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How to care about your dog

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It is very natural to want your pup also to enjoy yummy human foods. After all, it is hard to say no to those cute puppy faces. However, it is not good to spoil your pup. The key rule of good parenting for pups and children is the same, knowing to say NO when necessary. It is not about certification of being a good parent; some human foods are very toxic to canines. They pose grave health concerns for your dog possibly even leading up to death.


The most toxic human food for dogs is chocolate. Chocolate contains the bromine and it is very harmful for dogs. It is found in all types of chocolates. It can make your pup extremely thirsty along with vomiting and diarrhea. The most severe cases will entail abnormal heartbeat, seizures, or death. The chocolates are enjoyable for you, NOT AT ALL for your pup.


It might not seem harmful at first, but bacon and high fat foods are extremely unhealthy for your dog. It can cause pancreatitis and upset stomach due to high salt content present in it. In the extreme situations, it will make the dogs consume a lot of water resulting in bloating that can be fatal. If you’re a interested in ruin your health, kindly don’t indulge your pet in it as well.

How to Understand What Your Dog is Telling You

Humans communicate with each other in multiple ways. We use language, hand gestures, facial expressions and even our eyes to express our feelings. You can detect the happiness, grief or sadness on a stranger’s face as well merely by their expressions or body language. The bond we dog-parents share with our furry companions is indeed unique. It takes time to build communication and understanding since we don’t speak their language but it isn’t impossible to be able to understand your pup. As first-time pet-parents, you may be clueless right now about what your dog is trying to explain. You may wonder if there is any possible way for your pooch to tell you how he feels, well keep reading as there are secrets disclosed ahead.

How to Choose the Perfect Modern Dog Bed

W? s??nd ??untl?ss h?urs sh????ng f?r ? b?d f?r ?urs?lv?s, n?t t? m?nt??n th?us?nds ?f d?ll?rs. ?h?s ?s b???us? sl????ng ??mf?rt ?s ?m??rt?nt. W? w?nt th? ?l??? wh?r? w? r?st ?ur h??d t? b? ? s?n?tu?r?.?h? s?m? ?s tru? f?r ??ur b?l?v?d d?g. ? g??d d?g b?d will l?st ???rs, b? th? ??rf??t r?st?ng ?l??? f?r ??ur d?g, ?nd ?t ??n ?ls? h?l? w?th tr??n?ng. And there are many contemporary and modern dog beds on the market now which are perfect for those who have a home which is centered around the modern theme, then a modern dog bed will help enhance the look of the home, not clash with it or stand out like an eyesore as many traditional dog beds do.F?nd?ng th? r?ght modern dog bed f?r ??ur d?g ??n s?lv? ? numb?r ?f ?r?bl?ms. ?t ??n h?l? ??ur d?g f??l s??ur? ?nd s?f?. ?t ??n g?v? ??u ? s?????l l???t??n t? s?nd ??ur d?g wh?n ??u n??d th?m t? st??. F?r ???m?l?, dur?ng m??lt?m?, b?dt?m? ?r wh?n ??u h?v? ??m??n? ??u ??n s?nd ??ur d?g t? th??r b?d ?nd ?f ??u’v? ?h?s?n ??ur d?g’s b?d w?s?l?, th??’ll h????l? g?.Not all luxury dog furniture is the same; y?u’ll n??d t? ?h??s? an item th?t’s ??rf??t f?r both ??ur d?g ?nd th??r un?qu? n??ds ?nd ??rs?n?l?t?. ?h?r? ?r? m?n? v?r? ?m??rt?nt ??ns?d?r?t??ns t? m?k?. L?t’s t?k? ? l??k ?t th?m ?nd?v?du?ll?.

How to Trim a Dog’s Nails

Nail trimming is one owner expense that can easily be avoided and performed in the comfort of a dog’s own home. Unlike humans, most dogs do not enjoy receiving a pedicure, especially from a stranger. Many dogs are more comfortable when their owners perform the trimming, yet many owners are uncomfortable with the task. The following is a guide on the type of nail trimmers available, and the proper way to clip a dog’s nails. A dog should have his or her nails trimmed when the nails first start to touch the floor. Therefore, if you can hear your dog clicking and clacking across the hardwood floor, the nails are too long. A natural way to keep your dog’s nails from becoming overgrown is by going for regular walks on cement; the rough surface will grind down the nails naturally. However, for dogs used to soft surfaces or those that are light on their feet, regular trimmings are necessary.

Cat Desexing

Desexing your cat is a routine procedure performed to keep your feline friend as healthy as possible and keep them from developing some very nasty diseases.

In general, there are three options when deciding when to desex your cat: Early or pediatric desexing/spay is performed between six and eight weeks of age. Standard desexing/spay is performed at five to six months. After the first heat, between eight and twelve months. I recommend the desexing of cats from around 5-6 months of age. The procedure is very different for male cats (castration) and female cats (spey).

Castration: Castrations are one of the quickest procedures that your veterinary surgeon will perform. Quite simply, it’s the removal of testicles, that removes the reproductive capability of male cats. The procedure is performed under a general anesthetic so your cat won’t remember or feel a thing. No sutures or staples are required for this surgery and the surgical wounds are minute!

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