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Life Orientation Project

  • Category: Life
  • Subcategory: Goals
  • Topic: Life Goals
  • Pages: 5
  • Words: 2167
  • Published: 14 May 2019
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Question 1:

1. It is important to live a balanced lifestyle so that you are able to live your life to the fullest and to make sure that you are able to sustain your health and personal well-being in a world that is constantly changing. If you have a balanced lifestyle, it means you have evenness between the psychological, physical, social, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.

2. No, I do not think Emma would have withdrawn herself from her friends and family if she were emotionally healthy because generally when people are in a healthy emotional state they are able to rationalise and understand their emotions enough to explain what is going on in their lives that is making them feel the way they do. Sometimes the negative thoughts that come along with being emotionally unhealthy make them feel unworthy of being around others whereas if they were in a healthy emotional state they would know they are worth so much more than that. When you are emotionally healthy, you won’t be as afraid tom open up to the ones closest to you because you know that they are there for you, they love you and that they would do anything to keep you safe.

3. A) Eating disorder- this is any type of psychological state of confusion that is characterised by atypical or disturbed eating habits. Eating disorders arouse in people who are unhappy or express severe distress and/or concern about their body weight.

B) Eating disorders may develop from a combination of genetic, physical, social, and psychological factors. Some research states that the chemical serotonin in the human brain could actually influence eating disorders. Serotonin regulates a persons moods, learning, sleep and other everyday functions. Pressure put onto individuals from society is alos a huge contributing factor to eating disorders; this is because a persons wealth and success is often equated to physical beauty and a thin looking physique. A persons desire to succeed or feel accepted by those around them may cause people to behave in a way that leads to eating disorders. People may also develop an eating disorder because of Genetics and biology. Certain people may have genes that increase their risk of developing eating disorders. Lastly Psychological and emotional health also contributes because psychological and emotional problems could be directly linked to eating disorders. People could have a low self-esteem, perfectionism, impulsive behaviour and/or troubled relationships.

C) Dangers of partaking in an unhealthy eating plan could include the following and more: (1) Cardiovascular diseases: these are diseases related to your heart which ultimately leads to things such as strokes, heart failure and hear attacks. These can all be fatal.

(2) Depression which can lead to addiction, poor school performances, relationship problems, self-harm, reckless behaviour and even suicide.

4. Anorexia Nervosa- a psychological disease whereby a person refuses to eat. This eating disorder can lead to excessive weight loss which could lead to death. People with anorexia develop a decreased resistance to diseases.

Bulimia- the cause of bulimia is unknown but it may be psychological, neurological or endocrinal. Bulimia is episodes of over eating followed by self-induced vomiting. Symptoms of bulimia include guilt associated with eating, frequent weighing, low body weight and low blood pressure.

Obesity- this eating disorder is caused by a person eating too many fats which results in an excessive accumulation of adipose tissue. People who are obese are likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, some cancers, diabetes and gall bladder diseases.

5. Warning signs may be behavioural, physical or psychological signs. Behavioural signs include constant or repetitive dieting- person becomes completely obsessed with the number of calories they take in, they skip meals and avoid certain meals completely. There may be a change in the persons clothing style, so they could start wearing more baggy clothes to make their actual appearance unnoticeable. Physical changes may include, sudden or rapid weight loss and fainting and dizziness. Psychological warning signs could include severe depression and/or anxiety, and having an intense fear of gaining weight.

6. When approaching Emma about her eating habits I would:

(1) Be prepared- find out as much as I can about the disorder and be prepared for Emma to respond in anger and/or denial.

(2) Choose the right environment- a calm and open environment would make Emma feel at ease, comfortable and safe. I should not be angry or sad when I approach her.

(3) Use the correct language- I need to take Emma’s want to disclose her behaviour or feelings into consideration. I need to make sure she knows that I care and that I will support her throughout the whole healing process and never leave her side. I must disregard negative words when approaching her.

7. The South African Depression and Anxiety Group.

8. A) Emma may experiencing not being able to sleep, a loss of interest in her favourite activities and a loss of appetite.

B) Emma must not keep her thoughts to herself, she must talk to someone she trusts and allow them to help her. Remembering that she is not alone, with parents who love her, is a step in the right direction. Emma can also call very help lines which are kept anonymous if she feels like there is no one else around her that can relate to or trust.

C) As a person gets older, their problems, pressures or traumas may change from when they were in their teenage years.

9. A) Social media can easily affect a person negatively in terms of how they see themselves. This happens due to various reasons. Firstly, when reading through magazines or scrolling through Facebook or any other social media platform, we meet models who have perfect hair, skin and a breath-taking body and we feel disgusting because we don’t look like them, when its an impossibility. People go to all different measures to attain to what society views as acceptable and they harm themselves drastically in the process. Secondly, the media may result in people developing a low self-esteem and therefore will feel like they aren’t good enough for themselves or for those around them and they will want to change many parts of themselves in order to feel accepted. Thirdly. The media can cause people to suffer from eating disorders because there are various diets and/or workout plans that give unrealistic results, and when people don’t achieve these results they take other measure to lose weight or look a certain way.

Question 2:

2.1 Rosa has a sexually transmitted disease called herpes. We can account for this as she has small fluid filled blisters on her vagina and inner thighs. She is also experiencing flu-like symptoms. She may have gotten herpes if Ramon had uncovered wounds that he did not tell Rosa about and because Rosa and Ramon fell in love they maybe did nit think of the consequences of their actions.

2.2 Rosa cannot be cured. The reason for this being that herpes is a virus and because viruses show both living and non-living characteristics they cannot be destroyed by a vaccine so once the herpes virus has entered the host cell it will remain in the persons system for life.

2.3 If Rosa were to fall pregnant, it would be dangerous for the child as she would pass herpes onto her child during childbirth.

2.4 there are certain prescribed medications that prevent certain outbreaks and lesson the pain it causes. To help the healing process, these areas of the body that are affected by the virus should be kept clean and dry.

2.5 Condoms: these contraceptives are designed to prevent a male’s semen from meeting his sexual partner.

Abstinence: this is the method of refraining from sex.

Essay: Lust vs Love

Casual sex is sexual intercourse between two people who are not together or between two people who don’t know each other at all.

During casual sex, two individuals decide to have sexual intercourse. If it is with a person you don’t know, it is most likely that you haven’t discussed using protection (prostitution etc.) and you might be in a position where you are unable to say no. During casual sex, individuals may be faced with consequences they did not plan for like STDs or even HIV/AIDS because they did not think about using protection. Unplanned pregnancy is also likely to occur.

In my opinion casual sex is very dangerous. Often there are incidents where people take part in casual sex to feel better about themselves; they crave the need to feel wanted and loved even if it means sacrificing their bodies and their dignity to feel that way. Casual sex can result in a low self-esteem. Other reasons which I think are despicable, with regards to casual sex, are the facts that people feel like they must please someone else. Casual sex also leads people who don’t want to hook-up into somehow being tricked into doing so. Casual sex may occur whilst a person is too intoxicated to know any better- therefore whilst they are in a position to be taken advantage of. STDs and hepatitis are illnesses that could be a product of casual sex and these require medical attention, often with no cure. After casual sex, people may begin to catch feelings for their hook-up partner and this can lead to even more hurt and devastation because usually in these situations the second party does not feel the same way. I feel like sex is supposed to an intimate and a special experience in a person’s life, with a person that they are in love with. I will never understand how some people are okay with having sex with whoever they think is attractive at the time when it is so much better for your physical and psychological health to just wait instead of trying to be so ‘cool’ and trying to ’fit in.’ “Sex without love is as hollow and ridiculous as love without sex.”― Hunter S. Thompson

Abstaining from sex or using protective contraceptives against sex is a good approach to any form of sex, especially if it is with people that you don’t know.

Question 3:

Essay: Cults

A cult is a system of religious worship and loyalty which is directed towards a particular figure or object.

After doing some research, it became clear to me that people do not join cults because they want to or because it has been some dream of theirs, majority of the time, people who join in on cults don’t even know what they are getting themselves into. Humans are able to be seduced and become enthralled and this is exactly what cults do to get people to join in. People may join cults because they fall in love with the idea that is portrayed to them, not for what it actually is. When joining in on a cult people are manipulated into thinking that all of their life problems have an answer. Cults are very persuasive in getting people to believe that they have what they have been looking for, or they create some sense of urgency and of purpose. They also get people to feel a sense of superiority and they give all those they are trying to persuade an incentive to join. It is said that cults prey on the most lonely and vulnerable people they can find. They play mind games with you using guilt and fear and this causes you to cut off from everyone around you. Cults are not only religion based, there are many kinds, including commercial cults.

To identify a destructive cult, psychiatrist, Jay Lifton, has put together the following three factors: (1) a charming leader continuously becoming an increasing object of worship, (2) a process called coercive persuasion or thought reform is used, (3) there may be economic, sexual or other exploitation of group members by the cult leader and the clique.

The cult, Heavens Gate, was founded during the 1970s by two individuals who believed they were two witnesses that were referenced in revelations 11- Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles. These two leaders gained followers by preaching their apocalyptic prophecies in California and Oregon. They made their listeners believe that a spaceship would come for those who were worthy, and their bodies would be kept in a sleeping state to be transformed for Heaven. This group was expected to live together and give up everything from their processions to their family just to prepare for salvation. The members had to dress in loose-fitting clothing and their hair was to be short and closely shaven. The group was kept on the downlow until 1993 where they prophesised their message with the help of the internet. During 1997, rumours went around that a UFO following the Hale-Bopp Comet was approaching the earth and in the March of that year, the 39 members of Heavens Gate were found dead from what was believed to be a suicide to prepare them for their transition to heaven.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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