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Motivation Theory and Task Performance

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Motivation is either exterior or interior aspects that trigger the desire and stamina in people to be constantly interested and devoted to their role, task and job to endeavor and secure their objectives. Motivation is a fundamental aspect in any business’s daily anticipation. Un-Motivational employees can lead the business into recession and decline in companie’s revenue sales. Moreover, business is at its finest when there is new ideas and innovations flowing into the business so as to make sure there is growth and sustainability in the already established market. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs undertakes different motivational theories like theory x and y. A good business should be able to motivate their workers equally at the same time and progressively. This essay is to give deep detailed explanation of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs under his motivation theory. This hierarchy highly concentrates on psychological needs over view on an intellectual level of its understanding. This essay will also evaluate the motivational theory in a sense that Maslow believes in worker’s theoretical demands and that it should be observed relatively. People tend to criticize motivational theories mainly because there is lack of statistical communication in that certain area. This is as a result of little or no validity to motivation critical evaluation to be brought to real life into daily business operations. Since tie Maslow’s theory is often criticized, it is therefore a head start or could be a research reference for future events so as to determine whether or not the theory will be fully installed into the system of motivation within a business to give factual events in the eyes of the researchers who may definitely question this theory.

Psychological needs

This is the pioneer need in this depicted pyramid. It could be simply interpreted to our day today life. The immediate concept relation to real life is the biological requirement for people to leave by. They include air, food, shelter, sex, sleep and drink. Optimally no human can function without some of those needs. Psychological needs are the most fundamental needs since they pave way for the rest of the other needs. Maslow reportedly described that basic needs are of relative organization or some sort of food chain. Speaking in the sense that man needs bread (food) to leave. But what happens when he acquires more than enough food. Chronically, it emerges that in all they do, this organism dominates satisfaction and higher input without forceful actions toward them. When an individual achieves everything but lacks that one psychological need, it tends to degrade the rest of what he already has. For example if one lacks food, definitely there is the hunger sensation and they will clearly need food more firmly than anything else. Psychological is only at its peak when hunger is satisfied, therefore all capacity should be geared towards the ambition to cut down the huger and quench it with the highest level of satisfaction available. In this case hunger triggers other aspects like influence to our thinking, actions, and intelligence and even habit which also gravitates the way our psychology tends to influence or way of life. in contrast to psychology needs, things like acquiring new houses, cars, love or even the hobbies we enjoy doing tend to be pushed to the far end and they become secondary needs so that when a person is thirsty, , nothing else can please and interest them more than liquid(water). This is because the need for water to quench his thirst tends to manipulate his understanding and he will pensive water, imagine water, thin of water, fights for water, since all he wants is water. A critical aspect of the psychological need mechanism I that the future thinking of a person will change regarding their misted immediate wanted at the moment, again a thirty man will imagine himself in desert but still see multiple oasis within a small area and it will click in his mind that if he is given the whole Atlantic ocean then that’s all he wants in life. We can see that his future has already been determined by his experience of the presence.

People seem to have the mentality that bread and water is life. This thought can change how one defines thigs. For instance their definition and meaning of may it be TV, love, commucication , or even family will look less important in the person,s eye just because non of them will satisfy their hunger for food and this case makes food become the priority and an important psychological need for them. Generally, psychological needs influence our everyday life. If a person sees an advertisement that made them cry and text a certain contact to donate that $10, then it shows that the advertisement was able to use your emotional psychology to appeal and gain your heart to the point of diving donation.

Safety and security needs

Once all the psychological needs have be fully observed, then emerges the safety and security needs which falls on the lesser side of the scale in comparison to the psychological needs. They may employ all the other mechanism and capacity of this organism such that service wise it is dominated. These organisms could then be regarded as just safety searching instruments in a way that we may also talk of other rational effects that are noted as principle tools of seeking this sector, safety tops and may look more paramount and vital than any other that even some of the psychological needs are hindered and now ranked less meaningful. Here people may divert their thinking as that they only leave for and bcause of safety. This essay will therefore evaluate more on elderly needs monitering the young to see how it is of simplicity and accessibility in children. Just like us adults tend to constrain and outlaw the feeling and attitude of intimidation and insecurities, however infants don’t even curb these threats which make it one reason for an even bigger threat imposed on them without their full knowledge and understanding.

Another situation of safety needs in infants is that they prefer a more swift, organized periodic or support from the mother hence lucking this may make them feel endangered. This event can also be elaborated by saying infants need more organized routines rather than disturbed ones. People will feel less endangered once they acquire a safer society. A man who is strong, healthy, and prosperious is therefore satisfied and fully gratified with his safety realtion to our common reality, on the far extrems where there is desire for a good job, various insurance and savings for instance people will seek stable safety in preference of what they are known to than the unknown.the need for safety is hence regarded as the most dominat in theis field resources of emergencies for example chronic bad illness.both adults nad children may have unknown reaction to dangers like psychological threats while in an area prone or known to in hospitability and inimical behavior. People facing such situations can have a series of reaction affected regardless of whether the situation is good or bad. They tend to react as if to an emergency or danger. Furthermore in a case of a neurotic individual can be classified in a little diverse manner such as a an older person who didn’t come out of his childish behavior in other words is that he probably is afraid of expressing himself, fear of disapproval by people around him or being put down.

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