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How Can Serverless Architecture Assist Enterprises Better Gain Their Customers Trust

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Spoiler alert* By serverless architecture i really mean AERGO, stick with me though. Let me explain this thought to you. It’s a cold world, there is always someone somewhere scamming someone else with the intention of getting some money out of their hands and into their pockets. The Big brand companies do it to us all the time when they sell our data to the ‘highest bidder’ and just because it’s handled in a subtle manner doesn’t make it morally correct. Kudos to companies like as Coca Cola and IBM for seeing the value of blockchain. Seriously though I’m not trying to be sour candy because i get why the adoption of blockchain has been taking so long. Blockchain technology is tricky.

First of all, it’s hard! The list of people verse with blockchain technology is limited to a select few (Good luck finding someone to code a dApp for you), second blockchain technology doesn’t really hold a candle to centralized platforms especially when it comes to performance, thirdly integrating blockchain with any other IT systems you may own is the stuff of nightmare. But here’s the thing, decentralized technologies are the future of all economies, what was lacking was the bridge that was needed to lead industries to the other side of the spectrum. Well! That was until now. Until AERGO came to the scene. Ever heard of AERGO? If yes, great but If no, don’t worry because you will soon. Until then here’s a teaser. By building on top of blocko’s CONSTACK engine, AERGO hopes to give enterprises an entire framework perfect for developing and deploying decentralized applications on secure and reliable cloud architectures. It’s a mouthful, i know, but just imagine RedHat Inc. on steroids. I know you’re thinking “Okay how all this seems great but how can AERGO use blockchain technology to help an enterprise gain its customers or users trust”? Good question see it’s based on three important aspects.

1. It’s all thanks to the combination of public and private blockchain systems

2. The AERGOSQL, a SQL based smart contract engine.

3. An entirely open source platform (consensus algorithm) Let’s see how the first aspect, A combination of private and public blockchain – is tied to building trust within the system.

AERGO is one of the only platforms that uses a hybrid architecture and a novel data bridging framework to allow enterprises configure an arrangement that will allow them to shift seamlessly between public and private blockchain. The basic idea is that, most enterprises are usually torn between picking the transparency and practicality of a permissionless blockchain and the cheaper, more secure and high performing permissioned blockchains, they therefore might end up making the wrong decision when it comes to their specific needs or putting off the transition all together. With AERGO, enterprises can migrate their applications to private blockchain when they need to ramp up performance for example when the activity chart is high. Although public blockchains can be slow in terms of scalability and transaction processing times and complex to manage, users will always trust in the application because all the information is spread across a huge number of nodes. This decentralisation assures users that their data and assets are always in safe hands. One enterprise that would particularly benefit from a combination of both permissioned and permissionless blockchain arrangement is a financial enterprise for example a bank. A bank would flourish under this arrangement because although having a transparent system is great there is such a thing as too much information.

What would work is by having a sequential record of transactions fully available to not everyone but only selected individuals, with the entire system being controlled by an administrator, could be either the customer or the bank admin. Another way AERGO will enhance user trust in enterprises is through its AERGOSQL platform. By utilizing a LLVM compiler infrastructure and b-tree data structure implementation, smart contracts within the AERGO chain will allow enterprises and developers to fully reap the seeds of their blockchain application. This SQL feature will also allow for better usability and integration capabilities within the blockchain. We all know that for a smart contract to be deemed functional it needs to not just properly facilitate and enforce a contract it needs to also ease frictional circumstances associated with transactions for example lower transaction costs. AERGOSQL also uses a multiparty signature to protect the contract from manipulation. See if users know their transactions will always pull through they have no reason to go for a centralized service provider, an enterprise that offers the same services but at lower cost will almost always win the sale. Smart contract technology and the ease of use provided by AERGO means users can always keep track of the process, keep track of all their digital assets while also accurately identifying any suspicious activities.

One other way AERGO will help users track fraudsters is by making the platform open source and thus making all the information that’s keyed into the platform user generated. We’ll talk about this in the next section. The last big factor that builds user trust before ever participating with an enterprise is AERGO’s open source nature. The truth is that people will always trust and believe in the information that was generated by other users within the platform as opposed to the information that is churned out from the officials of the company, hearing it from someone else that uses the platform just seems more authentic and personalized. The fact that these data is also indestructible and tamper-proof means it will always be available as a point of reference. One other way users begin to create a trustworthy connection with an enterprise is thanks to community participation, this works for identifying suspicious activities as well as collectively different functions inside the platform. Because AERGO uses an open source and collaborative approach of community participation, users can easily keep track of each other and everything else inside the platform. Just in case this doesn’t work the platform’s consensus algorithm, in this case the Delegated Proof of Stake will verify every block before it’s added to the blockchain to ensure every piece of data is legitimate and has been brought forward by a legitimate party.

Therefore, community members would need to approve the data that has been shared. Taking part in the company’s private sale. The company is targeting to raise $30,000,000 USD with one token going for $0.20 USD. Of the total 500,000,000 AERGO tokens to be distributed. More than 300,000,000 tokens will be split in the middle and half of them given as incentives to the community members while the rest will be put up for sale. Out of the remaining 200,000,000 AERGO tokens left – 25% or 125,000,000 will be kept aside for reserve while 10% or 50,000,000 AERGO Tokens will be given to the advisory team.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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