Can Caffeine Be Used to Enhance One’s Athletic Capabilities?: Essay Example, 818 words GradesFixer

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Can Caffeine Be Used to Enhance One’s Athletic Capabilities?

  • Category: Health
  • Subcategory: Addiction
  • Topic: Caffeine
  • Pages: 2
  • Words: 818
  • Published: 11 December 2018
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My argument is that caffeine enhances athletic performance. The reason some discus this topic is because athletes are using more and more supplements as time goes on. Caffeine is ranked in the top ten for athletic performance enhancement around. In an article that I chose to pursue was about when athletes took any sort of caffeine it enhanced their athletic performance. Tarnopolsky says “the side effects of caffeine are not extreme, yet could be dangerous in high dosages. If you take a great amount, then it’s up to your body you deal with it effectively.” will be on over drive and will be affected different then a low dosage. Andrade Souza and the other authors’ states caffeine helps athletes jump higher, get stronger, stay awake, consume more energy, and also possibly losing weight due to the increasing heart rate. A great example is looking at the soccer team Andrade experimented with, the ones with caffeine enhanced their athletic performance. Some athletes need the extra push for energy and the caffeine can assist them in that area. Whether it is coffee or pre work out shakes, the goal of the matter is to increase energy and heart rate to perform better. That’s why people believe caffeine enhances athletic performance.

Burke states that “you think caffeine affects your body to enhance your performance, but it doesn’t.” It’s all in your head. If you believe it enhances athletic performance, good for you. He believes if you tell yourself to do something, you will. Example, if I tell myself caffeine enhances my performance it will, due to my mental aspect. Also, a lot of people see the side effects are larger doses, and don’t agree or don’t see how it enhances your performance. Caffeine is considered doping. Why you ask? It effects your body, to perform a certain way, plain and simple. Other drugs like cocaine and such affect your body as well, just in a different way. It is something that is banned from most sports events though. Increasing heart rate, growth is stunted; vomiting and nervousness are all side effects of caffeine. Now, every “body” is different, low dosages with two different athletes can affect them differently. The question they ask, why you would affect your body so drastically to try to increase athletic performance, even if it doesn’t work. There are so many side effects; you shouldn’t want to risk your body. What if you have heart difficulties due to caffeine, and an extreme accident happens, just because you thought it increased athletic performance. They believe it is not worth it. Also, why is caffeine use is getting banned in most athletic events? Is it because it is harmful to athletes? Does it put them in danger?

Tarnopolsky and the others who oppose my stand would like to see different results with different athlete; low dosages, high dosages, what product or type of caffeine was used, and when did you use it. The reasoning of how caffeine increases athletic performance wouldn’t make me want to reexamine their reasoning because either some people believe what they believe or I didn’t show enough proof. They would us to further my research until we the defendants of this topic, could find something that completely questions my belief. The evidence they would have for their point of view would be the side effects. Why you ask? If the opposers believe it is a psychological matter, then why are you trying to affect your body so drastically in a short period of time, if it doesn’t work? They believe you can tell yourself to wake up, get energized or get motivated on your own time, not using caffeine. But society proves that opinion wrong. The question I would like to leave you with is, then why is caffeine getting banned from sports events, if it doesn’t affect your body?

What I would say to this is that caffeine proves to increase your heart rate and energy, does that enhance athletic performance? Yes, it most definitely does. With the side effects, it is hard to justify that this happens to five people or 100 people, it depends on the athletes’ body and how it takes caffeine. But, one effect on some one can’t justify the whole “experiment” of caffeine. Also, it depends if they are taking multiple types of caffeine and that’s why they experienced vomiting or an increased heart rate. The reason they are getting banned is because it is an unfair advantage. Those who use caffeine have an advantage over the ones who are not using caffeine. It also doesn’t put the athletes in danger, if they use the correct low dosage amount. If they go beyond that, then it could affect their body traumatically. Overall, caffeine enhances athletic performance but is can be perceived as psychological, which is why it makes it a controversial subject.

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