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How To Practice Yoga For Weight Loss  

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The word Yoga means an old-fashioned form of exercising that has been adapted and adopted by humans all over the world. The modern forms of yoga as we know it today shares very little or nothing in common with the original form. It is widely believed that yoga offers physical benefits in terms of improving flexibility, toning the body and sculpting the body into a more desirable shape. However, there is also the belief that yoga helps you to get in tune with your body, relaxes your mind and increases its awareness of your body movements. It has been proved that practicing yoga for weight loss helps in attaining and maintaining a healthy body weight, though there is a strong debate as to whether yoga is in any way beneficial to people who desire to reduce excess weight or if a more vigorous aerobic workout needs to be integrated into your yoga exercise to achieve this goal. People who have been practicing yoga for weight loss have attested to its efficacy in burning a good number of calories but not as much as a thorough physical work out. In general terms, yoga is a form of slow movement of the body which is highly based on stretching, hold poses and strengthening of muscles.

People of different ilk practice yoga for weight loss, from beauty queens to actors and actresses, to health practitioner and professional athletes. All have at one time or the other confirmed the benefits to be derived from regular practice of yoga as a means of achieving a lot of things but embarking on yoga for weight loss needs some extra vigorous body movement for it to be highly effective. Different types of yoga exercise exist, each one of them have their own benefits and focuses, so you just need to make an informed choice and choose the one that will best suit your purposes. You can start from the hybrid yoga class which integrates other forms of aerobics into yoga. This will allow you to burn calories faster and consequently lose some weight. Some hybrid yoga classes are known to combine yoga exercise with kickboxing, the nature of kickboxing which is known to be fast-paced will certainly burn more calories than just yoga. Some other hybrid classes introduce some dance into yoga while others prefer to combine their yoga classes with some cardio. Any of these combinations will lead you to losing some weight as long as they involve fast vigorous movement, so if you’re lucky enough to come across classes like that you may be able to shed some weight with yoga.

People who are into yoga for weight loss need to try their luck with power yoga, this type of yoga goes with complicated athletic poses. You can join power group for some exhausting activities like weight lifting which is a sure way of loosing weight, you can join a cycling group or a running group. Embarking on power yoga at least once or twice a week will go a long way in enhancing your stamina and your strength and will ensure a higher calorie burn. When you enroll in an acro-yoga class, then you are certainly practicing yoga for weight loss. A combination of acrobatic moves with the regular yoga is called acro-yoga, when compared to other forms of yoga, it is more intense and more energy consuming It requires more demanding and difficult moves and it burns more calories than all the other forms of yoga. Anybody that desires to embark on yoga for weight loss needs to look-out for a yoga studio that offer acro-yoga. People that are new to yoga need be to very careful because acro-yoga can be stressful and demanding, the best advice is to start from a more basic and less demanding class and then move up to acro-yoga. You can still give a trial to hot yoga as a form of yoga for weight loss and you will be surprised at the result you will achieve within a short period of time. Hot yoga is a name used to refer to the type of yoga which is staged in a heated room. The setting can be staged like a classroom with the humidity increased up to 105 °F (40. 6 °C), the target of this type of yoga is to reduce unwanted water weight in the body, though some people have argued that the loss of water weight with hot yoga is likely to be short term. Typical hot yoga sessions are known to be long, it can last for as long as 90 minutes, but you are sure to come out with the desired results. Another important thing to note about hot yoga classes is that it is usually intense, it comprises of a total of 26 poses which have to be repeated. You are required to hold the pose for 20 seconds in the first round, but the second round is just 10 seconds. In conclusion, before embarking on yoga for weight loss, there are certain thing you need to take into consideration. The first is that you need to understand that performing yoga on an empty stomach is likely to make your body to draw from its reserve of fats and thus more fat will be burnt. So, try not eating before going into a yoga session.

The next consideration is relaxation, if you are into yoga for weight loss, don’t ever skip relaxation because both meditation and relaxation are part and parcel of yoga and aids in lowering the level of cortisol in your body. Cortisol refers to the stress hormones in the body that is responsible for the gain and preservation of all the obstinate body fats. We should also understand that different yoga poses have their different functions and purposes. There are yoga poses that are targeted at digestion while some are mainly to build-up strength. Ultimately, there are yoga poses that are known to have more fat-burning potentials. Your focus should be the poses that are targeted towards weight loss. At the end, we should remember to take deeper breaths during yoga sessions, it has been proven that 81% of fat cells in the body are actually exhaled through the respiratory system and taking deep breaths aids you in achieving greater relaxation in muscles throughout your sessions.

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