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Investigating Attitudes Toward Age Groups 

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From the data collected through the survey of 10 people. We can see that every age group mostly had positive (P) connotations. Also, as we go from children to senior citizens we see a consistent pattern. That pattern is as we go from children to senior citizens the number of positive (P) connotations steadily decrease as we go to an older age group. So definitely the number of negative (N) connotations increase as we go from children to senior citizens. Thus, there are changes as we move up or down the age groups. The two most common words used for the Children age group were “Toys” and “Young”. But for the Teenagers age group there was only one common word “Rebellious”. For Middle-Aged Adults age group, the most common word was “Work”.

Unfortunately, for our Senior Citizens age group the two most common words were “Death” and “Retirement”. Note that even though “Death” and “Retirement” were the two most common words for our Senior Citizen’ age group that does not infer that all people in that age group will retire or will soon die upon their entry in the age group. What it shows is that people usually believe that most people will retire in their Senior Citizen ages. Also, people link Death to this age group since old people are likely to die than compared to likeliness of a young Teenager dying, which would be quite unusual. Just like that people link “Toys” and “Young” to Children since that group is the youngest of all the age groups and if children are not going to play with toys then which other age group is most likely to play, with toys. As realized and seen by many adults, teachers, parents and other elderly people when children are in Teenage they try to stand out from others by forming their own identity. Thus, there are groups most common work being stereotyped to “Rebellious”. Now, again does that mean all teenagers try to form their own unique identity through which they want to be known as, no, and so this is a general expectation of people from the kids of that age group. Now, which age group is mostly found in the work field? Likely most people in the work field would be Middle-Aged Adults since that age group is likely to be age wise ready to be in the work field. Now is it possible for some people in that age group to already have retired? Yes, it is but again because of our stereotype that if a person is in the Middle-Aged Adults age group we will assume he/she likely has a job or works.

Now kids in age group of “Children” have stereotypes of being naive, curious, and innocent for having those stereotypes the Children can be an easy target for people who wants to gain monetary or sensual pleasure. Using Children’s innocence to involve them into abusive relationship or involve them into some criminal activity which the Children might not be aware of. Since Teenagers are stereotypically known for doing very daring acts such as an illegal car race, drugs and speeding the insurance company actually make male teenagers more for their car insurance than teenage female or any other age group. Also, let’s say you (teenager) had a dispute with your neighbor and later that day you went to play basketball, upon return you hit the ball on a steel post (sounding similar to car hit). But, around nighttime your neighbor tells your dad that you have damaged his/her car since you had a dispute with him/her. Likely, your parents will believe him since they know that you likely would have gotten upset and thought it would be a good idea to take it out on neighbor’s car and later call it an accident. Thus, representing Teenagers being stereotyped for being troublesome.

Likely, some old women (Senior Citizen) could get her purse stolen when walking on sidewalk. For the stereotype that most Senior Citizens are old, weak, unable to run and have good defense. Now a lot of Middle-Aged Adults like going to parties (stereotype) and getting drunk to get the office stress off. Using the party someone can email you an invitation. When you go to the party, you get drunk without realizing that it had some chemicals (plus you didn’t bring any friend along) and when you wake up next morning the host have kept you in a room, safe. But you think that “I just had too much fun”, but it could be that the host had a lot of fun using your identity to make several heavy purchases, using your credit card, making copies of your keys, identity cards, and doing what he/she wanted to do with you while you were knockout. Thus, showing how you just as being in Middle-Aged Adult age group can be set up for such a big hit, because of the general stereotype that people of your age group love going to free parties. So be careful someone can set you up real bad, just using what age group you are in and what likely activities you might love to be a part of.

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