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The Rise of Domestic Terrorism

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Terrorism is an important topic of discussion in The United States. After the 9/11 attacks, The United States government has become increasingly strict on laws, regulations, and rules for the public. Places such as the airport, national monuments, and even the White House have buckled down on safety against terrorism. However, domestic terrorism poses a bigger threat to our society more than any foreign terrorist organizations such as ISIS. Domestic terrorist organizations are run by far-right extremists who are racist, homophobic, and fascist. Far-right extremism is a growing problem in America. Minorities, members of the LGBTQ+, and non-Christians are faced with fear every day. A little over a year ago, in August 2017, a far-right extremist, James Alex Fields, drove his car into a crowd of people. killing Heather Heye, an African American woman, in Charlottesville, VA.

While the attacks continue to increase, many believe the Republican Party is partially to blame. President Donald Trump expressed his “animosity towards Muslims”. It has been said that extremists rely on members of the GOP to follow through with laws that benefit them. A major key to finding a solution to the problem is understanding what drives these individuals to act out in rage and violence. Research shows a psychological perspective on why these extremists are sometimes misunderstood by society. Many online monetary organizations, such as Wells Fargo, have cut off access to ring-wing extremists. However, BitCoin, a new digital currency, allows for extremists to anonymously send and receive money. BitCoin is consistently pursued by right-wing extremists to set up rallies to promote their cause. The rise of the far-right extremist movement in the United States is costing innocent people their lives. To understand the rise of power in right-wing organizations, Republican influence, the psychological aspect of extremists, and how digital currency is creating expansion amongst these groups is the most crucial part in establishing safety, freedom, and unity in the United States.

Extremist Violence & Republican Influence

A major concern Americans are faced with is the rise of violence by far-right extremist organizations. Subgroups of right-wing extremism are using hate and violence in America to eliminate minorities, diverse religious affiliates, LGBTQ+ affiliates, and government officials. The threat does not lie in ISIS or Al- Qaeda, but rather in extremists groups such as the KKK controlled by the racist, sovereign citizens of America. George Selim interviewed by Hari Sreenivasan (2017) in the news report, “How should U. S. address white supremacist extremism? ”, discusses how The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) “published a report that tracks domestic hate group and extremists movements. They tracked that 2016 had the highest recorded number of hate-reported incidents and deaths in history. ” Far-right extremists and radicals are very tough to eliminate because they are willing to die for what they believe in rather than surrender. Writing for the Newsweek Magazine, Eichenwald (2016) explains the theory extremists share that America established a dictatorial, illegal government by enslaving all people under the 14th Amendment to create “citizens of the United States” who “had no rights”. Forcing them to surrender their freedom and identity to the government. While many plots made by extremists never reach the surface, plenty does create domestic devastation among the groups targeted. Their dedication to creating a society ruled by white supremacists is greater than ever. The threat of far-right extremists exist within our homeland is urgent. There must be an expansion in programs, policies, and currency to ensure the prevention of extremism in all forms. Chermak (2011) explains how building new databases provide a “sophisticated statistical analysis” that allows the government to accurately pinpoint organizations and future attacks. The most recent attack in Charlottesville, VA had Americans on edge about their safety. After a far-right extremist, James Alex Fields, drove his car into a crowd of African Americans injuring dozens and killing Heather Heyer. The Charlottesville attack is one of the many that prove the extremism movement is on the rise. The top five deadliest mass shootings in Modern U. S. history have occurred within the past 5-10 years. Let that sink in for a second. The average 20-year-old has been alive to witness 21+ mass shootings. Now ask yourself, what poses a bigger threat to our daily lives? Domestic or foreign terrorism?

Most far-right extremists hold very strong conservative views. The Republican Party believes in less government involvement in society. They believe in less spending on federal programs, fewer gun restrictions, and no rights for illegal immigrants. The Republican Party was also known as the GOP (Grand Ole’ Party) has been accused of influencing right-wing radicals and extremists for some time now. The GOP focuses on foreign terrorists and Muslims in America instead of the rising threat of domestic terrorism. Republican affiliates such as Donald Trump, The President of the United States, have taken measures to force registrations of Muslims in FBI databases. Many extremists claimed, “they were carrying out the promise of Donald Trump. ” According to Faiza Patel and Meghan Koushik (2017) in Countering Violent Extremism, Muslims communities are “suspect”, “CVE (countering violent extremism) creates serious risks of indicating harmless activity as pre-terrorism and suppressing religious observance and speech. ” President Trump followed through with his vision to set up the Muslim ban as soon as he got into office. Patel and Koushik (2017) explain how the risks of CVE programs such as “identifying political views as possible indicators of terrorism” oppress all Muslim Americans of their 1st Amendment right by not being able to share their beliefs without being prosecuted. The GOP is not accused as only being the problem for the rise of far-right extremism, but the solution. Obeidellah (2014) informs us that, “According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, since 2010, 32 far-right terrorism acts have occurred. ” That’s eight attacks per year. Obeidallah places emphasis on the toxic correspondence between right-wing groups and the Republicans by adding credible sources from government officials such as former Secretary of Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, Attorney General Eric Holder, and Governor Rick Scott. With these sources, Obeidellah (2014) focuses on how bigotry possessed by extremists and the GOP officials questions the credibility of the political base. Some government officials feel that the GOP has not taken the appropriate measures to ensure the removal of domestic terrorist attacks in our country. They believe the federal government hasn’t pursued making changes against domestic threats unless it involves means of mass murder.

Psychological understanding of Extremists & BitCoin’s significance

Another key concept to consider in far-right extremism is the psychological understanding of domestic terrorists. Domestic terrorists are nonetheless evil; however, we must take the time to understand their mindset. Psychology tells us why these individuals act in such extreme ways. Many Muslims are accused of being terrorists based off of meaningless acts. According to Patel and Koushik (2014), in Countering Violent Extremism, The CVE (countering violent extremists), “label people as potential terrorists using disprove criteria and methods. ” We must be able to ask questions like “Why? ” and “How? ” when trying to understand radical’s mindsets. Radical rights are poor and misled victims of the neoliberal system; people who are “angry”, or whose decisions are caused by “fear”. (Pasieka, 2017) Psychological theories should be considered when trying to understand the motives for the actions of right-wing radicals. A study conducted by Dryden (2012) explains the REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy) Theory, that terrorists and radicals have a discomfort tolerance belief. This belief means that these individuals can’t tolerate not getting what they want; therefore, resulting in violence. Terrorists believe not following through with their plans and visions is horrible and disappointing. They would rather risk their own life for the far-right extremist movement than to live in a world they believe is unjust and unworthy.

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