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Stock Control Software For The MegaMax Corporation

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In the world today there are many technological options and components the company can employ to take advantage of the web and mobile technologies within their operation. Web and mobile technologies use the REST API that aids in exchanging data and transfer for both web and mobile that would be helpful for the MegaMax Corporation.

RESTful web services use JSON in transferring data while the other web services use XML. This makes the web service more compact and easy to be implemented together with other technologies. This would thus be a boost for the MegaMax Corporation for the developments that the organization would like to engage in due to its compatibility with a variety of technologies. It is also easier to use the JSON technology since it is easier to read and understand due to simplicity in its structure thus making REST API the best development technology to adopt for the future of the MegaMax Corporation (Caudill, E. M., & Murphy, P. E, 2000).

The company would also engage in introducing accounting software that will give a fast and straightforward record of transaction data for precise financial records. Stock control software that is linked to the sales reports used to provide alerts to the concerned employees so that they can reorder the stock; the software can also give the needed order forms. In the mobile App for the Corporation’s employees, they can include a Customer Relationship Management Software (CRMS) that can be used to track all the contacts that have been made for each client. It can track down the customers inquires, their purchase orders, points of deliveries, the invoices that have been issued and mode and amount of payments. By using this software, every employee in the organization will be always updated on matters concerning the running of the company hence they can respond to queries effectively and efficiently.

For marketing and advertising purposes, the company can adapt and use podcasts and blogs. Podcasts are digital or audio video files distributed over the Internet while blogs are online diaries or journals. MegaMax can start a podcast or blog that talks about how people can use widgets and their importance. By linking this podcasts to their company, MegaMax will get greater exposure. Through blogs and podcasts, MegaMax can advertise new products or any changes in working hours; they can also collect feedback from different customers or stakeholders (Jagle 1999, p. 271 P. 280). This write-up is thus made to explore the risks and benefits associated with the use of REST API and the set of issues that affect the developing of the systems and the technology.Dealing with legal issues and security risks.

There are various risks attached to the use of REST API technologies. These include; HTTPS protected API without any authentication, it lacks rate limiting so the traffic peeks directly hits the backend. Other risks may include unprotected identities and keys, incorrect use of HTTPS and unencrypted payload. Legal issues that might face MegaMax include using the software’s like the one for accounting, stock management or CRMS without purchasing them from the appropriate retailers. There are software’s available on the black market that can be used without being purchased, but this leaves the company vulnerable to being sued by the primary software provider. To avoid this, the management should ensure that the proper channel and regulations are followed when purchasing the software. With the company involving more technology, there are security risks involved when they shall have more access to the clients’ information through the CRMS.

Causes of security risks that might face MegaMax include hackers getting access to the systems by breaking into the firewall or intercepting transmitted data. They can use it to steal information or details from the clients or company like bank and credit card information. Employees who are dishonest or poorly trained or even systems breaking down from time to time can also cause security risks (Jagle 1999, p. 280). The way to handle this security risk will involve training employees on all the new technological components adopted like the password protocols needed; they shall also be reminded not to leave a computer unattended when they have logged on, executing consistent backups and not clicking on emails from sources they do not know. The work computer and phones shall also be different from the employees, this way their personal data does not corrupt the company’s data. Another approach involves the consistent review of the system formed by the software’s to guarantee there is no breach of security. A report of every person who logged on to the system, the time they logged on and the purposed of logging on shall be maintained and examined regularly. The monitoring and reviewing of the methods help to give a clear view of how well the system working and what needs to be updated (Kaufman, L. M, 2009). Providing appropriate storage with backup and security for this and maintaining the consistency of data.

As Megamax Corporation migrates to cloud storage; it will have a better and broader back up for the systems than they currently have in their physical environment. Cloud backup involves sending a copy of all the data across a proprietary network to a server offsite; this is the data used in cases of recovery situations. The server is not owned by the company but with a third party service supplier who charges a price based on the capacity needed, bandwidth and the number of people who will be using it. Cloud backup is valuable because it is scalable and there is no maximum amount of data that can be stored and also there is a reduced cost because the company does not own the servers. Thus deploying REST API in the cloud, it will enhance the functionality of the MegaMax Corporation as it strives through its development plans due to the reliability and scalability of the cloud.

Although this backup method has many advantages it can also be prone to attack, so the company employees should treat the information in the same way they did when it was physically present. The steps to ensure that the backup data is secure include, guaranteeing efficient governance, risk and compliance strategies exist to protect intellectual property (Caudill, E. M., & Murphy, P. E, 2000). They should also audit the hosting firms to ensure they meet the required policies and terms and finally ensure that people who have access to the information can be accounted for in case there is a breach. For maintenance and the consistency of the data, all the new data has to be updated in the cloud backup and the old information that is no longer relevant deleted. A period set to do an update and maintain the information for examples, updating and deleting data one’s every week.Potential for and approaches to scaling and supporting the greater reliability of the applications.

For the Megamax Corporation to support a greater reliability of its applications, it needs to major in cloud scaling. Cloud scaling is a process that guarantees the addition and removal of cloud computing resources as soon as you need them. Its infrastructure and platforms are usually billed at utility level in such a way that you are priced for what the company uses. Cloud scaling thus allows systems, applications, and cloud services to promptly and automatically scale up and down so as to meet the corporation’s demands. One of the cloud scaling technologies always adopted is the vertical scaling technology. This type would promote continuous upgrading of the already available Corporation’s resources (Kaufman, L. M, 2009). It always comprises of some related platforms that make the process easy and takes little time for accomplishment.

Additionally, there is the horizontal scaling that adds more instances to systems and applications. For instance, if MegaMax adopts this type of technology, it may be designed to add an instance anytime the number of users per CPU exceeds a set number let’s say 500 and remove an instance whenever the number falls below the recommended range let’s say 300 thus enabling manageable control within the company. Auto scaling performs an automatic scaling using the API. It scales itself according to the number of activities it is processing hence would aid in development plans for the company. More important is the side-by-side scaling that adds instances depending on different purposes and demands. The MegaMax Corporation can utilize this type of scaling to add test and development instances of a service that the Corporation requires.

Lastly, cloud scaling also comprises of global scaling that runs and operates instances in different geographical location (Jägle, A. J, 1999). It utilizes a set of delivery networks that delivers videos from various geographical data centers and then the information from the videos passed to the users from the data centres that of close proximity to them. It would thus be an effective idea for the MegaMax Corporation to utilize the cloud scaling in the test and development of instances due to its reliability and scalability.

Data Validation

Other opportunities for scaling the company in future also involve adopting data validation using RESTful web services. Since they access a library filled with HTTP-specific calls, they get all the advantages of mature java language, portability, better performance, ability to be reused and protection from crushing, therefore, making the company’s website more reliable. PHP language is essential in creating a simple and dynamic website. It is quick and requires little efforts to handle it. Furthermore, the EU laws comprise of the General Data Protection Regulation act that guarantees the protection of data for individuals and companies whenever the data is collected. In cases of a data breach, the data controller reports to the national data protection authority. The data control also confirms in cases of risks of data breach and compensation is done in cases of loss and damage.

Hence the Megamax Corporation being a third party is also liable to the EU laws on data protection. Data Validation makes sure that the data delivered to programs and applications are clean and clear. It checks the data for its integrity and validity as it enters into the different software and components, this will improve the company’s website and applications reliability. In addition, it promotes visibility, reliability, and scalability in that it allows the separation of the client and the server hence each of the development team can scale the Corporation’s product without too many problems (Kaufman, L. M, 2009). The technique is always independent of the type of language and platform and it adapts to the type of syntax being used, which gives it a considerable advantage and freedom for testing new environments within its environment. Hence REST API would be a reliable and appropriate procedure to use in promoting developments for the MegaMax Corporation.

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