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Do people with the same eye color have similar personalities

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Did you know that our eye color is affected from the same genes as our frontal lobe? Eye color affects the way people judge you in the outside world. All around the world there are different colored eyes ranging from brown to violet. The reason I am interested is because what if the reason people act the same is there eye color. What if it is just because the we know each other. That is why I am going to do just that. My topic is, Do people with the same eye color have similar personalities? Have you wondered how you get your eye color? The whole thing is caused by alleles. Alleles are “one or more alternative genes that arise by mutation and found at the same place on a chromosome” according to Google Dictionary. They come in different shades of colors. The main ones are blue, green, hazel, brown, grey, and dark brown. You can also have violet you are one of the few. You get your brown eyes by something called “melanin” according to Wonderopolis. The more you have it the darker your eyes get. The most important part of eye color is pigment, it is determined by your genes.

Your genes come from strands of DNA, which are found on chromosomes. When it comes to alleles there are two different types. Dominant which is shown when the allele is there and recessive which is shown when the dominant isn’t there. Brown for example is a dominant allele while green is a recessive allele. There is also homozygous and heterozygous which tells if your gene is purebred or hybrid. Homozygous means you are a purebred, while heterozygous mean you are hybrid. To find out what your children eyes are most likely going to be people create punnett squares. A punnett square is used to predict the results that will come. You will most likely be born with brown eyes. While the rarest color is violet a lot people still count green to be the rarest.

So in the end you get your eye color from pigment and alleles. What is a personality? Is it a gene? Is it a trait? A personality is a “combination of characteristics or qualities to form an individual’s distinctive character” according to Google Dictionary. A personality describes how we act. It also affects how we behave around people and our friends. There is different definition of the word “personality” because not all people agree with them. Your personality affects your emotions, and pattern of thoughts. It is used to distinguish people from others. “The term personality has been defined in many ways, but as a psychological concept two main meanings have evolved” according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. A personality also comes from genes like your eye color.

What are different types of personalities?

There are sixteen different personality types. Each one describes how the behave. One type of a personality is architect, these are know to be imaginative and strategic thinkers. They also have everything planned out, the personality type for this is INTJ.

Another personality type is logician, they are innovative thinks that love to learn, the personality type is INTP.

Commander is another personality, they are bold, strong willed leaders, and imaginative, it’s personality is ENTJ.

Debater is another one, they are smart and can’t help a challenge, It’s personality type is ENTP.

Advocate is another one, they are quiet, mystical, and very inspiring, the personality type is INFJ.

Meditor is another one, they are poetic and kind to people, the personality type is INFP.

Protagonist is another one, they are charismatic and inspiring leaders, the personality type is ENFJ.

Campaigner is another one, they are creative and social butterflies, their personality type is ENFP.

Logistician is another one, they are practical and fact-minded individuals, the personality type is ISTJ.

Defender is another one, they are warm and very dedicated, their personality type is ISFJ.

Executive is another one, they are excellent administrators, the personality type is ESTJ.

Consul is another one, they are social and popular, the personality type is ENFJ.

Virtuoso is another personality type, they are practical experiments and bold, the personality type is ISTP.

Adventurer is another one, they are flexible and charming artists, the personality type is ISFP.

Entrepreneur is another one, they are smart and energetic people, the personality type is ESTP.

Entertainer is the last one, they are energetic and enthusiastic people, the personality type is ENSP.

In conclusion I think that your eye color does affect your personality. As in paragraph two it states that your eye color comes from alleles and alleles come from genes which affect your personality. In paragraph three it states that your personality comes from a gene, like your eye color. To answer my question, I think your eye color does affect your personality. I think this because of all the research that supports it.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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