Strike which will help us to get a recognizable brand for years to come. We will hire those influencers, for example YouTuber to work with us to promote our product’s brand name in their channels.

Market Research and Analysis of Tohoda Autonomous Cars Company

Market research is a study of what customers’ needs and wants and how best to meet those needs and wants. Our company will use two types of market research, which is primary and secondary research to provide primary and secondary data.

Primary data

Primary data refers to new data that collected from newly performed research.

Research method

We used the survey method to collect data. Survey is a process of collecting data using questionnaires, telephone calls and face-to-face interviews.


Consumers can understand why they need to use autonomous cars, it is because of accidents have been caused by human’s negligence. For example, over speed, driving when intoxicated (drunk drive), and not pay attention while driving. Thus, consumers believe that using the autonomous cars can prevent the accidents to be happen day by day on the road as autonomous cars can response faster than human minds.

Customers will buy our company’s autonomous cars because of designation for the autonomous cars, it is a car which is analytical and it navigates by using cameras, radar and other newest sensors. Autonomous cars are not like human, it does not have emotions involved when driving on the road. The computers system in the autonomous cars will give response more quickly and accurately than human minds.

Secondary data

Secondary data refers to data that already available from previous research. We used the secondary data to analyze the data that has been already published. From this data, our company will decide what data will be used to develop strategies.

Research method

We will analyze the primary data which is collected from internal and external sources to form secondary data. We will obtain secondary data from the previous information, for example sales report and marketing report.


Consumers would like to have a car which can prevent the accidents, especially in the city. We have been decided to sell autonomous cars in the cities’ markets. This is due to traffic jam in city is caused by car accidents. Autonomous cars can reduce the accidents in the city. In addition, the population of the city tends to come more than the town and village. The more the demand of autonomous cars, the more the profits our company can be earned.

If there are similar products in the markets, consumers will have the options to choose which company’s products they should worth to purchase. We have decided to export our autonomous cars to foreign markets to prevent competition in local markets. Furthermore, we will give a different brand or name for our autonomous cars which will be export to foreign countries due to consumers easily attracted by the new products with new brands or names on it. Moreover, our company will make promotion on every markets and selling our autonomous cars with higher price in the markets which has less competitors, for example foreign markets.

Production Process of Tohoda Eco-Strike Autonomous Cars

There are six steps to produce autonomous cars.

First, we will do the market research to understand the wants and needs of the consumers by using second and primary data. The data will be collected and analyzed into a report. From the report, we will know which types of cars are consumers’ favorite.

The second step is we will design the car according to the research that we have done. When designing the car, the raw material, technologic and numbers of labour will be listed down and analyzed which will be use for production. We will import the material and technologic from foreign country. The budget of the production will be listed down.

The third step is the production process of the product. All the materials and technology will be transferred to the factory for manufacture process. The workers will start to assemble the raw materials into finished products.

The fourth step is we will do quality control test on autonomous cars. Before we launch the products, we will do a test on our Tohoda Eco-Strike Autonomous Cars. We will check and inspect the finished product thoroughgoing to make sure it is safe and well perform. We will only sell the autonomous cars which earned high scores for evaluation of performance.

The fifth step is we will market our product. We will conduct a new autonomous cars briefing or autonomous cars press conference to all the social media and consumers by explaining about the information of our autonomous cars.

The last step is selling and shipping the product. The autonomous cars will transport to our branch offices, retailers or wholesalers. All the autonomous cars will be sell and we will earn more profits as autonomous cars can meet the demand of consumers.

Marketing Mix of Tohoda Autonomous Cars Company


Product refers to goods, services or ideas that is marketed to fill consumers’ needs and wants. Consumers need autonomous cars to prevent the road accidents to be happen. We will manufacture autonomous cars which is called Tohoda Eco-Strike Autonomous Cars which our product can differs enough from existing products in the market. It will be install with the most advanced engines and systems. For example, Tohoda Eco-Strike is an analytical autonomous car and it navigates by using cameras, radar and other newest sensors.


Price refers to process of determining the best price at which to sell a product. We will sell Tohoda Eco-Strike with the reasonable price to consumers by making price deduction for the first 80 ‘early birds’ consumers who make their payments earlier, increase the price of Tohoda Eco-Strike in cities and selling for those consumers who have better economic to buy Tohoda Eco-Strike. Furthermore, we will deduct the selling price of Eco-Strike for those consumers who live in poor economy places and lack of financial ability to buy Tohoda Eco-Strike.


Place refers to part of marketing mix concerned with getting products from producer to consumers. We will sell Tohoda Eco-Strike in cities and online business due to the highest demand came from consumers in cities. We will held Tohoda Eco-Strike exhibition in shopping centre which has more consumers will purchase Tohoda Eco-Strike and we will use online business websites to sell Eco-Strike due to consumers prefer to use online shopping apps for purchasing products.


Promotion refers to aspect of marketing mix concerned with the most effective techniques for communicating information about products. We will promote Eco-Strike by advertising on social media, for example television, radio, and YouTube. Consumers will collect data from the advertisement and contact us to get more information or make order to purchase Tohoda Eco-Strike due to advertising send messages about Tohoda Eco-Strike quickly to consumers. Moreover, we will make sales promotion by giving premiums, coupons and package inserts to tempt consumers to buy Tohoda Eco-Strike. We will give vouchers of 50% discount on the price of Tohoda Eco-Strike for the first 100 buyers who purchased it.

Overview of Organization

Organization chart

Job Description


    A position of the most senior corporate officer, executive, linker or administrator in charge of managing the organization. Every document or process procedure must go through by chief executive before pass to the lower manager to accomplish the documents or procedures.

    General Manager

    General Manager is a person who have experience in charge of every department within a company by managing the company’s overall operation, employees, profit or lost.

    Research Manager

    Research Manager is responsible to do research by using primary and secondary data with research methods. Research manager will develop new strategies after analysed the data to understand about the demand of the consumers with the existence of competitors in the market.

    Production Manager

    Production manager is involved in the process of planning, coordination and control of the manufacturing process to make sure the process runs smoothly and produce the products in the best condition.

    Marketing Manager

    A marketing manager is focusing on how to market the products in the market by using marketing mix which is 4P’s- price, place, promotion and product to deliver the desired satisfactions better than competitors. A marketing manager will observe changes in the market to sell products by finding the most suitable products for sale through the place and time.

    Finance Manager

    Finance managers are responsible for guiding the flow of finance in an organization. They are focussing to formulate the long-term financial plans, investment, goals, policies and preparing financial reports for their organization.

    Human Resources Manager

    Human Resources Manager are responsible for supervising the company’s labour and personnel work, presiding over all the work of every department, and implementing the job responsibility system and work standards of the departments.

    Plant Manager

    Plant Manager will observe the performance of the workers and manage the daily production operations of manufacturing factories to make sure the production process in plants are going well. The plant managers need to produce products according to the company’s internal instructions.

    Critical risks and Contingencies

    a) The competitors

    The competitors have their own ideas which is similar to our company for manufacturing the autonomous cars. Consumers will buy competitors’ autonomous cars when competitors’ autonomous cars have better performance compare to us. Thus, our company will export Tohoda Eco-Strike to foreign markets which have the less competitors. In addition, we will develop new ideas to manufacture new autonomous cars with better performance to replace the existing products in the markets.

    b) Selling price

    The consumers have options to choose to buy an autonomous car from other companies if the price of Tohoda Eco-Strike is too high due to the competitors make promotion to the consumers. Hence, this will affect our company’s sales performance which we need to lower price in terms of lose profits. We will make promotion for specific seasons, such as Chinese New Year, Raya Aildilfitri and others. We will make promotion to attract those consumer who are poor economy and increase the price of Eco-Strike for those consumers who have better financial ability to buy Tohoda Eco-Strike.

    c) Resignation of Experienced Employees

    The resignation of experienced employees will be the contingency of a company. If experienced workers resigned from our company, the training costs will be increase for training new workers and need more time to hire the experienced or new workers. This will affect the manufacturing process due to lack of workers. Thus, we will give benefits to those workers who have been contributed their time and energy to serve our company to make sure the workers are satisfied with the employees’ benefits and retain the workers to serve our company for last longer.

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