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Some Ideas On How To Run Long Distances

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Crossfitters believe that they can approach long-distance running the same way they everything else they do. Research has shown that long distance can be beneficial. Not only is it beneficial long distance running can also be a fun activity. Eating the right foods when doing long distance running can also affect how the human body behaves when running. Crossfitters say that long distance running breaks down the ligaments in your knees, while long-distance runners say that it actually makes the ligaments actually get stronger because of it. Crossfitters approach most scenarios they end up in like they handle cross fitting, that’s not how long distance running should be handled.

A large amount of the cross fitting community looks at things in a rough way. As if everything is attacking them or planning against them. When they run long distances they hit the ground with a lot of pressure. When someone runs a long distance their not supposed to hit the ground hard, he or she just have to keep a steady easy tempo that he or she would be able to steadily keep doing to run such a long distance. The more force you hit the ground with the more pressure and shock you give to your knees, which leads them to send more pain signals to the brain using the nerves.”When you’re looking at starting a running program, one you might want to start with a walking program first, then make the leap to an easy running program.”(Cox, Lauren)

Crossfitters also don’t have the endurance to run long distances, but that is mainly because of their workout routine. For long-distance running, they have to conserve their energy for the distance, instead of using all their energy in the beginning when they take off sprinting. The strong but short burst of energy is not what will allow a crossfitter to run three miles. If the crossfitter doesn’t start easy then the crossfitter will be in for quite the treat. He/she will be prone for injuries which I don’t believe they would like. Injuries like torn muscles or you pop a bone out of place. Crossfitters also don’t know the correct form for a long distance run. For long-distance running, you must use long strides at a good pace that you are able to keep doing for a long period of time. Most crossfitters take short quick steps. Which is good for speed, not long distance.Furthermore, research has shown that it doesn’t not only not tear the ligaments in someone’s knee but it strengthens them. “In fact, running helps future arthritic patients actually be more active in their later years. The compressive motion helps bring more fluid in your knees and keeps them moving.”(Cox, Lauren)

Like all muscles the more you use them the stronger they get. If someone were to run long distance as a child he or she will have less chance of developing arthritis then someone that didn’t run when he or she was a child. Doctors have stated that lot’s of people when they begin to run long distances that they believed they could just immediately start to run a long distance ( For Example three miles). “It’s well known that heavier people are at higher risk for arthritis. For every pound of weight a person carries – whether it’s in their body or they put it on in a pack – they have four pounds on the knee when running. In other words, if you weigh one hundred pounds, there are four hundred pounds of force on the knee with each foot strike.”(cox, Lauren)But they can’t and the reason for this is because they didn’t build themselves up. What they should have done is that they should have started smaller and after a week or when it becomes easier for them then they could go for a long distance run. This way they’d be able to have strengthened their ligaments and build up some mental and physical endurance. Which are both needed for long distances running, physical endurance is needed to actually needed to run the long distance that you a want to run.

The reason why mental endurance is needed is that when your body gives up while your running or you begin to feel the pain in your knees or calves it’s what allows you to push past that point. Which is what makes you stronger, pushing past once limit.Not only is long distance running beneficial but it can also be enjoyable. Most people have a running group, it can be just some friends that want to run to. Some people run with family members. Long distance running can give a family a reason to hang out. Others find a cause to run for, which is what makes them happy. There are events in Texas where people run to raise money or bring awareness of cancer or other diseases. Others just run to stay in shape, which is another good reason to run. The people that run to stay in shape still find enjoyable because they run most of the time with some friends that also want to run to stay in shape.”Running is boring.” We’ve all heard it—some of us have even said it. It’s one of the most common explanations given by people who refuse to jog around the block a few times a week.”(Hewitt, Hunter)

Some people participate in “fun runs”. Fun runs are divided into three different categories mud runs, neon runs, spartan runs. Mud runs you mainly just trek through a long distance covered by mud, there will be a lot of slipping on this run. The neon run is a run that takes place in the dark where all the runners and the course are covered in neon lights. You know something named the Spartan run is going to be something more difficult. The Spartan run is the most difficult mainly because it is mainly an obstacle course. If you’re looking for a challenge then the Spartan run is for you. One can also do what most long-distance runners do, is doing trail runs. Running on a trail in a wooded area can be quite enjoyable. Make sure to stay on the path or else you might get lost. If you were to get lost it could take quite a while to be found. So it is good to pack enough food and water when you run on trails just in case you get lost. Tell someone where you are going to run if you’re trail running, that way searchers will know where to go in order to find you.

Everyday fast food is not good for everyone but for a long distance, it could be not a bad thing. An everyday runners heartbeat is very quick when they are running, which makes it use a lot of minerals and vitamins. All the cholesterol from the fats racing thru your veins isn’t the healthiest thing for a person. Someone with some experience would probably recommend a light meal until your heart rate begins to slow back down. Foods like bananas are the best to eat right after a run, mainly because it keeps you from getting cramps and has many vitamins in it. You don’t have to get an all vegetarian meal it’s been scientifically proven that hamburgers from McDonald’s are good for people that workout because it restores glycogen which is something the human body needs a lot of if that human body is doing a lot of exercises.

But don’t Go overboard and it three big macs. If that human body does not do a lot of exercises then that human body will begin to gain weight and slow down.Long distance running does not tear your ligaments it strengthens the ligaments in the human body’s knees. Crossfitters just try to run long distances the way they do everything else in life, with to much power. Most people when they try long distance running they find it enjoyable and find a reason to run. Even just the slightest change in form can help. Crossfitters will find the same answer, running strengthening their ligaments, if they actually researched what they are doing wrong instead of complaining.

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