Main Factors on How Did Hitler Become Chancellor of Germany

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 Adolf Hitler, born in Braunau am Inn, Austria, on April 20 1889, was involved with lots of warfare in his life. During World War I, Hitler served in the German army and was often far away from the front lines. Knowing his life and what he has done to the world there is still a question: how did Hitler become chancellor of Germany? This essay seeks to answer this question by reviewing the biography of Hitler, how he became who he was.

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One important factor in Hitler's rise to power was the political instability of the Weimar Republic. After World War I, Germany was in a state of economic and political turmoil, and the Weimar government was seen as weak and ineffective. This provided an opening for extremist groups like the Nazi Party to gain support, as they promised to restore order and stability. Another important factor was the Great Depression, which hit Germany hard in the early 1930s. The economic hardship and mass unemployment created a sense of desperation among the German people, and many turned to radical parties like the Nazis for solutions.

Hitler's own political maneuvering was also critical to his rise to power. He was a charismatic speaker and a skilled propagandist, and he used these talents to build a strong following among disaffected Germans. He also formed alliances with other conservative groups, including the military and business elites, who saw Hitler as a potential ally in their efforts to preserve their power and influence.  In 1932, Hitler used his position to form a legal dictatorship, in doing so he discontinued people's basic rights and allowed people to be imprisoned without trial. Hitler also upheld a law that gave his cabinet full legislative powers for four years and allowed divergences from the legislation. With full control over the legislative and government, Hitler and his political allies intimidated their opposing parties into disassembling in August 1934. With the cabinet abolishing the office of president, this gave Hitler the power he needed. Hitler was formally declared leader, and he immediately began to mobilize for war. With Germany withdrawing from the League of Nations, Hitler announces a massive expansion of Germany’s armed forces. Between 1939 and 1945, Nazis caused the deaths of over 11 million people and among the deaths was 6 million jews which at the time was the majority of the European population. Later on Hitler was at war against the allied powers which led them to their downfall and lost in the war due to his poor military judgment at the end. On April 30 1945, After a while of fleeing from the troops, he committed suicid in Germany fearful of being abducted by enemy troops. What were the causes and rise of Adolf Hitler? The causes and rise of Adolf Hitler were the strengths of the nazi party, manipulation of the economy, and new government.

Once in power, Hitler quickly consolidated his authority and began implementing his agenda, which included aggressive expansionism, persecution of Jews and other minority groups, and the establishment of a totalitarian state. Hitler's rise to power was facilitated by a combination of factors, including economic hardship, political instability, and his own political skills and alliances. One of the cause and rise of Adolf Hitler were manipulation of the economy. After Germany went through a depression the people were not having it. There were too many problems going on from jobs getting lost to no food to consume, Hitler knowing people don’t have the things they want and need, he proposes ideas that are in their favor. The Nazi party proposed the idea that jews were the problem to soceity and proceeded with burtal manuvers. Proposing the idea that a certain group in your contient creates a distraction. Since people who opposed the regime were labeled as enemies. Special detention camps were created. In these camps, the Nazi police had supreme authority and introduced a system of sadistic brutality unrivaled in modern times. The Nazis killed millions of Jews and other people in the Holocaust. Germany’s invasion of Poland on September 1, which initiated World War II, was the logical outcome of Hitler’s plans. His first years were spent preparing the Germans for the struggle for world control and building up Germany's military, and then he aimed to unite all people of German descent within their historical homeland. His next step was acquiring enough land for Germany to become economically self-sufficient and militarily unstoppable. 

Lastly, the new government caused Hitler to rise in power. After Czar and his family were killed, a new communist government was set up. The new Russian government took the farmlands to turn them into public property. Still, the revolution did not spread globally, the existence of a huge and a powerful communist nation changed the balance of world politics. Germany at first was going to become a commmunnist country, but instead they formed a new social democracy. Its new Weimar Republic combined democratic institutions with a less-extreme form of left-wing politics known as socialism. By Weimar republic Germany's new government having major problems economically, the people were upset and were not going to let this form of government continue to unfold and soon, they came under great pressure and it was eventually taken down by assault. As Adolf Hitler and the far-right Nazi Party took over, they gave laws that the epolpe couldn’t go against since it was made illegal to go agai nst the ideaology all together. completely change society by eliminating private property and allowing for much greater freedoms. 

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In conclusion, Hitler's appointment as Chancellor of Germany in 1933 was the result of a complex interplay of political, economic, and social factors. His rise to power was facilitated by a sense of desperation and disillusionment among many Germans, as well as his own political maneuvering and alliances. The tragic consequences of Hitler's rule serve as a warning about the dangers of extremism and the importance of defending democracy and human rights.

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