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CY’s Restoration of Optimism

  • Category: Life
  • Subcategory: Emotion
  • Topic: Hope
  • Pages: 3
  • Words: 1340
  • Published: 26 April 2019
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Madam Zoo and Her Future Scientist

When the instructor approached where Cy was, he seemed somewhat puzzled at what he saw. The small boy had made it more than perfect. The project had been completed with such a unique skill that no could comprehend. Cy was an exceptional boy. He was the only son of Madam Zoo. He had just graduated from his junior class after having performed exceptionally well. He had just scored full marks in all the subjects. In fact, the other instructors had suggested that he should be promoted to study with the senior pupils.

His mother was so proud of him for she knew that Cy had a unique and peculiar brain. Since he was born, he had exhibited very many strange characteristics. It is believed that he had never had time to suck his mother’s breast. Anytime the mother gave out her breast to him, Cy could only stare at it as though it appeared to him like an artifact in a museum. He was also unique because unlike the other children, he never cried, and had never cried. Even during his birth, the time when mothers and doctors expect babies to cry-since this action has biological importance the survival of the baby.

The doctors at the Papilus hospital had made it. Though at first, they were so scared that their mission would be a failure. It was their first successful attempt to as they saw to it that the baby survived. The doctors had been involved in thorough scientific research on how to fuse the male gametes with those of the female. This was done in avoidance of deliberate coitus. Sex had been the only way through which procreation came into existence. In the bible, it was clear that the only way a woman could become pregnant was through sexual contact between a man and a woman. The lead doctor, Mr. Phalasis was the one who led the other doctors at the hospital to carry out this vital assignment.

Madam Zoo had offered herself in this process. She had been sterile for quite a long time. When time and chance offered itself to her, she never thought twice about it. The chance was welcomed with a lot of enthusiasm and hope. Madam Zoo had suffered enough of oppression and domestic violence in the hands of different men. She had not been able to conceive in her marriage. This burden of stigmatization had also been leveled on her by members of her society. She wanted to have a baby of her own so that she could be regarded as an essential member of her society.

The experimental research at the hospital had not proved futile in the hands of the doctors at the hospital. It was also a good sign of success for Madam Zoo. She had gone to the hospital on the eve of her problems when her husband had seriously subjected her violence for her incapability to give birth. She had gone for treatment when she encountered Dr. Phalasis. He took to question her over her predicament. This was the time the doctor learned about the cause of her problems, therefore, offered to give a solution. The solution would only be provided if Madam Zoo gave consent to it, something which she had accepted without a doubt.

The result was Cy, a unique boy. The mother and the doctors had been elated. They were beyond happiness for this. The boy had come out with unique features and characteristics. He grew up quite fast, not like the other children. He had learned the art of speaking at only three months. He was very successful at pronouncing some words at this age. He amazed the mother and other people when he constructed a complete and meaningful sentence at four months. He could ask many questions regarding nature and existence. Madam Zoo could sometimes pose a few questions to him, and to her utter surprise, Cy was quite prompt at giving correct and elaborate responses. He was also able to move with some swiftness at the same age. The writing was also not a problem to him. His artistic handwriting was beyond that of a toddler.

Mr. Nutty Best, one of the instructors at Holton special school, was also with Cy. He had not had any trouble teaching the boy who had joined the school at a very tender age of two years. He was always ahead of the teachers. In most of the subjects, he seemed to have the content that the teachers wanted to teach. Cy was gifted in science. He could always take time studying the universe just by staring. Reasoning and creativity had taken the better part of him.

This time, the instructor had given them the assignment to come up kites. This had appeared like a very simple assignment. A task that every pupil would accomplish within a short time. No one was also expected to fail. Cy had made his kite differently. He took the shortest time but came up with a kite that appeared like a bird. It had wings that could flap, similar to those of a bird. The kite could be operated by the wind and was able to fly by itself. It was not for the string that was connected to it, and it would be able to fly far and high into the sky.

Her mother had at some point read about stories of other children who had been born with unique features and characteristics. She had hope that hers was not exceptional in this case. She had read the story of “The Token Superhero.” She recalled the main character, Alonzo. “Alonzo Ramey was born to be a superhero. At the time of his birth, he tested positive for Kurtzberg-24 Syndrome, the genetic anomaly responsible for giving superpowers to people. All babies with k-24 were identified and monitored, with cautious eyes keeping track of powers that developed.” (Imarisha et al. 15) Reality had now dawned on her that this was her chance. She saw it as a blessing and a light that had come her way after so much trouble in her entire life. A struggle to get a baby!

Cy was excessively gifted at school. Teachers had to be careful on how to nurture him so that he could precisely develop his talent. The mother also had a hard time at home trying to prevent him from excessively working at anything in the house. She knew beyond any reasonable doubt that Cy was going to be a great person and would help his society with many science-related inventions. It was a high time for the country to get a scientist who would discover something that had never been there before. Cy had hinted to his mother that one day he would come up with a device that was able to record and retrieve the dreams that humans encountered during their sleep.

Doctors knew at the hospital had also not left anything to chance. They took time to study Cy’s brain. They wanted to know the special thing about it. In their research, they discovered that part of his brain has an elongation. They said this is what might have facilitated the uniqueness of his ability to do strange things, as far as science and creativity were concerned.

When the mother was invited to the school to look at the work the boy had done, she nodded with satisfaction that Cy was truly her son. She looked at the kite, and excitement rose in her heart, knowing that this was just but a beginning of her happiness. The big dream of her son was a few miles away. Cy was her hope and her happiness. She nodded her head once again, this time displaying a smile as she embraced her son. Mr. Nutty Best followed her with his eyes, and all was in amazement!

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