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Professional Development Plan And Philosophy Paper Leadership

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The profession that interests me the most is mechanical engineering. Engineering is a noble profession practiced globally through the application of science in solving problems which affect the contemporary world. The discipline develops a holistic individual by shaping their social and intellectual skills. Mechanical engineering requires very sharp individuals with excellent decision-making skills and excellent knowledge of physical sciences. Technical skills involved in the pursuit of a mechanical engineering career involve vigorous training and development. For one to become a competent mechanical engineer, they ought to undergo a training process which involves attending school. In normal circumstances, an engineer starts by enrolling in kindergarten where they learn how to read and write. Later, they join an elementary school where the development of skills enhances as the individual progresses in age and grade. During their teens, the person joins a high school where the laying of a foundation for a future engineering career begins. After completing high school, the potential engineer joins a university or college where official training commences.

Part of the training involved in developing mechanical engineers includes the knowledge of Physics and mathematics as the primary disciplines in the profession. A mechanical engineer should make calculations involving the size of materials with utmost precision. Such a career requires excellent analytical skills. If an individual makes wrong measurements of materials, it may result in collapsing of projects; thus the need for accuracy (Schools, 2014). Other technical skills required in mechanical engineering include communication skills, proper writing skills, and research skills. External limiting factors in the engineering profession include health issues resulting from long hours of work, stress, and sometimes inhaling fumes emanating from working materials. Illnesses affecting engineers include fatigue and respiratory problems. Such ailments affect the performance of many people and sometimes discourage many people from pursuing the career. Another external limiting factor affecting my engineering profession is geographical location. I do not prefer working in an unfamiliar environment because I like socializing with my friends and family after work. I do not desire to transfer from my current working position because it will negatively affect my relationship with my family and close acquaintances. In addition, I do not prefer working far away from home because of the additional travel costs. It would cost me more to travel from one town to another on work assignments compared to working within my neighborhood. Therefore, I require optimal circumstances such as proximity to my home and minimal travel costs to effectively carry out my job (Megginson & Whitaker, 2017).

My internal limiting factors are ego-centric. As a students’ leader, I sometimes focus too much on myself and forget to prioritize others. For instance, during class presentations, I may impose my ideas on the students without offering them a chance to make their contributions. Such autocratic attributes instill fear in some learners to the extent that some of them do not contribute to discussions in class. However, I have learned to develop selflessness and offer people an opportunity to present their ideas. Initially, I noticed that my ego-centric nature limited communication between myself and fellow students. Immediately, I developed a friendly attitude towards my colleagues and sometimes offered them an opportunity to moderate themselves in class.

Consequently, I noticed an improvement in the academic performance of the students and their morale for learning increased. To become a successful mechanical engineer, I need to incorporate the following values in my career. First, I need to align my style of working with the engineering firm’s mission and vision. The purpose of the company I wish to work aims to develop a holistic individual and instill life-long skills to its employees to face the challenges present in the world. I will endeavor to become a team player and make sure that I contribute to the success of the company. I will also ensure that I accord my family ample time so that we can bond as a unit. I will ensure that I balance work-life and family-life so that I deliver on my mandate at my work-station and promote stronger family ties. I will also mentor young people who wish to take up a career in engineering. I will advise them on what paths to follow for them to succeed, based on my experience in the profession. Some of the things which I find necessary as part of my work include the following. First, fair pay is an obligation for me to deliver high-quality work.

Money is essential for purchasing necessities such as food, shelter, and clothing. It is also crucial to buying luxurious items such as jewelry, cars, and land which improve an individual’s quality of life. Therefore, I would not accept less pay than what commensurate with the amount of work I perform. I addition, I would demand extra compensation for any additional time spent at my workplace. I would negotiate the rate at which my boss would pay me for any extra activities beyond my usual tasks. My profession offers a comprehensive health care plan which is necessary to ensure that all workers carry out their duties free from injuries (Perry, 2017).

Mechanical engineering involves handling dangerous metals which may cause injuries to a person if they are not careful. At the end of every year, I expect a job promotion, accompanied by a salary increment as an appreciation of the good work I did throughout the year. However, I would make sure that I work hard and improve my performance because promotion is offered on merit. Part II: Goals and Plans My short-term goals while I study mechanical engineering are to improve my grades in the class. I understand that one cannot become a professional engineer if they fail in their final examination, especially in physical sciences and mathematics. Therefore, I have decided to improve my physics and mathematics grades through the following ways. First, I have hired a private tutor to assist me in my assignments, especially in the areas I not conversant. For instance, mechanical engineering involves the knowledge of the structure and properties of metals. The private tutor instructs me on how to identify different materials, their physical, chemical composition, and how they function. The instructor also teaches me how to accurately calculate mathematical sums related to mechanics such as calculus and algebra. As a result of the private lessons I receive, I have noted an improvement in my grades which is a step towards the realization of my ambitions. Apart from the help offered by my instructor, I have decided to practice more physical and mathematical problems by myself and consult my professor once in a while. My objective is to graduate with a first-class honors degree in mechanical engineering; hence the effort in achieving my goals (Hamilton, 2018).

Furthermore, I have embarked on reading books written by professional mechanical engineers so that I obtain additional knowledge regarding my career. Such books offer extra information concerning mechanical engineering apart from what I learn in class. During holidays, I plan on visiting engineering firms in my neighborhood to obtain hands-on experience of working in an engineering firm. I will volunteer to work so that I can learn how various machines I learn in class operate in real-life. After completing my course, I also wish to request for an internship at one of the companies before my graduation. Before completing my studies, I desire to attain an excellent average grade on all subjects I am currently taking. As I put more emphasis on physics and mathematics, I also wish to improve my performance in other courses such as communication, psychology, and research. I have realized that one of the most effective ways to improve my academic performance is through group discussions. Through group deliberations, students learn from each other by sharing knowledge and skills in various academic fields.

Finally, I plan to improve my handling skills because my future career involves handling different materials. Proper handling requires one to have accurate measurements and concentration on every detail regarding the materials dealt with during work. I believe that after graduation, I will become one of the most efficient mechanical engineers in the country, owing to my passion for the profession. Long-Term Plan Between two and three years after graduation, I plan to achieve the following objectives regarding my career. First, immediately after completing studies, I plan to join a professional body of engineers. An organization advocating for the welfare of engineers is critical in advancing the interests of professionals through proper remuneration, litigation, and development of careers through training. After joining the organization, I plan to find a job in one of the numerous multinational companies in the country (Von Culin, Tsukayama & Duckworth, 2014).

Since the number of engineers is less compared to the amount of work available in the market, I am confident of landing a well-paying job where I will negotiate my salary before accepting the offer. In the unlikely event, I do not obtain work within the first year of graduation; I plan to establish my engineering firm and employ competent, well-trained, and qualified people to work in the company. I will strive to save some money earned from activities such as community participation, training of engineering students, and temporary jobs in various companies. If the money does not suffice to register a company, I will seek financial assistance from my friends and family. Later, I will approach financial institutions to lend me money at an affordable interest rate. After consolidating my finances, I plan to purchase land where I will build my company’s premises.

Alternatively, I may decide to rent a premise located at a strategic location where customers can easily access the workshop. I will train my employees on how to offer superior services to clients by delivering high-quality products, responding to their queries on time, and availing affordable products at their convenience. I wish to maintain a competitive edge over similar engineering firms by making sure that my clients obtain the value for their money and develop brand loyalty over time. Finally, as part of my long-term plan, I wish to offer training to upcoming mechanical engineers and mold them into professional individuals. I may decide to train them at my business premises or establish an autonomous engineering school. I desire to replicate many competent engineers who will solve the problems of the world through the application of science and help create a better society for all.

Leadership Philosophy

I believe in visionary leadership which transforms the lives of the people in society. A visionary leader should contain the following characteristics. First, the leaders should be hard working. A diligent leader sets an example for the rest of their followers in working hard. If every member of the organization works hard and performs their duties adequately, success becomes inevitable. Second, a visionary leader is generous. Kindness and generosity are values which every leader should inculcate because it develops a close relationship between them and their followers. A generous and kind leader will increase the salaries of diligent employees to boost their morale. A kind leader will also equitably share benefits accrued from the collective responsibility of the firm to all members of the organization. Third, a visionary leader is honest. Integrity is critical to the success of any organization because it builds trust between the leadership and the firm’s stakeholders. When stakeholders trust the leaders of the firm, the company’s image to the general public improves.

Investors increase their shares in the company, and more clients join the organization. Other attributes of a visionary leader include effective communication, courage and goal oriented. All these characteristics ensure the sustainability of the organization under a visionary leader. My thoughts will align with the attributes of a visionary leader so that I can fulfill the mandate bestowed upon me by investors, clients, and colleagues. I will focus on improving the image of the organization I lead by teaching values such as integrity and honesty. I will encourage my followers to be honest and learn to work hard to earn their benefits. I will also strive to empower my followers by organizing regular meetings on how to improve our company. I will keep stock of current mistakes and ensure that they do not recur in the future. I will lead by example, especially regarding the character of a visionary leader. I will help my followers understand that a leader cannot make any meaningful change to an organization without the support of their followers. I will make sure that I become free with all my followers so that they can inform me of whatever information necessary to improve the organization. I will set a good example concerning financial management to encourage my followers to develop a culture of integrity. I will also lead my team in a transparent and accountable manner so that more shareholders may invest their money in the company and increase the value of the organization. I will invest in technology and human capital to ensure that my followers deliver their duties accurately and credibly. I will develop systems for the organization’s sustainability. I expect to witness the people I lead follow my example and work towards realizing the firm’s vision. I also hope that all our activities will align with the firm’s mission and vision. I expect the company’s profitability to grow on a year-to-year basis as a result of incorporating proper leadership values. I expect that previous mistakes will not recur in the future and the organization will align to internationally set standards of quality. I expect to inspire many people who will take up leadership positions in various sectors of the society. Consequently, I expect that improved leadership will produce a community of diligent, honest, and morally upright people (Dent, 2016).

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