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Raising Of The Awareness Of Dyslexia And Dialysis Patient

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At the pushcarts, posters of DAS can be put up to allow everyone who passes by to read. Dyslexia is a common learning disability, but there are still people who are not aware of it. Dyslexia is a specific learning difference that makes it difficult for people to read, write and spell. It has nothing to do with the person’s intelligence. Often, weaknesses may be seen in areas such as language development, memory and sequencing. Having dyslexia does not mean that the child’s ability to learn is below average.

Dyslexia is not a disease. It is a learning disability. Usually, dyslexia has different signs and symptoms for the different age group.

(Refer to Table 1 for the different signs and symptoms)

Dyslexia can be improved with suitable practices and teaching from professionals, but not through medication. For a child with dyslexia, parental support and encouragement are one of the key factors for them to overcome when they are undergoing the treatment. Most importantly, children with dyslexia need must not be neglected as the symptoms will often persist into adulthood if left untreated.

Dialysis patients are another group of beneficiaries of this project. Dialysis patients need to undergo haemodialysis, a process by which excess waste products and water are removed from the blood. Each patient requires 3 sessions per week and each session takes about 3 to 4 hours.

Many of these patients have also lost their jobs as they might feel too weak to work. Their employer might also retrench them as they are unable to work full time due to haemodialysis. This will lead to financial problems as they do not have an income to pay for their medical fees.

Next, the project is also able to raise funds for the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) and provide jobs for a dialysis patient. Giving these dialyses another chance to return to the workforce.

Singapore Zoo will be providing pushcart outside the park for them to sell their merchandise. Visitors going to River Safari can also purchase these items and support this project. When there is a business, it also needs people to manage it. This work schedule can be arranged in such a way that can accommodate all their dialysis session.

There are 2 other working benefits for these people. The first benefit is that one meal per working day, lunch for the morning shift and dinner for the afternoon shift, will be provided. The second benefit is that they do not have a minimum or a maximum number of working hours. The following working schedule will always be confirmed with every worker.

Their working hours are planned according to their dialysis sessions and the number of working hours is given is up to them

If they and their condition enable them to, they can work for more hours. However, if they feel weaker, they also can request for lesser hours for that month. There will be no limitations as the main purpose of this job opportunity is to help them to connect with the working society again.

Thirdly, this is an opportunity for Singapore Zoo to give back to the society. Not just for the animals, but also the people who are neglected.

In this case, it would be the dialysis patients. They might be suffering from an illness, but it does not stop them from working and the urge to continue learning. They might be weaker physically but are still to do a good job at their positions.

When a company is engaged in charity work. It will affect the company both externally and internally. Externally, it reflects the good reputation of the company as they give back to the community. Reputation is very important to a company. When a company has a good reputation, the company will be able to make a profit. In the case of this project, Singapore Zoo’s charity will help leave a good impression on their visitors and there is a higher possibility that they will return for a second visit. Other than the visitors, Singapore Zoo will attract local to apply for jobs there, these locals would also want to be part of this caring organisation. This project might also be their reason for joining Singapore Zoo. They can form a Singapore Zoo need to appoint some manpower to guide the part-timers and supervise the operation of the business.

Internally, Singapore Zoo’s employees will feel proud that their company is doing something meaningful and it helps to boost their employees’ morale. This also develops their interest in volunteer work and give back to the society. When these employees get a chance to do volunteer work together, they will have a sense of fulfilment and will bond with their co-workers as they team up to lend a helping hand to those in need. This can help to alleviate some common problems that companies often face, such as a lack of communication between certain departments or sites.

Lastly, this project helps to increase the revenue of the Zoo. Singapore Zoo will collect 30% of the revenue. After all, Singapore Zoo still needs to run its business. They need to provide the space of the pushcart at the expense of other developments that they might be planning. There might be plans for a higher profitable business that is needed to be cancelled. By having this 30% revenue will help to cover their loss as much as possible. In a long-run, Singapore Zoo will be able to make profit, and this will also be their only monetary earning from this project. When the amount of revenue Singapore Zoo get in return is sufficient, they will be expanding the pushcarts to an actual store. As the amount of capital needed to open an actual store is much higher than pushcart. This might take a longer period of time to execute. In another word, the 30% revenue will still eventually return back to the society.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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