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If Dogs Can Smell Cancer, Why Don’t They Screen People?

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Dogs have very powerful noses. So the question is can they smell cancer? They can be trained to use their noses to smell cancerous fumes that are wafting from the diseased cells.

The sniffing is noninvasive, and can help diagnose a lot of people. Dogs might be able to be helpful to make man-made tools that can “smell” cancer. Cancerous cells has a specific odor to them and scientist haven’t /don’t know what the smells are. Dogs can lead to positive outcomes in helping find cancer odors specifically. They give the dog(s) samples that have cancerous cells in them, each time they remove a compound from the sample. If the dog doesn’t react to the sample that they put then they know that the sample has to do with a specific cancerous cell senses.

Researchers can make “biochemical test” from the components. In 1989 a report came out by the “British Journal, The Lancet”. It was about a dog who sat by its owner every day for minutes sniffing its thigh. At one point the owner got worried and went to the doctors to get help, they told her she had malignant melanomas which is a skin cancer. There were tons of more reports about dogs sniffing malignant melanomas, in 2006. There are many studies that shows, that a train dog can pick up cancerous odors by smelling samples, like from a person’s breath or urine sample. This happens because “cells even cancerous cells give off a volatile organic compound” (VOCs). Each type of cancer mostly has a distinct VOC, which means it has different odor compared with other cells.

Some dogs can be trained to smell the odor of a certain type of cancer in about six months. The dog would be given five samples that always have had one cancerous specimen, varying on the type of cancer it is, the dog might be able to find four cancerous specimens out of the batch of 1,000. If the owner or the dog doesn’t know which of the four out the 1,000 samples are cancerous, the owner can’t trust the dog the next time it is right or wrong.

Dogs have bad days too, so when they are having that day the doctors have to be carefully looking at their effectiveness through their cycles. Dogs can help with making machines that can create and refine biochemical “nose” machines, known as the e-nose it can “sniff “patients and deliver diagnoses.

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