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Cyber Crimes, Its Types and Measures We Take to Keep Us Safe from The Happenings

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In today’s world cybercrime is a common word as it occurs so much, so Cyber security is that much necessary. In this paper I’ve tried to mention how cybercrime crime impacts us. Cyber crime can be any attempt to take valuable data, documents, bank details and using it to destroy organisations or people. Cyber security is required for dealing with this. My paper gives information about Cyber crimes, its types and measures we that we take to keep us safe from the happenings, which needs security measures we need to do, and thus in a world of cyber crime, cyber security is another flip of the coin.


Cyber security, also known as computer security is we protecting our systems from others trying to steal our information, or damaging our hardware, data or the softwares used.

It not only includes protection from the open web or the online network exchange or code injection but also keeping physical access to hardware under control.

Cyber Crime is on growth due to more and more use of Internet, wireless networks like Wi-Fi which is mostly in every thing we use today, like smartphones, laptops, computer systems, televisions and other devices.

The term cyber security can be defined as the security we get from the on-line services to make our information secured online. As the people using the internet are increasing, thus bad motives are also increasing, increasing security threats that make our systems unsecured.

Cyber is the combining form concerning to the Internet, Information technology and virtual reality.

Major Security Problems

Now to handle and analyse this huge data we need some analytic tools and these tools are known as “ Big Data Analytic Tools” .The analytic tools uses different algorithms to analyses and use data. The market research firm Gartner has categorized big data analytics tools into mainly four different types:

  • Virus: Mainly a program which is loaded on your system without your knowing and running against your wish. A normal solution to this would be to use a security suite to be protected from these worms.
  • Hacker: It is a anyone who gets into your computer taking control of your administrative controls. Hacker can be of various types- White hat hacker , Grey hat hacker and Black hat hacker. Solution to this would be providing effective security controls by using strong passwords and also using firewalls.
  • Malware: It comes from “MALicious soft WARE”, it can be any sort of software designed to damage other’s system without their knowing on to it could be using anti-malware softwares, activating antivirus, firewalls.
  • Trojan horses: They are virus through emails which duplicates themselves and steal information and also harming the system. We can avoid downloading troll an horses using Security programs like Avast, Internet Security.
  • Password Cracking: These are attacks by hackers who are able to find passwords of protected social networking sites and other electronic areas. Security to it could be using strong passwords which includes alphabets in upper as well as lower case and numerals, and never use same passwords for different sites.
  • Phishing: It is getting information like credit card details, username, passwords directly from user by email spoofing or instant message. It often takes the user to a fake website and gets user enter the sensitive information.
  • Spoofing: It is a false entity used as a valid entity through falsification of data using Sensitive information like IP address and getting access to information which was earlier unauthorised. It could be of several types- Email spoofing, IP address spoofing, MAC spoofing, boomer spoofing.
  • Eavesdropping: It is listening to a private chat between the hosts on a network, and using those information. Even system with no contact to outside world could be eavesdropped by monitoring faint electro-magnetic transmissions generated by hardware.


It all began with a research project, when Bob Thomas thought of a way of moving across networks and leaving traits whenever the went. The program CREEPER was made to travel from one Tenex terminal to another on the ARPANET and printing “I’m the Creeper: Catch me if you can.”

Then Ray Tomlinson, the one who invented e-mail, made a self-replicating computer worm called Reaper which was the first antivirus that was made that would chase and delete CREEPER.

At that time things like malware didn’t existed, like one time Russians deployed a cuber power weapon and a German computer hacker Marcus Hess hacked the gateway, hacking 400 military computers.

The Morris Worm

The Morris worm created by Robbert Morris, who wanted to calculate the size of internet. By writing a program that was supposed to go across networks, and inflater networks by a bug and copy itself, which was proved to be a mistake. It copied itself so aggressively that it slowed down the whole Internet.

After Morris worm, several deadly virus was created and in 1987, first dedicated antivirus company was released.

Popular Attacks

Elk Cloner Virus

That was suppose This virus spread by infected floppy disks of Apple II and was designed by a 9th grade student and was placed in a gaming disk. After playing the game for fifth time, ELK CLONER poem was read out. This program was able to modify RAM also. This was one of the first virus that made such an impact. I LOVE YOU virus

In 2000, Tricking users to open the file as to others it looked to come from a known source(from email). File was VBS script having a wave junk file and it deleted loads of personal data, multimedia and other files.

My Doom and Storm Virus

One of the fastest spreading worm, it included

Sent junk mails from infected system using its subject for message. In MIMD multiple processors and computers work together.

The one who created this virus is not known.

Popular Antivirus Softwares

  • Bit Defender.  It provides web filtering for blocking malicious sites, it keeps bank transactions safe. It is very good in its anti-phishing module.
  • Norton. It is very famous for its malware hunting. It offers plenty of tweaks, settings, handy URL blocker to keep you secure. Any suspect downloads are immediately recognised and taken care of.
  • Webroot. This antivirus just takes 2MB of hard disk, its RAM footprint is tiny. Its Features does not compromise even when its size is so small. It provides careful monitoring, anti-phishing, firewall, and various other features.
  • Eset. This software is more based on antivirus fundamentals. It has real time malware protection, Url filtering, etc.It protects the injecting of virus through USB ports or even when devices connected through wi-fi and bluetooth.
  • Kaspersky. It is the best at blocking malware attacks, and was designed in Russia, in Kaspersky labs. Basically made for Windows. It was released in 1997. It is one of the most popular antivirus softwares.

Greatest Threats

Cyber Syndicates

These are professional organised groups running several activities online like selling drugs, gambling. A group of people who have a similar belief work together.

They might create malware, viruses, worms, and trying to work against an organisation, or any other sector of people, or maybe maintaining online data about their information privately.

After Money

Many of the hackers are after money, trying to get security information like username or password to access credit cards, or accessing their banks. They might also spy in others private conversation to get more information about the person they want to use.

They are generally don’t work in a group, they might make fake websites to influence others to give out sensitive data.

Political Hacking

These kind of hackers try to give negative impact on life of their victims. They often try to give out negative information of their victims trying to trap them. It might be against a person or an organisation group.

Property Theft

These people try to spy on big companies or people, deleting their passwords and other security information, they give away the important details or data of them to their customers, they are called Advanced persistent threat.

Malware Makers

Today, even desiccated organised groups for making malware can be found. They sell them, and those malware ultimately destroy the victim’s systems. These malware might get into systems through emails or through surfing.


With the increasing developments in viruses and worms, antivirus needs to be developed, as well as the user needs to be aware about it. Cyber crimes today not only affect Individuals but it may also impact the economy. People working for every sector are now a days keeping their data online, which means everything is out, so what is those important information is used by someone. We should keep our system updated and keep changing the antivirus tools as per their developments.

We should never trust any servers asking our sensitive information, as they might be used against us. With greater development, a greater flexibility is also achieved, which means more methods are developed to get the victims, as everything is online nowadays, from shopping to office works to banking to even maintaining your income records.

infoRemember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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