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Development of Doping in Sports: Overview and Analysis

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According to the author’s point of view, for athletes over the age of 16, The World Anti-Doping Agency should set some rules to lower the limits of performance- enhancing drugs. At first, the article starts the discussion of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games by 100 Russian athletes, and expressed the dissatisfaction with the policy of WADA. In the meantime, he expresses a completely different idea from WADA and gives his own method. After that, he supports his views through three aspects of arguments: well-being, autonomy, and justice.

Well-being: It is reasonable to ban the use of performance -enhancing drugs for reasons of health hazard, but many performance -enhancing drugs that have been banned are safe if the dose is controlled. Measuring red-blood-cell count is a good way to test whether PEDs are harmful to health or not. Red-blood-cell count higher than 50% will increase the incidence of heart disease, but if it is controlled at 40%-50%, it can improve performance and not harm health.

Autonomy: Athletes have power to choose what they want to do. Some top athletes choose to get up early and high altitude training, which will be harmful to their health, but this is their own choice. They want to succeed in this way, it is unreasonable to stop them from doing this. Similarly, it is unreasonable to prohibit them from using performance- enhancing drugs. Therefore, we need to limit the use of performance enhancing drugs to athletes over the age of 16.

Justice: There are some things that athletes cannot choose, and this may affect their performance, such as genetic problems, which are unfair, but if you use performance -enhancing drugs, you can reduce the genetic disadvantage. Athletes in some poor areas can’t afford PEDs, so PEDs need to be offered to them in some way.

Finally, the author puts forward the suggestion to reduce the restrictions on PEDs, explaining that the PEDs are good for athletes based on these three points: well-being, autonomy and justice. The World Anti-Doping Agency’s policies on PEDs are unreasonable. In the next few years, some less restrictive approaches toward PEDs need to be found in some elite sports.


At first, I chose this article because I was interested in the topic of this article. According to convention, people generally thought that athletes should prohibit PEDs, but the author endorsed the use of PEDs, I was curious about the author’s reason to see if he could persuade me. Then I think of management that I am going to study. As a student who is going to learn management, I may have to face such a choice in the future. For a policy, I should support it or oppose it, through this article, I can learn some ways of looking at some problems from different ways, it is very important for me to consider the policy and make a right choice. Most importantly, I want to learn the author’s thoughts and see how the author can persuade people to accept different views from convention, this is extremely helpful for my study and my future work.

In this article, the author gives his own points: If the amount of PEDs is controlled, the PEDs is very safe, the athlete has the right to choose use it or not, and the PEDs can reduce the injustice of genetic. He tries to persuade readers through some background knowledge and examples. This article is written for both WADA and athletes who want to use PEDs. For WADA, telling WADA about the benefits of PEDs, the author wants WADA to lower the restrictions on PEDs and hopes that WADA will adopt his own suggestions; for athletes who want to use PEDs, because the author wants these people to have some relevant knowledge to maintain their rights about using PEDs. The tone of this article is critical, a large number of paragraphs criticize the rules which are made by WADA. And the author present a balance argument using the critical thinking ,demonstrating points from many different aspects. The author is very organized to persuade readers through 3 points: well-being, autonomy, and justice. And for every point, the author gives a general idea and refutes it with examples or scientific knowledge and gives his own views and solutions. But about the justice, the author only look at one side, he only thinks about those who have bad genes can use PEDs to make it better, but for those who have good genes, it is not fair for them.

My views about this article

This is an article that does not have enough credibility. There are 3 aspects to illustrate this.

  1. Although this article was published in 2017, it is not far from now, but the author is only a student, and the major is English, with little relevance to this article.
  2. The author did not use the experimental results, theoretical knowledge, only through a lot of background knowledge and examples to explain their views, there is not enough scientific theoretical basis, and many of the words the author uses are not in the Sublists of Academic Word List. Thus, this article is not enough credibility.
  3. Although the author explained his ideas in 3 aspects: well-being, autonomy, and justice, these 3 aspects are not very reasonable.


The authors feel that PEDs are safe as long as they are well controlled, it doesn’t make sense, if the restrictions on PEDs are lowered, there is a great possibility that some athletes may over-exaggerate in order to improve their performance, and the author only considers the short-term effects, there is no evidence that long-term use can be harmful to people or not.


Indeed, athletes do have the right to choose to use PEDs or not, but once someone uses PEDs to improve their performance, people who don’t use these PEDs have a huge disadvantage in some competitions. If the athletes are going to success, they will be forced to use the PEDs. In this case, those who do not want to use the PED will have no autonomy.


There is a genetic gap between different people, as the authors said, PEDs can narrow the genetic gap and achieve fairness. However, if the athletes with bad genes use the PEDs, the gap between the athletes with the good genes is narrowed, which is unfair to the athletes with good genetics, this can’t achieve fairness.

Reference to additional research

In the article, “Performance-enhancing drugs: Know the risks” by Mayo Clinic Staff, the author tells us that using PEDs is becoming more common for athletes who want to improve their performance. However, the use of these drugs is risky. A common synthetic androgen steroid is introduced, which can increases muscle mass and strength, while many athletes take a dose of synthetic steroids that is much higher than the medically prescribed steroid hormones, which can cause many serious side effects. Although PEDs can improve physical performance, they have many side effects, and the long-term effects of performance enhancing drugs have not been studied strictly, and short-term benefits are affected by many risks.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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