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Discussion on The Theme of Adding New Elements in The Periodic Table

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The periodic table is the blueprint of everything, a chart that sorts every known element and catalogues ever fundamental unit of the universe according to it weight, creating the basis for chemistry, physics and other scientific field. Knowing if the periodic table is completed or still needs to completed is an important question because periodic table plays big part in many achievements. As per December 2015 the periodic table looks completed after the discovery of the

  1. Nihonium and symbol Nh, for the element 113;
  2. Moscovium and symbol Mc, for the element 115;
  3. Tennessine and symbol Ts, for the element 117; 
  4. Oganesson and symbol Og, for the element 118.

But believe or not. We can still add more elements, more periods and more rows. They are no certain number of elements or certain amount of limit to the periodic table.

We all human knows that matter can exist in the form of elements, compounds and mixtures. When elements were discovered, a proper classification was required for their easier and better understanding. Many scientists adopted different ways to classify them. They tried to find out patterns and regularity in the properties of elements. The first among them was Johann Wolfgang Doberenier, a German scientist, who found some groups of three elements, which showed similar properties. These groups were called Doberenier’s triads, but it failed. Up next was the English scientist Newland. By time of Newland’s periodic table, 56 elements were discovered. He arranged all these elements in increasing order of their atomic masses and found every 8th element had a similar property. He compared this to the octaves found in music and therefore this classification was known as Newland’s octaves, but Newland could only arrange elements only up to calcium out of 56 known elements at the time. So, Newland’s theory also failed. Dimitri Ivanovic Mendeleev a Russian scientist put forward a periodic table called that was called Mendeleev period table. Mendeleev examined the relationship between the atomic masses of the elements, their physical properties and chemical properties. He believed that atomic mass of elements was the most fundamental property in classifying the elements. He filled in all 63 known elements in increasing order of their atomic masses. But what was the best thing in his periodic table that he left spaces in the place where he thought other elements could be and thanks to his great predication, science community named 101 after his name. During the world war I first two artificial elements were formed and that was the start of the modern periodic table, which we all know in our day and age.

‘What are the limits of periodic table?’ This is a very important question and we came with on theory which explains why the periodic table would end around 172 or 173. Sam Kean, Science journalist, explains that theory briefly “right around element 172, some weird spooky mechanical thing could happen. Where you have electron-proton pairs forms and nucleus itself might start gobbling and destroying them and turning them into neutrons”. Also due to fact 172 element would be as fast as speed of light and getting faster than speed of light is impossible for humankind, but a lot of scientist believe element 172 is not possible either due to the fact nucleus with be so unstable and it basically disintegrate instantly. Scientists belief that around element 120 its going to be hard to create. The reasons are listed below

  1. Getting enough target atoms to produce new elements
  2. Getting better technology to mass produce target atoms
  3. The higher the elements get, the shorter they live

‘Island of stability within superheavy metals’ the theory that is very popular among scientist who are on the hunt of finding new elements. I’ll power phrase the theory “if you have certain magic number, as you call it, of protons and neutrons, those nuclei will be especially stable.” Due to island of stability its possible we could see exotic and interesting traits like that emerge as we start to get closer to island of stability.

I believe looking at all the theories and old research that there are more elements to be found and we just scratch the bottom with our last 4 elements which were discovered in around 5 years ago. Just improving on the technology would lead to more discovers with elements and world is improving with technology everyday so in no time we would be way further on the periodic table.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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