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How Much Money Does it Cost to Travel in 2019?

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Traveling is much more popular than it was decades ago. A side effect of gaining popularity is the increase or decrease in prices. The same beach vacation could cost you much more 30 years ago because there wasn’t as much competition between agencies as there is now. Plus, you couldn’t find travel agents on every corner of the internet and you didn’t have all the apps that help you plan your vacation nowadays. With all of this, you’d expect the cost to travel in 2018 would be cheap, but that’s not true in most cases.

So how much does it cost to travel in 2018? Well the answer depends on many things, including where you you plan on going, for how long, how you book your flight, methods of transportation, and many other expenses. Trips can range from a couple hundred dollars to over a few thousand.

When you are planning your travels, take into consideration the types of trips you can take. Ask yourself, is it going to be through an agency? Are you going to plan it yourself? Or are you going with the flow without any plans? Try to avoid the last one as it can fill your pockets with unexpected expenses! Planning for your travels will help make your trip more enjoyable.

Travel for Less Than You Expected

Traveler looking at the map train station with a sunset in the back

1. Booking a cheap flight

There are many apps and websites that allow you to search and book a cheap flight. If you are traveling on a budget or traveling frequently, consider signing up for newsletters on budget airlines as they may send you deals throughout the year. There are numerous low-costing airlines around the world, so if you are traveling somewhere where you have to book a connecting flight, it’s probably best cheaper to book two different flights as opposed to one connecting flight.

For example, let’s say you are traveling from Miami to Vienna. Option one is buying a connecting flight in Munich for $800. Option two is buying a direct flight to Munich for $450 and taking a low-cost flight from Munich to Vienna for $40-100 (depends if you are paying extra for luggage). The third option is getting the same direct flight to Munich or somewhere close to Vienna, and then taking a train or bus to your destination for $20. Flights with long waiting times between connections can be very affordable and easy to find with Skyscanner.

With low-cost airlines, you can end up paying as low as $20 for a domestic flight or sometimes even international flight if you travel within Europe. Here are some affordable airlines for each continent:

  • Canada: Swoop, Primera Air, Jetlines, Wow Air, Flair Airlines
  • US: Southwest Airline, Frontier Airline
  • South America: Avianca, Aeromas, LAN, TAME
  • Europe: Wizz Air, Ryanair, Easy Jet, Norwegian
  • Asia: AirAsia, Indigo, Jetstar Asia, Scoot
  • Africa: Kulula, Fastjet, Flyafrica, Mango

Australia and Oceania: Jetstar Airways, Virgin Blue, Skywest, Kiwijet, Freedom Air

There may be other affordabe airlines that we missed, so be sure to do your research. There are also many apps and websites you can use to search through all the flights and airlines, the ones we recommend are Skyscanner and Google Flights.

Airplane boarding passengers with sunset

2. Go with a travel agency

You’ll sometimes see great deals with agencies and think that they’re affordable. This may lead you to make a purchase without doing much research. Unless it’s a first or last-minute deal, you are most likely not going to get as much as you expected for the money you spent. This is because agencies work on quantities, the more people apply, the more money they make, the cheaper the trip gets. If you’re a very private person, you should consider booking a trip by yourself because this type of trip can get very crowded. Also, the hotel you’ll be staying at can be completely full, leaving you with very little time for relaxation.

3. Book a trip by yourself

If you want to book and plan a trip yourself, be aware that it may take a lot of time. However, the end result is well worth it. There are several apps and websites that offer accommodation, flights, and tours, which we will cover later in this article.

4. Save money on cabs

A cab in a busy city

In the popular cities, you’ll find that they are filled with cab drivers. Most of them are looking to overcharge tourists. To avoid getting taken advantage of, you should always ask for the cost of the fair before entering the cab. If you’re confident enough, you can also try to bargain for a price. This works well for countries like Greece, Turkey, and Colombia. If the price is too high, let the cab driver know and move on to the next one. Some drivers know that their prices are too high, so be prepared to be called back with a lowered price. If you are traveling through North America or Western Europe, you usually won’t have any problems with taxi drivers.

Avoid cabs that are parked in front of the airport, train station, or bus station. These cab drivers will sometimes charge double the amount of other cabs parked a street or two away. Walk around the blocks and look for a cab that’s parked around the corner. You can also wave for a cab passing down the street. Avoid having your phone out in public and don’t wear any valuable jewelry.

Don’t talk about your life or travel plans with your taxi driver. The best thing to do is avoid telling them any personal information, including the number of people you are traveling with. If you are traveling alone, tell them that your friends are waiting for you in a hotel. Although cab drivers can be chatty and seem friendly, they may not always have the best intentions. In countries that are considered dangerous for tourists, it’s best to keep your personal information to yourself.

Use Uber as your primary transportation method. Uber always conducts background checks their drivers, so if something bad were to happen such as leaving your phone in their car, you can always send an email, complain, or track the driver. Also, you’ll be paying them through the app so you don’t have to carry cash with you. Check which cities have Uber!

5. Getting affordable accommodation

Bedroom door entrance with very clean look

Getting affordable accommodation is easier than you may think. If you are traveling on a budget or simply don’t want to pay too much for accommodation, you need to book your stay in advance. There are many variants to choose from, including:

Couch Surfing: Here you can find locals that are willing to accommodate travelers, usually for free or for a small fee. You can also ask them to show you around the town or give you insights to some cool places off the map. This is a very adventurous way of traveling, but you should still be careful if you are traveling alone.

Airbnb: This is another option for affordable traveling. You’re able to book an entire apartment in many areas around the world. It’s important to book enough in advance because the best places can get booked up very quickly. This is especially true if you are looking to Airbnb in popular destinations such as Paris or Venice.

Hostel World: This site is one of the most popular places to search for hostels. Hostels are great because they can be full of surprises. You can choose to book a dormitory room with several other people and bunk beds, which can be a great way to make friends or find people to go out with. Conversely, if you’re looking for privacy and want a quiet room to fall asleep in, this is not a good option for you. A hotel or Airbnb will be a better option for you.

Booking: Booking is a popular website that looks for the best hotels. You can even find offers that include everything in one place, including hotels, hostels, and Airbnb. However, prices for hostels and Airbnbs are slightly higher. is another website to check out. Be sure to compare the prices of the two as one may be cheaper than the other at the time.

6. Spend less by eating like a local

Local chef cooking appetizers

A rule of thumb when traveling in touristic locations is to eat at parts of the city where the locals live or places that are not populated with tourists. If you decide to eat at food places found on the main streets or a square where thousands of tourists are found, you will most likely be charged more than the locals. Unless you found a place that you’d really like to visit, it’s better to go a few streets down and look for a place that charges less for the same menu. The benefit of eating at the touristic parts of the city is having greats views. You may even be able to enjoy your cappuccino right on the Spanish steps in Rome.

You can also find normal prices at food places where English isn’t their Native language. Many people don’t realize that local places usually offer more authentic food than fancy restaurants do. Additionally, you’ll be getting a whole new level of culture and hopefully experience dining there.

If you find restaurants in touristic locations that have their menus in front of the restaurant without listing any prices, it’s because they want you to have a seat, reducing your chances of moving onto the next restaurant.

7. Saving on souvenirs

Let’s talk about souvenirs. Of course you’re going to want to take home something that’s going to remind of your incredible journey, but are the souvenirs really from the place you’re visiting?

For example, if you’re looking to bring home a magnet from Russia, you will pay approximately the same price as if you were in some other country. But when you turn your magnet upside down, you will see that it was “Made in China”. So, when shopping for souvenirs, be sure to check that they’re really something you want to bring home with you. Consider looking for souvenirs in museums, or in shops with local arts and crafts.

You can get creative with something you like. Using coffee as an example, make a collection of coffee mugs from each of the cities you visit and label them. This is an inexpensive way to bring home valuable souvenirs!

8. Saving on tours

If you’re looking for someone to show you around the city or take you for a ride on a helicopter, then you should book your tours through travel agencies, excursion sites, or directly at the selling point in the place you are visiting. You can also book a tour through Airbnb and get a local guide to show you all the gems of the city. All of these are great ideas, but before booking, try to research what can you do by yourself. It can be a lot of fun touring around with nothing but a guidebook and map. You also save money.

Here’s a tip, if you find something interesting, consider buying or pass for that city. These cards can give you access and fast passes to the most popular attractions! Plus, you will save some serious bucks without having to wait in lines.

9. Giving tips

Because tipping is different in every country, you should definitely check on the custom of tipping before your trip. Some countries may not even require you to give a tip at all. Before tipping, always check if a tip has already included in the cost of your bill. If it is, then there is no need for you to tip again unless you were really happy with the service.

Big Buck Travel Packs

Man swimming at expensive pool during luxury vacation

Another way of traveling is luxury traveling. There are many hotels and trips you can book for an exceptionally larger amount of money, ranging from $10,000 to well over $200,000. The result? First-class flights, concierge services, and best accommodations. If you have a lot of extra money to spend on yourself, your friends, or family, consider booking a luxury vacation at one of the world’s most popular destinations or expensive cruise lines. To get a fine idea of what it’s like to stay at a luxury vacation, subscribe to luxury travel magazines to receive insights on the best places.

Map and photos from instant camera for travel memories

How Much Money Does it Cost to Travel in 2018?: Conclusion

Traveling can seem like a foreign thing, especially if you’re on a budget. To some, traveling is like living. They say that once you caught a travel bug you can’t get rid of it. If you haven’t had one already, it’s time for you to invest a little bit of money into your first vacation and take it as a chance for adventure or relaxation with your loved ones. Use the tips mentioned in this article to help you save on every transaction you make. Start building meaningful memories so that you can share and remember them for a lifetime. Think about the type of travel you would like to try and start planning in advance.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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