The Significance of Criminal Inquiry into Dr. Mary’s Mysterious Demise as Depicted in the Book, Dr. Mary's Monkey: [Essay Example], 2274 words GradesFixer

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The Significance of Criminal Inquiry into Dr. Mary’s Mysterious Demise as Depicted in the Book, Dr. Mary's Monkey

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Criminal investigation is a major decisive act that can lead to prosecution of an innocent man or a guilty one. Conversely, it is also a determinant of whether an innocent or guilty person is freed, raising the question of justification of legal justice (Swanson et al., 2003). Strange as it may seem, the process must be handled independent of the governing rules, although ironically it should be conducted within the boundaries of a nation’s laws. This is to prevent victimizing unnecessary witnesses with an excuse of interviewing them to produce evidence. Rules and regulations also ensure that no witness or guilty person undergoes extortion during any case investigation procedure with the aim of achieving particular results.

However, investigations need to be run independent of law enforcements to allow for justice to all, including the ruling team. Reports on political interference in most criminal investigation processes are alarming, leaving many gaps unanswered within the justice legal system. The guilty are thus allowed roaming freely, while the innocent are suppressed under what they term as “protection”. Such injustices often result in turmoil, or something more catastrophic. The so-called influential persons within any government supersede all manner of legal systems, and all investigations need to be conducted under their supervision, or borders set by such.

Controversies arise every time a defendant has to be queried regarding a particular overstepping of the law. Lawsuit firms argue that any person is innocent until proven guilty, and thus criminology is contained within these operational boundaries. Human rights also provide for investigations before any commencement of trials on the subject. Pre-trial procedures involve the criminology department or the forensics that have to check for any evidences of the verdict having committed the crime offense in question. As a pre-requisite to investigation, police have to be aware of any ongoing investigations before forensics take up the matter. In cases where higher powers or influential personnel are involved, police case might be compromised, preventing the forensics from obtaining substantial evidence in any crime scene.

Case investigation delves into a series of evidences that must be produced in order to arrive at the right conclusion, and judgment of the right convict. In order to ensure that no one is victimized or wrongly accused, a careful selection of witnesses must be made to pick only the right candidates for interviewing and witness production (Haslam, 2007). Most case investigations always end up in witness victimization, leading to a question of justification process followed when dealing with a sensitive matter. For the case of the criminal investigation in question, this is a matter of a cold murder of Dr Mary Sherman back in 1964.

Chained with a myriad of events, the case is termed one of the worst in the history, raising eyebrows to date since back then. Many in-depth investigations into the case have always terminated into more questions, as to what actually happened. Many of the investigators have either ended up missing or hushed forever, by whoever knows best. The mysteries revolving around Dr. Sherman’s death case has evoked numerous beliefs, with each realization leading to another wider discovery that had earlier been buried.

It is no coincidence that Dr Sherman’s death occurred around the same period with the assassination of JKF Kennedy, the then president of the free world, the United States of America. Furthermore, more discoveries later on unfold the chain link to the root story, what was behind the assassination of the former doctor, who was always adept in her duty of tending to cancer patients at the Ochsner Hospital (Haslam, 2007).

In the novel “Dr Mary’s Monkey, Haslam, (2007) discusses the intertwining events of how Dr Mary is involved in cancer research firm at Ochsner Hospital. More to the story is her life as an orthopedic surgeon Charity Hospital, working effortlessly to upgrade human health. An unexplained story about her death in her apartment at St Charles Avenue- New Orleans paints a picture of turn of events and provides an insight of what actually happened.

Edward’s investigations presented in form of a novel dig deep into the case of Dr Sherman’s cold murder case. With multiple repercussions that followed, this murder case was not coincidental but rather it was well planned. Dr Mary was a renowned professional in cancer research. Though her major career work was centered on being an orthopedic doctor and as a senior pathologist at Ochsner Hospital, her other activities were disclosed. Case investigation into her cause of death was hindered by multiple factors, indicating that the case was not to be revealed to the public (Haslam, 2007). This hints a fact that her murder was linked to some power.

According to the autopsy conducted on her corpse, a burnt right arm and ribcage indicates a possibility of a fire incident. To cover this up, a fire had been set up in her apartment, small one though, which had burnt the mattress and an undergarment. The autopsy confirmed stabs into various parts of her body, liver, leg, heart arm and stomach. Accordingly, this evidence confirms to any forensic that a serious extortion was involved, and possibly a small fight that would have caused the various stabbings. The wound to the heart hemorrhaged before the wound to the liver, pointing out the fact that the deceased died at the stabbing to the heart before being stabbed at the liver. Coupled with the massive burns resulting into the missing arm, to the unexplained missing arm, investigations only determine the fact that the small fire that had been used as a cover up in the deceased apartment building could not have caused these burns.

Suggestions point to the fact that Dr Sherman was involved in an accident where she was working secretly before she was dragged back to her house under the cover of darkness to prevent any aversion of the story. Her work history details do not reveal any other working location and region other than the cancer research project and the orthopedic work at the Charity Hospital as a surgeon. Haslam’s novel produces pointers and indexes of Dr Sherman having worked in an underground medical laboratory. With no single evidence to prove his research, Haslam solely believes that an underground medical laboratory existed in which particle accelerators were used in research of cancer disease (Haslam, 2007). The non-convinced Haslam believes that Dr Sherman could have been involved in an accident within the laboratory, either planned or purely accidental. To prove the existence of the medical laboratory, Edward discovered a radioactive machine, which was used to mutate the cancer-causing monkey viruses.

More facts point to the death of Dr Mary as being a cold murder. The nature of research that Mary was conducting with the Ochsner Hospital indicates that Mary could have been working on a soft-tissue cancer vaccine. Her death is by no means a coincidence with the hearing of Lee Harvey Oswald’s case of what he was doing in Louisiana. Oswald was the assassinator of JKF Kennedy. The probe to the assassination scheme is marred with various conspiracies. According to Haslam (2007), this could be linked to development of biological weapon that Dr Mary Sherman had been working with.

Judyth Vary Baker produced witness evidence pointing to Dr Sherman having worked on a clandestine CIA project during an interview with the CBS News TV. Judyth confirmed that Sherman, Dr Ochsner and herself had been recruited to work on a biological weapon that could be used by the CIA to assassinated Fidel Castro who was a Cuban dictator. This research was conducted back in 1963. This validated Haslam’s account of secret labs existing, under which dangerous researches were ongoing. It is in the same labs that monkey viruses were subjected to numerous tests, and this resulted in an array of irrevocable ailments, such as the soft tissue cancer, which swept most of the population. According to the previous account on Dr Sherman who was a cancer specialist, she could have been working on a cancer vaccine and prevention of the endemic occurrence when her sudden death pounced upon her.

As a myriad of events, a mutation of the monkey virus in the underground labs produced the AIDS endemic realized later on in 1984 when it broke out. Dr Sherman’s case is simply a web of many interconnections between the superiors in the government. The involvement of CIA in the underground laboratory undertakings explain the nature of secrecy desired. This implies that the government had full knowledge of the operations that were ongoing in the United States research laboratories, and the hazards that faced the nation as a whole.

A twist in the story of Dr Mary’s death sets in once more. Her death reflecting on the number of stabbings she had undergone before dying implies that the death was not accidental (Haslam, 2007). The CIA had recruited her, and the only reason she could have been murdered was to prevent leakage of what was actually taking place in the laboratories. The missing arm could have been an indication that severe disaster could have occurred, and no chance would have been given to the forensics for autopsy, lest reality could have been revealed.

A justification of the evidence given by Judyth is still questionable. The CBS News did not review the interview with Haslam prior to camera action by the CBS TV News. Rather, television companies aired later interviews of the life of Judyth with other organization, omitting some crucial parts that Judyth had told to Haslam off air. Something was terribly amiss. To top this up, History Channel reviewed the issue before scrapping it off news altogether one week later. This scrapping was a clear indication of the weight of the murder case, and the boundaries to which any investigation and publicity is set to operate. More investigation into the matter and evidence could have been availed had the case been open, investigations and more evidences.

The Katrina hurricane that swept New Orleans in 2005 cleared most physical evidences that existed on Mary Sherman’s case. Some of the physical evidence that existed was the blood-soaked gloves found in the deceased apartment. This could have yielded DNA matching in order to determine the murderer. To some extent, the government was slack to acknowledge investigation of Dr Sherman’s death. Proper measures could have been taken to trace the exact convict, and sentence the person according to the governing laws. It is in this conjunction that a dispute in the death of Oswald 45 minutes later after assassinating the president arises. Jack Ruby, a nightclub owner in Dallas, shot Lee Oswald, setting another notch in the quest for determination of the assassin’s creed (Haslam, 2007). Such evidence is critical in crime investigation, to provide insight into what really happened. A live interrogation with a suspect would be much more beneficial in providing vast information of the chain associated and the links working together to engage in criminal activities.

In order to cover up the entire story of deadly scientific research that under research in the laboratory, it was best to conceal the death of Dr Sherman, renowned to work with cancer research projects. The powers involved were too strong, influencing even the media. This points out to the ruling governance of the state. This protection of the nature of research in question also circulates around wealthy agencies involved. Such corporations would pay anything, including death, to protect their status quos. Dr Ochsner is one of the founders of the research organizations, having a laboratory named after him in Ochsner Hospital. At the time of Dr Mary’s death, Ochsner was her co-associate, in the same laboratory, allegedly working under CIA to produce a biochemical weapon. There is no mention of his future or extra information that could have been used in tracking the nature of work they were involved in. Definitely, there is a missing in this mesh of network. The agency, as much as it was covering up its operations, also covered up the story of Dr Ochsner and his laboratory.

DNA mutation is outrageous, and it can result in irreversible calamities. Handling carcinogenic cells, from monkeys in this case, led to strains of new cancer diseases, not to mention AIDS pandemic that is yet to find cure. Accordingly, the government laws should act to restrict research organizations of such nature. However, the CIA on its end found a use of the said breakthrough in scientific innovation.

In summary, based on the evidence presented regarding the death of Dr Mary Sherman, it is not disputable that the death was a shear cold murder. Various forces joined hands in committing the outrageous act. Dr Mary died at her work place, where she was working to develop a cancer vaccine to soft tissue cancer. Assault arose, causing her stabbing during the struggles, before experiencing an accident at the research plant (Haslam, 2007). Fights regarding development of the biological weapon could have been the major cause of her death. Fearing disclosure, the assailant decided to murder the deceased, before a joint work force of taking her back to her home and introducing a cover up story of a fire consuming her. The various missing links clearly point to the death being political, if not associated with power. Publicity protection of the case is another indication of how sensitive the case is. The History Channel closed all circulations of the case just a week after airing part of the witness story in 2003.

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