The Effect Of Appearance Pressure And Body Shaming On Self-Esteem Of Teenagers: [Essay Example], 1370 words GradesFixer

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The Effect Of Appearance Pressure And Body Shaming On Self-Esteem Of Teenagers

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Defining the goal

My goal is to produce a song which can help to raise awareness for depression in teenager girl due to Appearance pressure and body shaming In ISHCMC communities. I have chosen this goal due to my personal interest of writing a song and I chose to write about the impact of appearance pressure and body shaming effect on self-esteem because me and my sister both have experience and still experience appearance pressure and I have seen so many people that got the same problem as well. So I think that if I can do something that can raise awareness for people in ISHCMC communities then ISHCMC can become a place where teenage girl can feel comfortable in expressing themselves. I believe that by achieving this goal, I can also raise awareness and reduce body shaming that sometimes happens in the communities.

The problem of body shaming is also one of the key things that lead to appearance pressure. Thes goal is highly challenging for me because first I don’t know much about how to produce song and this is my first time doing it. Since a song includes many different instrument and beat, it will be hard for me to work on the other instrument because I only have experience in playing the piano before so it will be a challenging things to use other instrument. Another part which is really challenging to me is singing and writing lyrics. It’s really hard to write a lyrics that can raise awareness and make people feel relate while listening to that song and since I don’t really know how to sing, I will need to find someone to help me to sing the song. My global context is Identity and relationship due to my belief that identity of each person is something that separates them from other people and relationship is something that affects the identity. That why through my project I want people to understand the pressure that the teenage girl put on themselves and how people words lower their self-esteem. To be more specific my focus is psychology and social development since people self-esteem is more of a psychology side and improving teenager self esteem can also improve the future generation.

Prior Learning and Subject-Specific Knowledge

People emotion and way of thinking has always been one of my interest. One times, I found a movies called “Mean girls” which talked about a girl change due to people around her. The movie show a lot of problems that teenage girl might meet such as body shaming, peer pressure from other people and conformity. After watching the movie, I became more interested in how people feel about themselves and other people. I learned that every single teenager girl have their own body problems. I asked my best friends who is really pretty according to many people, but she still thinks that she want to be taller or she want some of her features to change. Not only that but I have also learned about psychology in grade 9 about conformity which is people try to fix themself to fit in a group. I can connect that knowledge with my project which is people also put pressure on themself to be “normal” or fit in with the standardized beauty.


My research is mainly focus on 1 of the factor that give teenager pressure on their appearance which is body shaming and how that lead to diminish of teenage girl self esteem. At first, I used the websites from healthcare organizations to learn about what is the effect of body pressure on teenager self esteem. With the same range of websites I also research about how body shaming can diminish teenage self esteem. (Appendix 1). After I learned that there are also other factor that affect the teenager self esteem, I have developed a survey to learn about the which factor is most common for student in ISHCMC to make them feel pressure about their appearance. I also asked them some question about what do they think about the effect of body shaming on people. (Appendix 2). Since my goal is to raise awareness for people about this problem, my survey also asl people on their action while seeing someone get body shame from other people or seeing someone feel down because of their appearance. I did the survey because, the problem that I hope to improve is relate to psychology more, so if I don’t get the answer from actual people in ISHCMC then I won’t be able to create a product that my target audience can relate with. To make sure that I have research enough information for my project, I have created a table of question that I think I need to answer in order to fully understand my goal without researching unrelated things. Since the information that I took from the website should be reliable, I also made a CRAAP test in order to help me to make sure the information is reliable(Appendix 3). For my other sources I also check it using the knowledge that I learn from the CRAAP test.

Research skills

What is the connection of self esteem,body image, appearance pressure and body shaming? Body image, appearance pressure and body shaming are all somehow connect and affect people self esteem. Body image is how a person think of their appearance. The body image of one person can be affected by body shaming and appearance pressure. The way that other people body shame a person can make that person think differently about their body image which make them pressure themself on changing their appearance. This all affect the self esteem that they have, since they are not happy with their body image, sometimes their self esteem will get lower as well.

How low self esteem can affect people in term of health? One of the things that affect people health is their low self esteem since low self esteem can sometimes lead to unhealthy consequences. Getting low self esteem can increase the chance of receiving depression, stress, obesity and many other problems which affect the relationship of the person with others. Due to their low self esteem, they also compare them self with others and also increase the thinking of perfection. Sometimes, the people with low esteem can also harm their health due to overuse of alcohol and drug. What make teenager put pressure or a standard of appearance on themself?

Teenager can put pressure on themself due to the idea of trying to fit in a “standard” beauty that come from family, friends or media. It can also happen due to other people around tease about the teenage image or they see that they have different body from other people or the “standard” beauty that they know off. Media also affected how teenager think about the standardized beauty since there are many media or magazines that have a portrait of model who are underweight or perfect image due to photoshop. This make some teenager to think that those are what people think as beautiful and it leads to the pressure that people put on themself. Since they have and idea of what other people think, they started to worried about the way that other people think and feel about them self as well. Sometimes, teenage have the pressure because they have some disabilities in their body.

ATL skills: Thinking skill – I was able to use the evidence of what body shaming, body image, appearance pressure and self esteem is to developed a connection between those words.

Research skill – I was able to connect the information from many websites and summarize it into one paragraphWhat I can do next: Next, I will actually asked teenager about what they think about appearance pressure, body shaming, body image and self esteem. Even though the information above is also clearly state how the appearance affect self esteem but I think it will be better if we actually ask people in real life and it might also be different due to the culture of the country. Since most of the website that I found are in English and it wasn’t generate from Vietnam so I would get different information when I asked people who lived in Vietnam.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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