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Review of The Movie The Matrix

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The movie began in an abandoned building, where a woman dressed in black was surrounded by a police squad in a room. The opening scene then cuts to a group of men in suits that arrived to accompany the police in pursuing this woman. With superhuman abilities, the woman was able to defeat them and escape the room. Afterward, she fled the scene and was chased by officers as well as the group of mysterious agents that arrived at the scene later. She was chased up until there was a telephone booth in sight. That is where she then answered the ringing phone and vanished. Thomas Anderson, alias “Neo” in the hacking scene, felt that something was wrong with the world. In addition to that, he was confused as to why he continued to receive online messages with the concept of “the Matrix.” Neo followed “the white rabbit” as he was told to by Trinity. He was led to the club where Trinity had a talk with him about meeting Morpheus. Before Neo could meet Morpheus, the suited agents appeared at his job where they apprehended him. During interrogation, Agent Smith threatened him into helping them capture Morpheus. With curiosity, Neo continued his previously interrupted journey. He met Morpheus, where he has introduced the choice between two pills: the red and blue ones. The red pill showed him the truth of the matrix whereas the blue one would return him to his former life. Neo swallowed the red pill and woke up in a liquid-filled pod among several others that were attached to a mechanic system. He was collected and brought onto the Nebuchadnezzar, Morpheus’ aircraft.

As Neo was recovering, Morpheus explained that there was a war between humans and machines. When humans blocked the machines solar energy, the machines, in turn, took their energy as well. This caused humans to stay in the Matrix, which is a simulated reality that was modeled from the 20th century. The city of Zion was the only place for humans to stay. Even though rules can be bent and it causes them to have superhuman abilities, death inside of the Matrix can also kill the physical body, since it is dealing with your mind. Morpheus also warned Neo that the Matrix was watched by the Agents, which are computer programs that are trying to eliminate any threats to the system, while other machines were killing humans in the real world. Morpheus believed that Neo was “the One” that would end the war between humans and machines. The crew visited the Oracle, the prophet that predicted the existence of the One. She implied that Neo was not the one and told Neo that he would have to choose between Morpheus’ life and his own in the future. Because Cypher, a member of the crew, tipped the Agents, the crew was ambushed by Agents and policemen. Cypher wanted to betray Morpheus to live a life in the Matrix. Due to him wanting to finish his plan to betray Morpheus, he left the Matrix first and murdered most of the crew members in the real world. Cypher monologued and could not proceed to kill Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity. Instead, Tank, a crewman that Cypher wounded, killed him.

In the Matrix, the Agents had captured and interrogated Morpheus to learn his access codes to the computer in Zion. Tank suggested that killing Morpheus could prevent this from happening but instead Neo chose to sacrifice himself to save Morpheus because of the prophecy from the oracle. Neo entered the Matrix along with Trinity to rescue Morpheus. Neo and Trinity saved Morpheus with a snazzy sequence of fight scenes. But, as Morpheus and Trinity exited the Matrix, Smith ambushed Neo because he monologued. Although Agent Smith attempted to kill Neo, Neo instead defeated him in a dual. As a few Sentinels attacked the Nebuchadnezzar, Trinity confessed her love to Neo’s physical form and pleaded with him to get up after being almost killed once again by the Agents while he tried to escape. After a true loves first kiss, Neo was revived and became one with his true power. With his ability to control the Matrix with his new power, Neo destroyed Agent Smith. He left the Matrix just in time for the ship’s electromagnetic pulse to disable the Sentinels. Later, Neo made a call inside the Matrix, with a promise to show the machines that he will show their prisoners a world where anything was possible. After hanging up, he flew away in the sky.

In “The Matrix”, a cable or chord that runs from a computer connects into each crew members’ brain and creates visual perceptions of an altered reality. As defined by Zimbardo and in class, perception is a mental process that elaborates and assigns meaning to sensory patterns. Visual perception is the ability to see, organize, and interpret one’s environment. This means that our brain can create things such as colors and music. But, because our brain has to do it in rapid timing, it relies on schemas to help it develop. A schema is a cognitive concept that helps interprets information. In “The Matrix”, the computer system on the Nebuchadnezzar is the ‘schemas’ for the crews’ visual perception of the world. “The Matrix” is a visually appealing motion picture with just enough ridiculousness to keep me entertained. I did not know what to expect when the plot was explained to me but, the balance between realism and unrealism kept me entertained. I will definitely show this movie to friends, and rent it in the future. Watching this movie will increase our list of inside jokes and give us a chance to learn about the mechanics of the human mind. In addition to the plot humoring me, I highly enjoyed the amount of skill that stemmed from Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Laurence Fishbourne, and Hugo Weaving. Each actor’s ability to fit their character astounded me. “The Matrix” would not be ‘the matrix’ without them delivering an almost perfect performance fitting with the plot. Lastly, in my opinion, the movie was accurate most of the time with reference to the psychology facts that I have learned so far.

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