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My Impression From Amusement Parks

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Have you ever experienced that feeling of a complete adrenaline rush? Or that feeling like your stomach might just escape your body through means of your mouth? If you know what I am talking about, you know all about it. It is the most breath taking experience you will probably ever feel in you life, literally. The rush of going over one hundred miles an hour, and being over three hundred feet in the air, at almost a ninety degree angle drop! That is I call excitement. If you havent had this experience, well, damn, I recommend it. Try this on for size.

The beginning of the summer has come, finally after a long and grueling terrible year of high school. You have the whole summer ahead of you though, and you have no plans! Well, other than all the women you are going to be dating, and giving your loving to. You and all your buddies have been talking about going to Cedar Point. You know you are all going to go, so heck, call up Johny, and Brinford, and Shanaynay, and Terqueesha, and set the date to go to Cedar Point! You have to call all of the friends that you want to go first. Get dates from them, and find out when a good day is for you and all of your friends to make the trip.

Once you have the list, and the reservations, you collect the money from everyone for the necessities (tickets, hotel money, maybe some snacks, beer moneyoops! pop money!) and get them, you dont need the food right now, but other things. Basically all you can do now is sit and wait for that day to come.

The day comes, and you have everyone meet at your house at 6:00 AM to load up and get the vehicles ready to head for that sweet spot in Ohio. Once those stupid gas guzzling contraptions are prepped and ready to fly, you load everyone up as well, and promise all the parents you will be careful and have a good time, and once again, that you will be careful. Now that the parents are satisfied, and everyone is so strung out and loud and excited, the noise is awesome! You love the atmosphere and just lap it up and enjoy it, and love it. You pull out of the driveway and dont even look back to the waving parents behind you.

The trip ahead takes no time at all. It goes by so fast, you kind of wish it would have lasted longer, but no difference, in no time you are there. You have to drive across this cool strip of land bridge, and see all those massive man made wonders in front of you, You begin drooling, and before you know it there is 5 of you hanging out the sunroof and one kid with the door open and standing outside the moving vehicle with his feet holding him in, and you arrive and park that vehicular.

You step out of the car, and have to wait for the girls to get all of their darned poop together, and finally after that long seven and a half hour process you are walking towards the front gate of The Adrenaline Park. You walk up and hand your ticket to the lady, and she stamps your hand, and you are off. A few pee stops real fast, drop a back pack offbut then youre off!

You may have never been here before; you may have been here 15 times before. Either way, you get that same feeling of very different excitement. You know you are about to go and scare the shit out of yourself, and enjoy it. You see those first rides of terror and overwhelmingly, they are fifteen times larger than they looked when you were driving up, and your heart takes another big jump.

The first ride coming up is one of my favorites, and one of the favorites of many, The Raptor, the smoothest ride in the whole park. You and your friends go and jump into line, and youre early, and its a good day, maybe Wednesday, so it isnt packed, and the wait is only 45 minuteswhich is nothing. While you are in line you see some very interesting sights, some things you have probably never seen before. People are mainly what I am talking about. You do more people watching here than probably anywhere else. But that 45 minutes have come and gone, youre a little tired of standing, but its ok, because once again, your heart is starting to pump and you reach the top of the line. You jump into the front seat line, which will take an extra 10 minutes to wait for, but its worth it.

Your there, your at the front of the line. You see the next people pull up and have these huge smiles on their faces. And they are mumbling about how awesome that ride just was, and screaming when the announcer is murmuring something over the intercom about welcome back blah blah blah, how was your riiiiiide! and they all scream with delight. You feel yourself smiling with anticipation. They finally get their little hides off that seat you are about to claim yours. Then you kind of dance to your seat and jump into it with out even a second thought. They come around and check your buckles and make sure youre secure. And then with one quit thumbs up by all the assistants, CLANK CLANK CLANK the sound of the chain pulling you, pulling you to the top of this steel mountain. And your there, at the top, and you see your self droop over the edge VOOOOM.sooowooosh and you are whirled in this unnatural state of carelessness, through a maze of excitement. Your eye lids begin to peel back, you legs are being flung all over beneath you, and eyes now watering. You are screaming at the top of your lungs. And nothing else matter right now, nothing. You are twirling in way you have never done before, and you have this most interesting feeling of little animals jumping all over in your body, and it is wonderful. And then, you come to this sudden jolt, almost breaking your freaking neck! And you realize its over. That extraordinary time you just had has finished. Now you dont know what to do! You dont want to get off. Then you hear your buddy, Shlimblunk, next to you sayNext is the Millennium Force.

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