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Library as a learning house to improve the quality of education in the community

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 goals for the future of the world up to the year 2030 that is supported by a detailed target of 169, negotiated for two years in the United Nations (UN) and agree with almost all the countries in the world on September 25, 2015. There are 17 points the purpose of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) one of which is a quality education that is aimed at everyone. Behind the many achievements that have been achieved by the nation’s children abroad, in fact, education in Indonesia is still uneven and not enough to help the country to be more advanced like other countries. I think to try to improve the library functions into an interesting home to learn for everyone. also because the condition of the people who are in the condition of reading interest is less significant, the lack of important reading, reading as a medium of change and most of our society has not been optimal in the utilization of the library.

Formulation of the problem:

  • What is Quality Education?
  • Anyone who is entitled to a quality education?
  • Where does a person get a quality education?
  • When someone gets a quality education?
  • Why everyone has the right and need to get a quality education?
  • How to do with the content of Pancasila and citizenship education?

The purpose:

  1. General Purpose
  2. As for the purpose of this research is to know the content related to the Pancasila and citizenship.

  3. Special Purpose

The special purpose of this research are:

  • To fulfill the task of the Preparation Stage together (TPB);
  • In order to know the meaning of quality education in an effort to improve the quality of education.

Education according to the characters

B.j. Habibie said “only Nations themselves which can build up Indonesia, might we not expect from other Nations!”, only citizens of the nation we are able to build this nation. Therefore everyone should get a decent education and quality in order to build our nation. World figures Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. With the education of our world can change.

Library as a learning house to improve the quality of education in the community

Education is an important thing on this modernization of the era. Without educational things like work and social welfare will be difficult to get. Education is the key that will allow many other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be achieved. When people are able to get the quality education they can break from the cycle of poverty. Education, therefore, helps to reduce inequalities and to reach gender equality. It also empowers people everywhere to live more healthy and sustainable lives. Education is also crucial to fostering tolerance between people and contributes to more peaceful societies.

His Important quality education has been described in the legislation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 20 Year 2003 About National education system on chapter II article 3 that explains national education serves to develop the ability to form character and the civilization of the peoples dignity in the framework of the intellectual life of the nation, aimed at the development of potential learners in order to become a man of faith and duty to God Almighty, precious, healthy, have learned, accomplished, creative, independent, and become citizens of a democratic and accountable. That question is the citizen must obtain a quality education in order to materialize the vision of the education system as a social institution is strong and authoritative to empower all citizens of Indonesia to develop into human quality so able and proactive answer the challenges of the ever-changing times. Quality education is very important for the progress of this nation.

The fifth Sila i.e. Justice for all the people of Indonesia. All the people of Indonesia deserve an education. Regardless of position, regardless of the position and regardless of tribe.

The analysis of the case

Achievement of the purpose of the SDGs to four Goals, namely:

In the year 2030

  • Children girls and boys completing primary and secondary education free, fair, and quality that leads to effective learning outcomes;
  • Children girls and boys have access to the development, care, early education, and an early age so that they are ready to get a basic education;
  • Equal access for women and men with education technical, vocational and tertiary qualified and affordable, including universities;
  • Substantially increase the number of youth and adults who have the relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, to decent jobs and entrepreneurship;
  • Eliminate gender disparity in education and ensure equal access to all levels of education and vocational training for people who are susceptible, including disabled people, indigenous peoples, and children in vulnerable situations;
  • All youth and most of the adults, both men, and women, achieve a level of literacy and numeracy;
  • Students acquire the knowledge and skills required to promote sustainable development, among others through education for sustainable development and sustainable lifestyle, human rights, gender equality, the promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence, global citizenship and an appreciation of cultural diversity and the contribution of culture to sustainable development;
  • Substantially increasing the supply of qualified teachers, including through international cooperation for the training of teachers in developing countries, particularly underdeveloped countries and small island developing countries;
  • In the year 2020, substantially expanding the number of global scholarship available to developing countries, particularly underdeveloped countries, small island developing countries and African Nations, for registration in higher education, including vocational training and information and communication technology, engineering, technical and scientific programs in developed countries and other developing countries;
  • Build and improve educational facilities are children, disability and gender sensitive and provide a learning environment that is safe, nonviolent, inclusive and effective for all.

The main point of the point – the purpose of this 4th goals is the grant and completion of education beginning to intermediate to upper education (compulsory education 12 years), children have access to early childhood development, care, and education, aiming at gender equality, improve the hard skills and soft skills, make sure everyone can read and count, improve teacher quality, provide many scholarships, and provides decent facilities for a person who is disabled and in need of Special. All those things we could achieve if all educated people and the efforts of the Government. In the Government don’t just have people who take that not just his right but also there must be intelligent people and superior can and is able to transform this nation so much better, that is people who are educated. The Role of Libraries in Interests Read is Growing Reading Interest Early, Improving Service Quality and Quantity Circuit and Improve Library Facility.

Education is the solution to existing problems such as poverty, social inequality, low levels of health, tolerance and many other things. All can be overcome if a quality education can be had by all. The education we can early on, getting the formal or informal education both from teachers or parents, received his education at home, in schools or from various places are factors supporting education quality. So, with the library as a learning house is expected to increase the reading interest of the community and also improve the quality of education.

The University should be graduating competent people that can share knowledge to society and can apply them. The Government should strive more to manifest. For that, the library as the information agency has the task to participate actively in the effort to “read” community and socialize reading interest. Therefore libraries need to increase quantity and quantity services, improving facilities and facilities and others. For that, the library as the information agency has the task to participate actively in the effort to “read” community and socialize reading interest. Therefore libraries need to increase quantity and quantity services, improving facilities and facilities, and others.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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