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Concequences Of Atlantic Slave Trade

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Discuss the long term impact of the Atlantic Slave Trade on social divisions in the Americas

The long term impact of the Atlantic Slave Trade begins under the slavery act of the North American colonies within the year 1619. Since that time an estimated figure of about 500,000 Africans were enslaved and removed to other western countries in Africa and then over to America by ships, which was then been called the Atlantic Slave Trade. When transporting the slaves they sometimes stop in the Caribbean before going to their destinations in the United States where other colonials lived. This form of the trade has shown direct and indirect effects on today’s African Americans.

The psychological aspect during such slave trade is that the traders sometimes take the slaves from all over the world from different tribes, nations and mix them up together, causing different nations to be together at once. These traders at times does not take into account the descent from which these slaves come from, but to either affixed a name to each slave whether or not they liked it, causing an disruption in the African ancestry family of persons who sometimes try to track their family ancestors and the country of origin which they are associated with and come from. This even disrupts the identification of African Americans disconnection to Africa. Within this the trade of the Atlantic Slave Trade, is that an era of hostility occurred, where slaves have been beaten, raped, murdered, splitting up from families and been humiliated which now cause for today’s world to be in so much disarray of pain and confusion of the African American decent which is most likely understandable to what they have to cope and endure, which makes some of them less likely wanting to research their history.

With all the physical aspect of what has happen in the trade, the economic situation has been drastically affected in the sense of the Atlantic Trade who frequently robbed the African Americans of their finances and showed their skill of unfair behavior. African Americans were brought to American, where they have to start over from scratch having no collateral to survive on, seeing that they have been robbed by the royalty every time they come by. After all the suffering in which slaves had endure, and after all that controversy that they faced and have to deal with, they was then freed from slavery in the year 1865 in America, where the African Americans were then freed to work for their own wages without been harassed for what they earned, but they were already behind their white counterparts who had been quite successful in earning their owned several acres of land and had family inheritances, which makes them far better off than the African Americans who had just been freed from slavery and about to begin their life’s by earning a fair income. Many colored folks likely known as black persons, turned to sharecropping, which turned into a system of economic dependency and poverty. As quoted by “Jim Crow laws and other forms of post-slave trade racism set African Americans back even further financially. This is one of the reasons why 24.5 percent of African Americans lived in poverty as of 2007, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services”.

With all the contentions of settlement for the African Americans, many Africans were forcibly taken away from their families, becoming a mobile labour force as well during the slave trade, causing when slaves arrive at their destinations they sometimes form different family units on the plantations that they were been placed, because of all the time that has been lost in their life and wanting to bond with their family and cannot because of the jurisdiction order in which they had to undergo, after all their effort in trying to settle and form a family bond they were then uprooted again causing their family to become disoriented from each other again.

Growing up in those days as a black child, it was more likely that the child will be able to stay with both parents. Although no hard data can prove that the family structure created by the Atlantic slave trade era affects today’s African American family structure, it’s possible a correlation exists because economic and psychological factors can affect the decision to marry. As was said in the early stages, that true slaves were persons who are without bindings and linkages common to even the lowest free persons and were thus completely dependent on the will of their masters to survive or to get around society by means of living.

By the mid seventeenth century the colonies were regarded as markets for manufactured goods and services of raw materials and were source of profits for country like Britain, by exploiting available land to produce essential commodities, where as investors in the colonies sought to make good returns. In order to earn or achieve a profitable stands in the market they needed to organize agricultural plantations in order to maximize their outputs. In doing this,it has shown that it has been the most efficient way of achieving gains from abundant land in the Americas. With all the cropping and harvesting on theses plantations, it requires a large amount of labor force to work on plantations in order for a good turn over in the reaping and distributing of crops, so as for them to make an adequate amount of money in order for their settlements to keep on growing with prosperity and continue to be fruitful.

There have been multiple attempts in getting the Native Americans to carry out the work, which never seems to be successful, while the Indians prove always to be the very poor workers, where they sometimes resisted such work regimes, which causes that they died out before the year 1650 through the contact with sporadically contagious diseases imported from across the ocean and passage to the new world, where large numbers of slaves died within a year of landing, because of the weakness that over took their bodies.

The trafficking of slaves has also operated namely as the famous ‘triangular trade’. Africans were then drawn from various tribes and were packed tightly into the holds of ships for the Atlantic crossing (“the middle passage”) and were shipped to West Africa alongside with textiles, beads, firearms and metal ware, where they were either bartered or sold in the Americas and staple commodities that were laden aboard the ship for the voyage home and the prospects sale in the ships’ port of origin. It has shown that the slave trade was very dull on the looks of how they exploit the trafficking of human beings, which causes serious contamination and the openness of them attracting diseases and also the possibility of transience wherever it was present. With each stage of the voyage, it shows intricate patterns of supply and demand, which eventually shifted over a period of time.

Slavery haven’t just been developed, it has always existed around the world. History also proved that if slavery had been abolished then certain amenities would be meaningless to society. The Atlantic Slave system did indeed emerge from previous systems but in the process slavery was extended in scale and transformed in form. It was the English colonial system which really developed and eventually dominated the Atlantic trade and the system of slave plantations. The profits of slavery were central to the primitive buildup which paved the way for English industrialization.

With all the struggling of the African Americans, they have proved that they have come a far way in making significant strides despite their painful history of slavery. Most of these persons have escalated into the upper middle class and rich families, being successful in their own business, even successfully graduating from colleges and universities. This shows how much potential and class African Americans are today. As African Americans they need to study their family history to know their ancestors background and where they are coming from and where they need to go in the future.

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