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Effects on the Environment Due to Deforestation in the World

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Why am I interested in Deforestation? Well it effects everyone who lives on earth. Deforestation has such a destructive impact on our way of living life. Those who choose to destroy the very nature that provides us with clean air just for profit, must be confronted and dealt with. You must bear in mind that deforestation has significant impact on how climate change is affecting living organism negatively, along with the fact that seventy percent of earth’s animals and plants live in forests/amazons, and many cannot survive the deforestation of its own natural habitats. Soils are moist and full of benefits to help give plants and trees life, but with lacking protection from the sun-blocking tree these moist soils will dry out, thus not providing the tree with its foundation and nutrients for its roots (Society). The Amazon in Brazil has a significant impact in how the environment from the destruction of tree’s; Tree’s also sustain the water cycle by returning water vapor back into the atmosphere, along with providing clean air. Without these roles that play a very important part in our way of life, the effects can be extreme.

According to research, the world is losing 5.8 million hectares of humid tropical forest each year. This 5.8 million is equal to an area doubled by the land state of Maryland in the United States. (Yadvinder et al. 170) Southeast Asia was considered as the largest percentage of deforestation, along with South America and Africa. With emphasis in the Asia’s amazonian land, it has a 50% forest loss, from rapid Asian economies expanding along with its demand in tropical wood, it causes massive destruction in their agricultural needs such as soybeans, and free range-beef. Tropical ecosystems are extremely exclusive and rich beacon of biodiversity on Earth. If the levels of deforestation are to continue to be unattended and not contained, Southeast Asia can lose towards three-quarters of its original forest by the next century. (Sodhi et al. 654) I think that with plans that have the potential to shift the balance of underlying economic market that forces profit over favoring the halt of deforestation by raising billions of dollars for the ecosystem services provided by rainforest regions, though would require extensive planning, execution, and long-term follow-through. Such resources can provide immediate care and supervision of these environments to ensure that they bring benefits and incentives (improved social services like health such as clean air, etc and education) to the individuals and groups making decisions about Amazon land use on a daily basis, be they indigenous peoples, rural subsistence dwellers, smallholder migrants, or large private landholders.

The Amazon Basin is originated as the world’s largest area of rainforests. In total, these rainforests are comprised of approximately seven million square kilometres and represents 60 percent of the world’s total tropical rainforests; also that the Amazon Basin is home to more than fifty-five thousand types plant species (Lucas et al. 384). This vast variety of plant species causes the Amazon Basin to be one of the richest and comprised natural resource locals in the world. When it comes to creating a scapegoat for the deforestation of this Amazonia Basin, fingers point in all directions. Though in Brazil, the government accuses the large numbers of landless peasants who must clear the forests in order to survive. Yet the fingers are also pointing at the Brazilian government itself. Due to the corruption of the Brazilian government, they give tax breaks and good land prices to cattle ranchers (Morton et al. 14637). I think that this corruption of the government causes communities to backlash and take advantage of the environment benefits while tossing a cold shoulder on how their actions can affect the very life of the Amazon. The large clearings and complete removal of aboveground biomass from intense use of lands used for cattle ranching in the present indicates that the carbon emissions raising towards the atmosphere compared previous clearing for cattle ranching and fewer forest segments on the terrain as habitat and suggest rapid loss of forest as infrastructure develops for large-scale agriculture (14638).

In Brazilian Amazonia, the 15 million hectares of cattle pasture represent approximately 65% of the estimated 23 million hectares of land that has been deforested (excluding fragmented forest). The reductions in carbon stocks resulting from this land cover transformation are perhaps the most extreme, as most farms (or fazendas) were established on land covered previously with relatively undisturbed closed mature forest (Lucas et al. 384).

Though I feel that future plans of the government will end up in even larger land losses of the Brazilian Amazon. In between the next five years, the government has stated that a project codenamed ‘Avanca Brasil’ will cost about forty billion dollars to improve conditions within the country. These plans show gives Brazil, the construction of building new railways, paving new highways, gas lines, new waterways, and the construction of seventy-nine hydroelectric dams (385). Though this project alone will consequently cause the flooding of twelve million acres of the Amazon forest land. And all other projects in the long run will end up in the deforestation of six million additional acres of tropical land. If this hypothesis holds true, within the next twenty years roughly 40% of the rainforests in Brazil will then be destroyed (386-387). The downfall of deforestation on the environment would then cause the world’s climate to be devastating at best. The difficulty with projecting the exact outcome is that no intellectual can say for sure that to what extent can the amount of deforestation will be “safe”, and though I think that the amount will lead to a more extreme case of consequences. Additionally I think that deforestation would leads to global warming, changes in our atmosphere and a possible reduction in rainfall.

Finally, a developing region like Africa, specifically Nigeria that heavily relies on wood fuel, the source of major energy for cooking and heating. With illegal practices of destructive logging/mining it is tremendously taxing in the deforestation and degradation of the sub Saharan land (Semazzi, Song. 178). These Land conditions and populations rapidly increasing is also a major mainspring of deforestation; One major consequence of deforestation in the sub-saharan Africa is the teardown of the forests for agricultural advances. Furthermore, growing populations consequently need more agricultural land or better farming techniques to support them thus adding on the tax of heavily deforested land. Sub-saharan people do not have the methods or foundation for a better way of farming; they rely greatly on quantity over quality. If they produce sufficient enough of crops then they can still have enough of food even after losing the majority of their crops to pests and rodents. A second cause of deforestation is illegal logging companies, These big illicit companies get away with the exercised use of illegal logging and mining because of the state of sub-saharan Africa’s government. I think that with Africa’s government in mind, they seem to ignore the possible outcomes of consequences on how their deforestation can heavily affect the environment and earth as a whole. In a large and vast but lawless region big companies take advantage of the situation and come out making a hefty profit (180). Though I think that the main solution is to reconfigure how the African government sees its environment, with people moving to cities gives them the means of clearing more land and ironically with rapid industrialization and further developments of industrial movements are the causes of deforestation. The government seem to struggle with issues presented by the solutions they tried to provide, this vexation leaves many wondering if there will even be methods of reducing deforestation.

Deforestation is an extremely big deal that many regions overlook. I feel that it has caused such a big consequence like climate changes, habitat destruction, the ending of species, atmospheric changes, and the downfall of greenhouse gases. These consequences is the reason why Earth has a possibility of not being a home for any species if the problems persist. Endless ignorance of these problems without even solving them slowly at least can rack up even more problems for the future. Fully depleting the forests can cause abrupt changes on the amount of carbon stored, along with releasing carbon dioxide into the air. Additionally, with the release of this greenhouse gas it affects the water vapor which impacts climate. If humans put more time and thought into industrializing the lands they clear out, it would be a much “cleaner earth”, but seeing how much mistakes and often addressment of these problems, it’s never going to be addressed as a valuable threat to Earth’s Environment

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