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School Uniform and Its Benefits for Students

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Uniforms are distinctive clothing worn by members of the same organization or body or by children attending certain schools. School uniform has always been a very controversial topic between schools, administration, parents, and students. Students have the impression that if they are required to take on wearing uniforms it will minimize their way of expressing themselves through fashion; However, if schools make the students wear uniforms they will develop a different ways to express them without using clothing. Wearing uniforms versus normal clothing to school help reduce the amount of bullying due to what clothing the child is wearing. Schools have dress code the students must abide by with having school uniforms student no longer have to worry about breaking the dress code due to them wearing uniforms. This essay will discuss why all schools should have uniforms to help eliminate some of the problems that are created from the school have a normal dress code.

The idea of school uniforms have always been around starting in England 1222 wearing the ‘Cappa Clausa’. The perception that school uniform did not appear in american public schools until ‘1986 shooting in which, a local public school student was wounded during a fight over a pair of $95 sunglasses’. Students were willing to do anything to have and fit in with all the other student. The shooting in Baltimore brought attention to people that wearing expensive clothing were causing problems among the student in their learning environment leading to a child getting hurt. Baltimore decided after the shooting to adopt school uniforms in order to decrease problems due to students clothing preference. Once Baltimore Maryland inforced the uniforms policy they noticed that caused improvement not only in the children learning habits and reduced distractions of expensive clothing being worn to school. Subsequently in 2013-2014 in response to schools requiring the adoption of uniforms 76% or more students became eligible for free or reduced price lunch. With having more students being eligible for free lunch shows that more school were being to participate in students uniforms being able to help school budget.

Every year parents go out and buy their children new clothes for school whether it’s the beginning of a new school year or just randomly and spend a lot money even if they do not notice the amount they spend on clothing; Whereas, students that wear uniforms to school parents do not have worry as much for going school shopping because it cheaper and rarely have to buy new uniforms unless the student uniform is too small, big, or dilapidated. Jointa Davis notes that ‘lower income families spent an average of 28 dollar per month on infant and toddlers in 2007, while teens in similar income families saw an average of 52 dollars per month in clothing allowance’. This demonstrates that about every year low income families spend about $1010 on clothes for children. Schools wearing uniforms take away from that large amount of money that families spend on clothing due to their pricing and the type of uniforms the students were. School Uniforms come in different types some are polo shirt, dress pants, skirts, formal, or casual clothing. Some schools are currently wearing uniforms have took the initiative to help families that can not afford to get their child a uniform by offering ‘grants to help with buying school uniform for certain categories of pupils are available with the eligibility criteria similar to those used for free school meals’. Due to not all families having a lot of money they may struggle to get their normal clothes were as if all schools wore uniforms they would have another source of supporting child with the basic needs for school.

Bullying is everywhere a person look whether it goes unnoticed or noticed by others in school, public, neighborhoods, homes etc. In school student are commonly bullied as a result of the clothing they wear because people are either jealous or envious and for self enjoyment. Families do not always have the money to buy kids expensive clothing brand so they can feel as if they have what all the other students. Bill Clinton argues that ‘I challenge all our schools to teach character education, to teach good values and good citizenship. And if it means that teenagers will stop killing each other over designer jackets then our public schools should be able to require their students to wear school uniform’. It’s clear that Clinton believes that if all school would adopt the idea of wearing school uniform it would reduce the violence among the students about clothing because everyone is wearing the same thing. Instead putting learning as the main focus for students. Some students dislike coming to school considering people take time out of their day to criticize what a person does not have or how the look. After a person has been judge for so long their self esteem is lower and some learn to ignore what other say and still their life. Instead of spending time trying to judge the other person on their clothing but judging them on the character they portray versus the clothes they wear. Having students wear school uniforms leads to students having no choice but to figure out a new way to look at a person for sake of everyone looking alike.

In the world today schools have dress codes and booklets that students sign during the year saying they understand and will comply with the rules. Majority of schools experience a dress code violation resulting in a disciplinary action such as in school suspension, detention, or a warning referral. If all school wore uniforms they would not have worriment about clothing being that administration of the school gets to decide the style and type of uniforms they would like for the students to wear. The standard clothing that is being created today can sometime be over exposing of flesh for a learning environment. Sometimes it can the graphics on clothing can sometimes contribute a student being defiant to the dress code; Nevertheless if the students wore uniforms administration would have to worry about this situation.

Unified is to make or become united, uniform, or whole. Schools that do not wear standard clothing but uniforms have a better opportunity to make the school unified as a whole. In normal school wearing standard clothing you will find them less unified than a school with uniforms because students are more busy judging each other on what the other has and does not while the some are getting in trouble for dress code violation; However, schools wearing uniforms rarely have to deal those issue because they have more time to work on unifying the school as result everyone one is equal. Wearing uniforms enhances school pride, unity, and community spirit argues that ‘a 2002 study of over 1000 texas middle school students found… students in uniforms ‘reported significantly more positive perceptions of belonging in their school community than reported by students in the standard dress group’. It is clear the author agrees that when you have body of people within the same thing can create the feeling as if they are completed versus having different people all representing one thing separately. Some student do not have the presence of a family or sometime just need a new scenery but when they get to school and observe everyone being dressed the way. While getting along a perfectly fine and helping one another can make students feel as if they belong or for some students feel as if they are on a vacation.

Wearing school uniform can help keep student focused on learning versus what is going on around them and how other are wearing. French Toast notes “music, art, sports, or academics, uniforms allow students to express and define themselves beyond their labels and fashion styles. A unique individual is developed not from appearance, but rather, intellect, personality, and skill”. Most people believe that what you wear is the only way you can express themselves but if clothing was to be taken away from people how would you find a way to express yourself? School that wear uniforms are teaching students that it does not matter what you wear that you don’t have to use fashion to express yourself but being able to express yourself in other ways as being your normal self not acting as someone you really not.Some individuals are convinced that students that have to wear uniforms creativity is taken away. Kaitlyn argues that “students shouldn’t have to wear uniforms in school because it doesn’t allow individuality”. Students believe that if everyone is required to wear the same thing how can they diss tequensish themselves from each other. All people do not learn at an early how to express how they feel but use their appearance and clothing to express those feelings. By school boards forcing students to wear uniforms are making students feel as if they are supposed to a like and help at the standards. Uniforms make people at a group at a whole and not treated as individuals.

The idea of wearing school uniforms is not an inadequate idea nevertheless as more of a stepping stone for student to be able to blossom into a beautiful person without any constraints such as fashion being their only way to discover their purse and passions. While wearing school uniforms help the students get ready to face the real world on the grounds that they will have certain they will have to work in professional environment. All school should consider the idea of having the student wear uniforms versus standard clothing offering the student a less judgment and bullying surrounding due to the clothing they wear seeing that not everyone can afford expensive clothing; whereas, having the students wear uniforms keep everyone wearing the same thing and brand. Uniforms assist the unifying of school making students feel as they are one. Every school having some form of dress code helping lower the need for dress code as a result of uniforms.

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