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Study On Graphical Charts For Representation: Tabular Column, Pie Chart And Venn Diagram

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In human nature every person has a different image to life, but for the majority success in education is the key to life. Most students all over the world have different desires in higher education and diverse goals or achievements in life which they want to accomplish at different stages of their life. In this assignment I will be doing an unassuming research on what are major fields different students at other universities are studying and set dissimilar type of theories and graphical charts for representation.

What is a tabular column?

In a social database, a section is an arrangement of information estimations of a specific straightforward compose, one incentive for each column of the database. A segment may contain content qualities, numbers, or even pointers to documents in the working framework. Some social database frameworks enable segments to contain more unpredictable information composes; entire records, pictures or even video cuts are illustrations. A segment can likewise be called a quality.

This is a tabular column that represents the majors and number of students in different universities and their specialization from associate degree, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree.

Students Major Degrees In Education Number Of Students In This Field

Associate Degree in English 2

Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management 2

Bachelor of Science in Politics 1

Master of Business Economics 1

Associate Degree in Digital Media 2

Bachelor of Science in Architecture 1

Bachelor of Science in Religious Studies 1

Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering 1

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering 3

Master of Science in Project Management 1

Associate of Arts (AA) in Interior Architecture and Design 1

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 1

Bachelor of Science in Business 2

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 1

As shown above there is all types of fields of studies from petroleum, civil engineering, politics, business, religious studies, architecture, arts etc.

Above is a more detailed clustered column to represent how many students study in different higher education levels and what level of studies they have reached too.

As I was going my research I was curious to find out why some of the student’s choose that particular field as there is a verity of other majors to consider.

Mohammed is from Algeria and he is studying Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. I asked him why he selected this major and his answer simply was because most of his family is working in this field and he has a lot of experience and knowledge from his parents and grandparents as they own an electrical company in their home town. Mohammed also mentioned that even if his family wasn’t running this business that he would signed into this major as he was always interested in electrical videos since he was a young boy.

Another student is Anissa. Anissa is from Vietnam and she is studying Associate Degree in English in Malaysia, she chooses to travel abroad as the education in her country is not as advanced as other countries. Vietnams education level has always been one of the lowest ranking in the world, in 2012 Vietnam was ranked 83th out of 109 countries in the world. Anissa has very high hope to get a greater education and be successful in life in order to support her family.

I collected more information on the students such as their name, age and their nationalities in the tabular column below.

Name Of Student Nationality Of Student Age Of Student

Anissa Vietnam 18

Mohammed Algeria 20

Adam Mexico 25

Sarah Egypt 21

Mira Pakistan 19

Ali Morocco 22

Mohammed A Yemen 20

Yusuf Yemen 20

Ho China 22

Tahini Yemen 19

Khmar Kazakhstan 21

Ibthal Egypt 22

Farrah Pakistan 19

Mohammed H Palestine 21

Zaid Palestine 23

Hamid Palestine 20

Fatima Oman 23

Omaha Oman 22

Wang China 22

Yong China 23

Although all these students come from other parts of the world they actually have a lot in common. What I mean by that is; some students have similar study fields, some have the same name, some have the same first letter in their name and some come from the same country or similar culture background. In the diagram below I will draw out a few different set theories to prove or make my points more clear.

First theory I collected the student’s age. As we have 20 students all together I split the students into two groups or sets so I find the intersection both in set A and set B.

A= {18, 20, 25, 21, 19, 22, 20, 20, 22, 19}

B= {21, 22, 19, 21, 23, 20, 23, 22, 22, 23}

1- A ꓵ B = {20, 21, 19, 22}

2- B U A = {18,20,25,21,19,22,23}

3- B ꓵ A = A ꓵ B

4- A ꓴ B = B ꓴ A

What is a pie chart?

What do you consider when you hear the word ‘pie?’ You more than likely think about the heavenly pastry with a flaky covering and your preferred filling. A ‘pie’ is surely not the same as a ‘pie graph,’ albeit, strangely, both can be partitioned up into cuts. A pie diagram shows information, data, and measurements in a simple to-peruse ‘pie-cut’ organization with fluctuating cut sizes revealing to you the amount of one information component exists. The greater the cut, the greater amount of that specific information was accumulated.

Uses of a pie chart

The primary utilization of a pie diagram is to demonstrate examination. At the point when things are displayed on a pie outline, you can without much of a stretch see which thing is the most well-known and which is unknown or least known. Different utilizations of pie outlines can be found in business, school, and at home. For business, pie outlines can be utilized to demonstrate the achievement or disappointment of specific items or administrations. They can likewise be utilized to indicate showcase reach of a business contrasted with comparable organizations.

At school, pie diagram applications incorporate demonstrating how much time is assigned to each subject. It can likewise be utilized to demonstrate the quantity of young ladies to young men in different classes. At home, pie diagrams can be helpful when making sense of your eating routine. You can likewise utilize pie diagrams to perceive how much cash you spend in various territories. There are numerous utilizations of pie graphs and all are intended to push you to effortlessly get a handle on a pack of data outwardly.

I collected the letters of all the students studying in different programs and the number of students studying in each subject and represented it in a pie chart.

How to read pie charts

Perusing a pie diagram is as simple as making sense of which cut of a genuine pie is the greatest. As a rule, you have a few bits of information, and each is imagined on the pie diagram as a pie cut. You will see that a few information have bigger cuts than others. So you can without much of a stretch disentangle which information is more critical to your gathering of people than others.

A= {S, Y, T, k, I, Z, O, W, Y}

B= {A, A, A}

C= {M, M, M, M}

D = {F, H}

E = {F, H}

Set D and E both has similar number of students which are two students in each set and same letters of students in each set so F and H is in both set D and in set E.

1- D ꓵ E = {F, H}

2- A ꓴ C = {S, Y, K, I, O, W, Y, M}

3- E U D = {F,H}

4- C U B = {M,A}

5- B ꓵ C = { }

What is a Venn diagram?

A Venn diagram is a diagram that demonstrates every potential outcome logical relations between a finite group of dissimilar sets. These diagrams show elements as main information points, and sets as sections inside closed curves. A Venn diagram contains of numerous intersecting locked curves, which are usually circles, each circle representing a set.

Q1. 20 students registered for a program, among them 12 students registered for advanced level computing course. 8 students registered for basic level mathematics. 5 registered for both advance level computing course and basic level mathematics.

a) How many students registered only for advanced level computing course?

A. 7

b) How many students registered for Basic level mathematics?

A. 3

c) How many students registered for Advanced level computing and basic level mathematics?

A. 15

d) How many students neither registered for both subjects?

A. 5

U = 20

M = basic level mathematics = 8

C = advanced level computing = 12

Q2. 20 students registered for a program, among them 9 students registered for English course. 11 register for lifestyle fitness program. 7 registered for both English course and fitness lifestyle program.

e) How many students registered only for fitness lifestyle program?

A. 4

f) How many students registered for English course?

A. 2

g) How many students registered for English course and fitness lifestyle program?

A. 13

h) How many students neither registered for both?

A. 7

U = 20

E = English course = 9

F = fitness lifestyle program = 11

In conclusion, set theory or Venn diagram can help us in our life to show a more simplified way instead of having to read though a long text. Every diagram shows different information on particular points that the writer wants to get over to the reader in neat and well organized way for a clearer understanding. In this essay I collected information about students and used set theory and Venn diagram to represent the information I collected.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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