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How AI change the way of communication to benefit people ?

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Artificial Intelligence also we commonly perceived as A.I. This technology which seemingly only appear in a cartoon, comic, novel, and movies and belong to the writer’s imagination, all we can do is a dream that this technology will exist in the future. Now, not a dream but a reality when the world meet Sophia, the first artificial intelligence robot who can speak, think, have feeling and able to respond to question directly just how human being does.

Artificial intelligence has been incorporated slowly into our life for example Siri in iPhone, and. I who help user to search information online by talking to it directly and there no need to type out what you want to search online. We can even talk to Siri just like a normal human being, and it responds perfectly just like a human does like asking Siri to say a joke and it will say it. Cortana, an A.I. create by Microsoft where you can connect your laptop or computer with your phone and you can have instant access to your laptop or computer by not being physically in front of this gadget, user also can communicate with Cortana as well to like telling it to mark important dates.

This change the way how we communicate with the world using social network, how we communicate with people, but how much benefit it will bring to communication.

Artificial Intelligence and Social Network

Social media is a widely use technology tool we use nowadays to communicate with the world, where we can download apps in our tablets, phones and even on our computer or laptop. Now social media company like Facebook, have 2.19 billion of monthly active users in the first quarter of 2018 (Statista, 2018), Facebook create an artificial intelligence which help blind people get a glimpse of Facebook for the very first time. So how this work, according to Burdette (2016), Facebook introduce automatic alternative text an artificial intelligence will generate description for a photo post by listing what object, buildings in the picture, the person name or tagged name who is in the photo. This can let the blind people to “see” what they have miss out for the years they have use Facebook and reconnect them with the world once again.

People post about their daily life on social media and yet they face dilemma on what to post since they didn’t want to bore their friends and not giving them important information. Byongun (2017), an IT professor said US company has developed Post intelligence recently to help social media user who struggle to post their thoughts on social media, this A.I. could analyze the review of the user followers, habits, patterns and the user content itself to make a prediction for a fresh new content post that the user can create, letting the user follower to enjoy the new content.

To make this happen, the A.I. needs to learn a huge amount of social network information data since it can process and analyze a huge amount of data needed in a short time. By breaking down reviews, ratings, opinions and information which is post by the people, then the collected preference data will be store and recommend post target on specific user which might enjoy the content.

Cyberbullying is a serious issue and A.I. can help to combat this issue. Deeptext introduce by Instagram in 2016, an A.I. which use algorithm to model the human brain neural network, learn and understand the usage of words type out by the user. Words which has double meaning for example bitch, can mean a female dog or calling a person a sult, Deep text will analyze the usage the word whether it bully another user or spam user. Then, Deeptext will delete the abusive account immediately when it catches it. This A.I. is not perfect yet since it is still under development and learning in the hopes by the developers, it will be a successful program to fights against cyberbullying.

The benefits of artificial intelligence incorporate with social media not just helping certain people who have difficulties in terms of sights or maybe even in speech in the future where people who have speech problem can using A.I. as their voice when they talk in video chat, also A.I. helps to combat the arising issues of cybercrime like cyberbullying.

Artificial Intelligence and chatbots

Chatbot is a customer service program to serve customer, we have seen chatbot in many product webpage whom interact with us when asking the chatbot question by using our own voice or typing into the provided chat interface. Conversational tone is use by the chatbot to carry out the needed answer to respond the customer.

According to Elharrar (2017), there are seven types of chatbot which is available to consumer now. The largest category known by far is ‘The Optimizer’, these chatbot have only one and solo aim is to take on the hard challenges and try it best to make the current situation and the existing apps or websites better. For instance, instate clicking on the buttons on the music app in your phone and searching for the category of the music, is easier for the user to say “Alexa, play K-pop music”. The chatbot will search it for the consumers. It sound nice that our lives is made more easier than what we have now but there’s a catch most of them will fail keeping their ‘promises’ though learning through failing is part of their program.

Next, if any of us feel lonely we have the chatbot from the ‘The Social’ category. This chatbot nature is to have a conversational chat with the consumers. Techlabs (2017) says that there are seven engaging chatbot which are available online right now and you can go look for them. Mitsuku, a three time winner of the Loebner prize which is an annual competition for artificial intelligence to judge whether it sound human like or not. The competition format is the Turing test, this test the intelligence of a computer but it require that a human being cannot distinguish the difference between human and artificial intelligence. You can talk to Mitsuku for hours and hours without getting bored, this chatbot can understand your current mood in the language that you are using.

Now let’s move on to business use, customer service is an important part of business since this is one of the direct ways to get customer feedback and help the customer with their company products. But what does this mean to future of the business, most customer service still employing people to take calls and respond to them yet only so much they can do. They can’t remember all the product details or worst they can’t help customer if their products dysfunction in a way that the company does not foresee it and prepare their workers with the needed answers.

Peterson (2017), express that in five years chatbot will be an important component to enhance customer service experience.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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