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Different Types of Pollution Worlwide

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Since the fact that I searched for many articles that talked about marine pollution, I found many authors and scientists that published texts mentioning the causes of marine pollution and how to prevent it. The authors’ articles discussed many different factors that lead to this kind of pollution. In addition, they mentioned the countries or oceans in which there is high probability of finding polluted oceans. The authors supported their points by putting pictures and giving examples about the topic. They informed the readers about the causes of marine pollution.

Moreover, they convinced the people to work on improving the oceans. My topic is important because it informs the readers about pollution. It’s also important because it’s a negative phenomenon that’s spreading all over the world. In this research paper, I’ll talk about the causes and the effects of marine pollution. I’ll also mention the ways that people should do in order to prevent it from increasing. Additionally, i’ll talk about the ways in which we can stop marine pollution. In this paper, i divided each idea to make it easier for the readers to read and understand. So i arranged it into 4 sections. Two of them contain sub-sections. For the first section, i’ll talk about the definition. I’ll also explain the effects on the people, environment, and animals. In the second section, i’ll state/write some names that somehow relate to my topic. In addition, i’ll refer to the article that talked about the men/women who stopped or tried to stop marine pollution and i will support my ideas. For the third section, i’ll write notes and conclude everything in the last section.

Types Of Pollution

There are many different types of pollution worldwide. They are all bad and they affect the environment in a bad/ negative way. Many factors cause these types of pollution. For instance, factories or gases cause air and water pollution. Airplanes or any loud sounds cause noise/sound pollution. In order to prevent them, we have to do many things. However, today I’m going to talk about marine pollution only. As the human population increments and the world develops, pollution increases comprehensively and rapidly. Pollution is the state or action of harming the environment. Mostly, unintended people do it. In other words, they harm the environment without them knowing. There are numerous types of pollutions worldwide. Fundamentally, it depends on the place or city in which an individual live in. The main types of pollution are water, air, noise, radioactive, light, and soil. Each one of them is related to the other in terms of impacts, effects, and phenomenon. However, I only chose water or marine pollution to talk about. The reason behind me choosing this type of pollution is because It’s rising day by day. Additionally, people find it a small problem that we should not bother ourselves thinking about. I read many articles and I watched many videos just to know more about my topic. As a result, I learned plenty of things. I also watched and heard many things that I didn’t expect to hear. The things that I heard made me feel sorry about the marine nowadays and the organisms that live in it. In this essay, I’m going to talk about the main, engaging, important, and relevant things that I learned about.

Marine Pollution

Marine pollution is also called ocean pollution. It’s when harmful, contaminated, or detrimental substances spread in the ocean. The effect is really huge upon animals and sea creatures. Some of them die and others get sick. Haven’t you asked yourself why? Of course not! The reason behind them dying is because of us! Since the fact that every little and big organism needs water to live and survive, polluted water has a great effect on us too! If we drank polluted water, then there will be a high probability of us getting sick. People who enjoy fishing can be affected mostly. They may eat some fish that are sick because of the pollution. Later on, humans will eat the polluted fish and they’ll get affected easily. In my point of view, I believe that this is the worst, most severe, and most effective type of pollution. Day by day, animals are dying. In other words, the mortality rate of animals is increasing quickly. In the upcoming paragraphs, I’ll discuss precisely the reasons and how can we stop it from occurring or increasing.

Plastic Bottles

The first and main reason is plastic bottles. Nowadays, all people over the world consume a lot of plastic bottles. Some throw it into the ocean and some throw it in the plastic bins. The bottles use a lot of fossil fuels. Moreover, its liabilities or disadvantages are more than the recognition and advantages. In my point of view, I believe that instead of throwing them into the oceans and instead of harming animals and the environment around you, why don’t you recycle them? It would benefit the country and the citizens. If many people refused the idea of recycling, then why don’t we get rid out of plastic bottles? We can use glass or any other material that may reduce the amount of pollution yearly. Or we can add recycling boxes in every area to benefit from the bottles. Animals worldwide are found with plastic fibers inside their stomach. Reading this made me feel sad and I’m sure that you’ll feel sad too! The plastic fibers came from human beings. This caused the death of animals and them getting sick.

Since 1950 till now, humans consumed and used more than 9 billion tons of plastic especially bottles. If you went to one of the oceans, you’ll notice that most of the plastic bottles are floating on the surface. We have to all stop throwing bottles into the oceans in order to stop this problem from growing. Don’t you feel guilty while you’re reading this? In 2016, someone predicted that many years ahead or many years from this year, the number of bottles will increase more than the amount of fish. I totally agree with this theory, and I believe that you should agree with this too! Plastic bottles take more than 400 years to break down. Some of the bottles moved to the west towards Asia and some moved to the south. Plastic bottles are still moving from one place to another unstoppable. It’s said that Americans are the most consumers of plastic bottles. However, India has the most bottle polluters. In other words, it has many people that throw bottles in oceans. By reading this we can conclude that American citizens take care of their oceans and the animals that are found inside.


Factories are found in approximately all of the countries. The smoke that’s delivered and released from the factory itself causes air pollution. From the air, it goes to the ocean. We can create a machine that turns the smoke into useful substances. This would make our lives easier. Smoke caused the death of 40% of the people in the world. It was also a reason for some of the people to enter the hospital and get sick. Another factor that causes pollution is synthesized fertilizer. It is utilized by people. It causes marine pollution and other types of pollution that alter the ecosystem. Farmers use substances for the plants that run through the ocean. The boats or yachts waste/use oil that will also run into the water. After that, it will spread to the animals and they’ll start to breathe it in which it’ll enter their bodies. The symptoms of this is similar to rest of the other causes of marine pollution. Some will die, some will get ill, and some will be eaten by humans. In this case, the humans will get the symptoms. This is a significant problem that no one found a solution for and it needs to be solved. I believe that we have to build organizations in every continent of the world that stop pollution. Moreover, we can clean the oceans once a week. By doing this, the pollution will decrease day by day. The animals that live in the oceans will also stay healthy and unharmed. England’s king Vs Marine Pollution As i mentioned in the past paragraphs, many people tries to stop marine pollution. However, they couldn’t. Many years ago, Cholera was spread in England in the water and some other countries. This caused people to die and get diseases. In 1989, a toxic substance or oil spilled in oceans and many animals including bird and fish died. Due to the fact that many people had died because of those reasons including the factory that has smore, England’s king threatened the people that if they didn’t stop burning coal, he will be harsh with them.

Mexico’s President vs Marine Pollution

Mexico’s president ordered the people and the whole government to create a really massive and large marine reserve on November 24. The reason is because the islands became a biosphere reserve. The largest marine reserve took place in North America. Many people realized that the reserve will improve the fishing and it would make it easier so they started working on it. 30% of the ocean has to be protected. However, they only achieved a little less than half of the work. Now, only 10% is protected. As we can see, there is a large improvement in the oceans. Obama increased the marine reserve too!In conclusion, I can confidently say that pollution in general is a negative phenomenon that causes a lot of effects on the environment. In other words, it harms literally all of the living organisms even plants. The type of pollution that I find most effective is marine pollution.

Additionally, many people, including England’s king, tried to solve this major problem. The things that cause marine or aquatic pollution are way more than you imagine. Fertilizers, factories, plastics especially plastic bottles, and oil wastes causes this type of pollution. Who would imagine that farmers while farming will cause ocean pollution? The more fertilizer they use, the less probability for us to find healthy fish and other healthy animals in the ocean. The smoke that rises from the factories will turn out in the oceans. In addition, plastic bottles are found in many oceans of the world, and they caused many deaths. As you can see, who humans are the ones who cause pollution. We can all work together as a group to fix what we broke.

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