Evaluation of the Catholic Church’s Opinion on Abortion and Euthanasia: Essay Example, 479 words GradesFixer

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Evaluation of the Catholic Church’s Opinion on Abortion and Euthanasia

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Although all Christians believe abortion and euthanasia are both evils, different denominations react differently in the actual situations.

The Roman Catholic Church does not accept euthanasia or abortion whatever the circumstances. If someone in the Church were pregnant, they would do whatever they could to talk the woman out of having an abortion, and would suggest adoption as a possible option. However, although they are totally against abortion, they still offer pastoral care to women who have had abortions, which follows their belief of compassion. Although they are against euthanasia, they would say that the unnecessary prolonging of life is wrong.

The Methodist Church reacts quite differently to the situation. It also believes abortion is an evil but agrees that abortion should be legal. If there isn’t enough money in the family, or the child has a terminal medical condition, the Methodist Church would accept abortion as the lesser of two evils. Another of their arguments is that God lets 46% of eggs come to nothing, so why not this one? They don’t accept euthanasia in any form because of the impracticalities that would be faced by doctors and nurses.

The Church of England also believes abortion and euthanasia are evils but it does accept abortion in some cases; if the girl can’t cope or there isn’t enough money. They also offer pastoral care for people who have had abortions. Although they don’t accept euthanasia, they believe doctors should prolong life at all costs.

In the case of abortion, the Baptist Church would accept it if the girl couldn’t cope or the child would be severely disabled, even though they also oppose abortion. They oppose euthanasia, but they think that when someone is brain-dead and most importantly, incapable of maintaining a relationship of any kind, Baptists agree it isn’t wrong to withdraw treatment, or let the patient die.

The Quakers are split in opinion. Some would allow euthanasia in cases, for those in great pain so that they can die with dignity. Other Quakers say that if we care for each other and offer proper support, like drugs to reduce pain, euthanasia shouldn’t be needed. They also oppose abortion but they don’t really have strict boundaries and they will value the mother’s life over the child’s. They educate people about unsafe sex in an aim to reduce abortions.

The Anglican Church, in accord with the Quakers, educates people so the need for abortion does not arise. However, on the other hand, they have quite strict boundaries about abortion, whereas the Quakers don’t. They are also strict about euthanasia.

The Salvation Army, when faced with abortion, tries to persuade the mother not to have an abortion, but they would support the mother if she did have an abortion. They oppose any proposals to legalise euthanasia and they don’t accept it under any circumstances.

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