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"The False Gospel of President Duterte"

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President Rodrigo Roa Duterte known as the President of Philippines. People accused him in his speech talking the issue about Catholicism. “Your god is not my god because your god is STUPID. Mine had a lot of common sense” that was our President say without clarifying whom he meant. Do you think that is how a good President speak? Who was the “god” he’s talk‘n about? Why did he said that to god? Let’s find out.

During the speech of President Duterte, he tells about the history of the creation of God which some of what he said was not written in the Bible. According to him, “God created the world. It was in paradise because there was nothing created, nature nor birds. Therefore, God created a man who is Adam and God said ‘Adam is lonely without a partner’ so God created Eve. The God of Catholic think and called the serpent saying, ‘Here is the apple from china, go to Eve and temp her to eat the forbidden apple’. Eve ate the apple and temp Adam to eat also then the malice came.” President Duterte called god as “stupid” because for him, why god created Adam and Eve to let them be tempted and fall in sin.? The Bible says in Genesis chapter 3 that it was not God who tempted Adam and Eve to eat the fruit of tree of knowledge. It was not God that commanded them to commit sin. Indeed, God commanded Eve and Adam not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge, but Satan who disguised to be a serpent. In other words, it was not God the father of the heaven and earth but Satan the father of evil, lies and malice. For me, each of us had our own perspectives and beliefs. President Duterte had his own religious beliefs and I can’t blame that. Yes President Duterte was reffering to the Priest and bishops. However, it is not a good example as a leader to say those words in a majority of Christian county. He causes Filipinos to divide rather than united. To be a good leader, he should be a good follower. A good example for that is a follower of God. Yes our President believed in one god who is Allah. For him Allah was the only one God. But do you think he is truly believer of Allah? the way he speak those words? If you have God in your heart, it can be shown in your attitude and actions.

Religion doesn’t gave us salvation however we need to ACCEPT God, BELIEVED in God and CONFESS that you are a sinner. It doesn’t based in our religion nor good works to be saved, but it all depends if you had a relationship with the Lord and how faithful you are to served him. Good works is just a result of your faith. Moreover, I’m just telling for what I’d knew right now and not the whole story of this issue about President Duterte and Catholicism. So I’m letting all this things in the mighty hands of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let’s Spread the word of God not the false gospel.

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